Hey familia!

Today flew by. I woke up, did my journaling, went for a 30 minute run, did some paperwork..

Then I jumped in the truck to help my lovely friend Diana move out of her place downtown. She was sad to say goodbye to downtown. (I remember that feeling when we left downtown- I still miss it)

So long Dee’s place…

We worked hard all day getting things cleaned, boxed and moved… By the end of the day, I was in need of some energy! I decided to try a “max veg” from Jugo Juice. It has beets, carrots, ginger, apple juice, celery, cucumber ,spinach and green pepper in it. I thought it was good and it gave me good energy but it had soooo much pulp in it. Shouldn’t they have a ¬†really¬†good juicer at “jugo juice?” Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed it, but I wanted more juice=less pulp. (celery pulp is BLECH)

max veg Jugo Juice

This evening I went to listen to author Vesanto Melina speak at Banyen books in Kits. (Nice photography huh? I focused on the people’s heads and not the author. She is a lovely and very knowledgable lady who has written many books on vegetarianism, veganism and raw.

vesanto melina, raw revolution, going raw

Here are her books!

Raw revolution diet, going raw, vesanto melina

I enjoyed her presentation, but I had to sneak out early. I was tired from a long day and there was 1 person in the audience who would not be quiet. Bless this persons heart, they were only trying to be heard, but I was getting annoyed and I left…

Banyen books, west 4th

But not before picking up a couple books first..I had heard the Everyday Raw book was really great and the other one was just pretty and colourful so I bought it…… $55 later…….It’s an investment in moi!

Know what I really need to invest in? A SPA day! I am thinking next week sometime.. I am due.

Now I will make an investment in myself once again by sleeping.
Talk sooooooooon.


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