Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

I hope you are all chilin with family today, (well…AND tomorrow) it seems like every family celebrates either on Sunday OR Monday. Which is your day? Growing up, we always celebrated on Sunday (yay-today!) cause then you can chill on Monday before work….

Yesterday, we had a glorious day consisting of breakfast at Paul’s Omlettery, then we went to Granville Island, went to The Naam for lunch, then we walked around the Robson/Granville area. My sister in law and I spent a great deal of time in Sephora! OMG…can’t pry me away.. It was an awesome day.

Allow me to do another poem, like my Fall Poem (super spontaneous, where you take the letters of the word and make a sentence out of each word…)

Thank you for being there for me

Harvest beautiful pumpkins

And then make PIE!

Never stop giving thanks for all the blessings around us

Kind demeanor as I ask you to pass the gravy

So, what do you think about a NO Meat Thanksgiving this year?

Give thanks, give thanks, give thanks.

I do, don’t worry, I do!

Vast amounts of love for everyone and everything that surrounds me

I hope you know, how much you mean to me

Never forget that life is to short to sweat the small stuff


Here is a video and some clips of the day. (this was all on Granville Island)

The only thing that could make this weekend better is if ALL our family was here (I’m always missing my mom). But I am sooooooooooooo thankful for Cory and Donnelly being here.

Hope you all have a fabulous Weekend. What are you thankful for?:)


Daily affirmation- ” All is well in my world.” Louise Hay

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