My girlfriend and I hit up the biggest mall in Vancouver, looked top to bottom for 5 hours and couldn’t find the wedding shoes I want, so I settled with these….

Ha, just joking, but these are kind of what I have been looking for…except maybe closed toe since we’ll be in the middle of winter in Saskatchewan.

It looks like I’m going to have to go downtown for them. We were looking at Metrotown. We had fun though.

We bought each other the same pj’s and same bracelet from Forever 21 for our Christmas presents. It just worked out we both liked the same thing, so we thought, “Heck let’s buy them both for each other and call it Christmas!”

I won’t show you the pj’s (cuz I already have them on and there kind of too cutsy for the blog,lol) But here are our bracelet’s…

Forever 21 beaded Braclete

Cute hey? (Mike took this picture for me- I was sitting at the computer like a blimp, “Mike, can you take a picture of my new bracelet?”)

When I got home, Mike was in the middle of a recording session. Making music is always a good thing!

I am on Day 6 of my cleanse!!!!!! How am I doing it??? I don’t even know myself. My Vitamix is getting me through it for making it so darn easy..
Here is a smoothie I made right before I went out. No water in this one (my glass jar is way to big for the liquid, but you get the point… ha


My new smoothie

1 cup of mangos

1 cup of raspberries

2 big handfuls of Spinach

1 banana

Day 7 in the morning. Have headaches on and off throughout the day, but I think my body is in major detox mode.

Hope your having a fantastic weekend. I’ll be back, large and in charge tomorrow!


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  1. Dee on 11 Dec 2011

    Yay!!!!! That was so much fun!!!!!! You will find them!!! Seriously check the Bay – they have a huge shoe floor? I found my red Guess? ones there…

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