I met up with some girlfriends to go for a hike tonight. On the sunniest day we’ve had so far this year, I forget my sunglasses! I jumped in Dee’s car and dug around in her glove box for shades. I didn’t find shades, but I found these sweeeeet baby blue specs….

blue framed glasses

We went hiking up in Deep Cove. Gabby (the gorgeous brunette in the middle) and I go WAAAY back and I haven’t seen her in FOREVER. Sooo great to see you girl.

hiking in deep cove

Thanks to Dee, Gabby and Erin for the wonderful company. Can’t wait until our next venture! (we want to meet up more frequently for hikes. We all love it)

deep cove trails, north vancouver

Look at this cool Bubble Tea shop in Deep Cove that has a choo choo train going through the shop!

toy train in deep cove cafe

I also saw my beloved choir -ex-choir, I’m too busy:( singing in the park. It warmed my heart and made me want to cry, listening to them sing those beautiful familiar songs and to hear Checo singing his heart out. ┬áCheck out me with the choir here (and also find out how I sang back ups for New Kids On The Block!)

Day 5 of my Raw Food Celebration!!!!!! Mike and I had a meeting at Starbucks at the mall. I actually survived the food court!!!

a fresh peach in food court

He had Taco Time and I ran up to Kin’s Market to get a peach…. Going strong in Raw Food land!!! Woot woot

peach VS Food Court

Something not so strong is Painter’s ability to find his bed when he is tired. He looks like a drunk that stumbles home and misses his bed.. haha

bug puppy

So I pick him up and kiss his face and put him back in bed and he spreads eagle! haha

bug pup
Just love him

Late post hey? Past my bedtime!! Have a terrific weekend. I am full of energy and ready to rock tomorrow. It’s kind of a work day since I had all last weekend off and next weekend we are away… need to catch up on a few things, but I promise I will relax too!!

Love and light


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