Hey friends!

Hope your having a glorious weekend. I’ve been getting my “raw on”, as I am taking a raw food instructor course.

Question. Which animal in nature do we most resemble? Dogs? no. Bears? no. Snakes? no. Cougars? no (except I have a bit of cougar in me since Mike is 7 years younger than me…shhh)

The animal we most resemble is a gorilla. (or chimps, monkeys, etc)

Gorillas become big, strong, beautiful creatures by eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

I believe nature has everything we need to become strong, vibrant, healthy beings. Nature doesn’t supply us with Ritz crackers, cream cheese, or chicken wings. That is not to say that these foods don’t TASTE good, because they do… but the more we can base our diets on the abundant live foods mother nature naturally supplies us with- the better. For the earth and ourselves!

The transition off cooked foods is freaking hard! Trust me, I am still in the process, but I do know the way I feel on raw foods is like none other, so the closer I can stick to that, GREAT!

The beauty about raw food is the endless things we can “cook” to make them look and taste like our traditional ways of eating.  I am in the middles of my Raw Food Instructor course and I am LOVING all the things I am learning to prepare to make this transition even easier!

I didn’t get a chance to take as many pictures as I would have liked to today, but check out this raw pizza we made!!!

In a nutshell (pun intended) this is how it’s made:

CRUST:  flax seeds, sprouted buckwheat, red peppers, carrot, celery, garlic..

CHEDDAR CHEESE: pine nuts, macadamia, sunflower seedsm lemon, garlic, nama shoyo, red pepper…

MARINARA: tomatos, parsley, dates, etc….

TOPPINGS: whatever fresh veggies your heart desires.

Raw food pizza

We are dehydrating this bad boy overnight, so it will be ready by lunch tomorrow. WOOT WOOT

We also made raw lasagna…

Raw food lasagna
Raw Enchiladas..

Anyone that knows me, knows my obsession with mexican food…so having a mexican option like this is unreal. With the tortilla shells you can also make chips! Imagine..making your own raw chips with fresh salsa and guacamole… (if only tequila were raw….haha)

We had fresh lemon and Goji Berries in our water… Goji is known as the “longevity fruit.” Its unique master molecule polysaccharides and powerful antioxidants fight against free radicals that cause damage on the body.

2 must have items that are now on my shopping list are:

Coconut Sugar…

mums coconut sugar

and Vanilla Bean Powder..
Another thing I am going to be all about now is Coconut water and then using the “meat” to make coconut cream pie! I promise within the next couple weeks I will do a video on how to break these nut heads open and reap the rewards!

young coconut water, coconut meat

As I’m sure you can tell I am inspired. The Raw Food Foundation is great and I am really loving it. The studio is in the heart of Coal Harbour/downtown van.

It was kind of a rainy day so a perfect day to be inside learning! If you are just learning about Raw Foods and want an amazing place to start… watch this green shake video

Don’t mind my brown hair….it was a phase… haha

Thanks for stopping by! Hope I have inspired you in some way. That is why I am here. Love you guys!


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4 Responses

  1. Michelle Schurko on 17 Sep 2011

    I didn’t know cukes and celery together made a perfect protein! I knew rice and beans was that sort of combination but not this one. Thanks for the info!

    I also watched a video about raw food (can’t remember off hand who it was) where they dehydrated celery and ground it to make a salt substitute because of the high sodium you were talking about.

    I can’t wait to try out some of these recipes and ideas! And when you’re done your course and start teaching, I would LOVE to set up a course with you in Regina!

  2. GirlonRaw on 18 Sep 2011

    Oh wow where are you studying? I am LOVING every little bit of food you have photo’ed here and now I am hungry, even though I only just had lunch!

    • admin on 20 Sep 2011

      Thanks so much for your comments. I studied at the Raw Food Foundation here Vancouver. I want more though. Once you get into this lifestyle you want more, more, more!

  3. GirlonRaw on 18 Sep 2011

    And I love your video, especially when you call the ginger a ‘bugger’ haha that is sooo Aussie :)

    You are so beautiful and I love that I went snooping and found your blog. Love it :)

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