Happy Valentines Day!!! I hope you’re having a good one. This is my first Valentines Day with my new husband. He’s never too big on these kinds of days, but read on, read on…

He put this old picture of us up. It’s close to when we first met.

Cheesy, but forever, together we will leave our footprints in the sand…..

Painter wanted to get in on the action and say Happy Valentines Day.

My nephew Jasper sent us Valentines in the mail! Such a cutie.

Mike was totally prepared for weeks and had a card and gift all picked out RAN to Walgreens while I was in the shower to get me flowers, a sweet card and some roses. Personally I don’t really care about Valentines or all the material mumbo jumbo, but nonetheless, I thought it was endearing and it’s really cool to see “to my WIFE” on the card! woo hoo..

Valentines Day Reese's pieces heart

Ok, well… guess what? I am on my way to the airport. My bff Janna and her hubby Kim are on there way for a visit!

Talk soooooooooooooon

I <3 you!

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