How art thou?? Good day here at our camp. It was my momma’s birthday today! She said she had a great day, so her lil daughter was happy about that!

Amanda Sellers

My mom has always been so supportive in ANYTHING I choose today, but my only complaint is- What is with this mullet when I was a youngster? (It was probably my idea! ha) This was on stage when I was about 8 years old on my right (the guy lookin off to the side) is actually playing music when I walk down the isle! How cool hey?! Here I was attempting to sing, “Put another Log on the fire.”

At least I had the whole cool, boots over the pants thing happening!

Check out this cartoon I got made ($10) ha

Here’s a shot from our engagement pics.

The wedding is starting to sink in more and more everyday. Some pretty amazing stuff happening in the new year, but I will fill you in, AFTER the wedding. One exciting thing at a time, (lol)
DAY 10 of my cleanse. NOPE, I can’t believe it either!! This cleanse is getting me REALLY inspired again by raw foods. I am wanting to get a dehydrator asap and continue blending with my Vitamix. Lately I’ve been watching some documentaries like Food Matters, Food INC, Forks over Knives, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,etc and DAMN I want to be vegan forver. (And ultimately raw) I know there are legit farms and organic meats being produced, so I am not judging at all. This is just my choice, based on my opinion of A) what I am learning and B) How a plant based diet makes me feel.

Here was this morning’s shake

Today I discovered how I can actually push in WAY more spinach once the Vitamix is going, so I started with what you see above and added about 4 cups more spinach and here was the result…mmmmm. It was spinach “heavy” but I still loved it.

Something I deal with is staying raw (even vegan) in social settings. Check out Girl On Raw’s tips for dealing with social settings. I LOVED it.

Ok, I’m rocking and rolling. Don’t want to, but life is calling.. OH..Read this and please say it to yourself today, tomorrow and the forever more!

Absolutely. Look out…. xoxoxo

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