Geesh, not blogging for 2 days feels weird! I was on the road and didn’t get a chance to blog.

I did keep busy though! Thursday night, I got to do I have wanted to do for at least 5 years now. I was reunited with my former band mates Amanda and James in San Francisco!!! They were such a HUGE part of my life, as a band, one major feat we accomplished was touring all around the USA in a 15 passenger van, and played 125 rock shows in 9 months.

Here is us reuniting! Amanda and James have 2 boys now, Kai and Jude…

Here’s Amanda and I back in the day…

Best buds!

Amanda’s son Jude and I hit it off!! He wanted me to go around the block with him, but only “amanda sonic” and him could go. So cute he called me “amanda sonic” the whole time, never just Amanda.

Mike and Jude. I was so glad Mike got to meet Amanda and James. We will definitely be visiting them again soon! Amanda made some amazing hearty  flax pumpkin pancakes for breakfast;)

After we parted was with the gang, we made our way to the Golden Gate Bridge where we were getting ready to shoot our last Stormtech video for this trip.

Our talent was Gail, competitive kite-surfer.

She was so great in front of the camera, and we even got to film her in the Stormtech jacket while she kite surfed on the ocean. She was absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to show you these videos!

It was barely windy enough to get out there, but Gail was a trooper and made it happen. She ripped it up on the ocean, and had to swim back to shore because of lack of wind. She is one gorgeous, AND tough girl!

Her’s me posing in my favourite Stormtech jacket of the moment. The XB-2. Location- Golden gate bridge.

After the shoot, Mike and I drove and drove and drove! Here was us passing Seattle this morning.

YAY! We made it home, and we got our puppy back! It was so amazing to see him, Mike and I are showering him with love…

Have a great night! Talk soooon

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