Monday afternoon already, time flies when you sleep in on your first day back to work! (on days like these, I am lucky I am my own boss, or I would be so fired) – but I’m still mad at myself because sleeping in won’t pay rent!! I couldn’t fall asleep last night though…..

Back to work reality and getting back into the groove has sunk back in, all is normal again- except for the fact that this diamond ring is still on my finger!! I’m pinching myself!!

(Oh and Brenda- if you read this- yes I did get Mike’s name tattoo’d on my ring finger:) Way before he decided he wanted to marry me- now THAT is FAITH! haha

I can’t thank everyone enough for the out pour of congrats and support. Means soo much. xoxo

Here’s a nice segway to get to the next topic….ring and green shake…..onto green shake

Last week I asked who wanted to join me in a 3 day juice cleanse on Jan.1, 2 and 3rd, drinking the amazing green shake for 3 days! I had 5 people sign up (including myself) and 1 person actually followed through like a champion. Her name is Krista Vajgrt. I have been following her on facebook. Some of her status updates were:

“clean house, learning to quilt later! day one of my green juice fast”

” It taste very good! I add an extra banana to mine. I feel awesome! No caffeine for last 2 days either ! Wow!”

“Day 2 of the green shake fast and feel quite good. drinking tons of water too which is always a good thing”

“Day 3. and I feel awesome run this am was perfect I think after the 3 day fast I shall drink this green shake daily in the am “

I have been doing the fast for the past 3 days as well, except yesterday I had some veggie soup and added frozen veggies. Still really healthy, but not a true 3 day warrior like Krista! I am doing good today, but am ready to be done. I do feel AMAZING. Such an incredible way to re train those taste buds and get back to clean eating. The shake is here to stay though. It is SUCH a great booster. I can’t praise it enough. Recipe is here.

Next natural segway into the next topic…Ok, I don’t have a good segway…

TRIATHLON training STARTS TOMORROW. ¬†WOAH NELLY. I just got 3 emails from my coach and I am scared to open them…haha just kidding.

Yes, I’m nervous, but also very excited. Check out this video we made yesterday. I call it


That was fun. ok…now back to work.

Hope you are all having an amazing day!

Daily affirmation- “I bless 2010 with love and look forward to new creations in 2011.” - Louise L. Hay

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