Hello there gorgeous!

My, my it’s nice to have you here today.

So much going on. As may of you know, I am in Yellowknife. (I leave today) however, If I didn’t come here this weekend I would have been running Harry’s 8km (it’s a cross Canada race to raise money for prostate cancer).Harry's 8km vancouver
I obviously didn’t get a chance to run it, but my team mate/friend Kelli from my triathlon group ran it and here is what she said…

“The day was beautiful – probably the sunniest and warmest so far this year, very fitting for a SPRING run-off.
I ran into the rest of the Right Shoe group and together we warmed up with a 10 minute run, followed by ABC’s and strides. As with most runs, there were a lot of crazy costumes and teams dedicated to loved ones. I only got one photo around the 5K mark of the sea wall – what a beautiful run. I don’t get to run the sea wall very often so it was nice.
The run was actually quite tough for me though I’m not sure why. I tried to keep thinking of my dad who just recently became a survivor of prostate cancer and at the end of the race, I definitely was sending him love for getting me to the finish line!”

Here is a couple of Kelli’s pictures from the event!
Give prostate cancer the finger!!

Harry's 8km vancouver

Some of The Right Shoe athletes warming up doing drills and strides..

Harry's 8km vancouver

Such a beautiful day!

Harry's 8km vancouver

Good job Kelli! I’m so proud of you young lady! Big Love to your dad! Harry's 8km vancouver
A big YAY to all those who ran… The Right Shoe athletes included;)

Also big props to my brother Cory, his wife, his sister-in-law Carla and his father-in-law who ran in the 24th annual Midnight Run in Lethbridge this weekend. Cory and his wife made a goal to run one race a month for the entire year (sweet!) They all had a great time and my super hero brother placed 9th over all (out of over 1700 runners) and placed 2nd in his age category! Way to go bro- YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION!

That picture was from a different race, but it’s all I had…lol
In the interim, I have been recovering from Frostbite 45 by spending MORE time in the cold!
Getting suited up

How about some snowmobiling?

Looking pretty bad a$$ hey? haha

Mike was in all his glory!

Go Marianne!
Thanks for taking us out Craig!

Also did some snowshoeing

Hardcore Arctic Explorers

Feel the burn!

I was running for this…. a beer at the end of a fun filled day outside… Looking good Marianne!

I actually just got home. I was supposed to go run tonight but we are getting caught up on some work. Time to make our killer video and also get back into the groove with voiceovers, training, and attracting more wonderful experiences into this life!
I hope all is going great with you! Vancouver sure is beautiful tonight…

Thanks for stopping by;)

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  1. Thomas on 23 Mar 2011

    Good cause – Nice T-shirt.
    Snowmobile – Reminds me of my VT days.
    Hope you see spring soon!

    • admin on 23 Mar 2011

      Thanks Thomas! You have a great blog. Looks like you have great kids too;)

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