Happy Saturday to you!

As I look up at my title of this post, I think I am dreaming. Beer and chocolate in one sentence…No No wait…it gets better. Granville Island Beer and a Chocolate Festival in one sentence!!!! Yep, you heard me right….pinch me;) lol

I am a chocolate LOVER.. mmmm, mmmm. Also, I was born and raised on the prairies…. So I have a soft spot for beer. Even when I lived in LA for a number of years, whenever I went out in Hollywood, all the Frou Frou girls would order their fancy gold laced martini’s and I would just want a good ‘ol beer!

So…when I was invited to enjoy a night of my favorite beer (Granville Island) and pair it with deluxe Rogers Chocolate. I automatically thought..”I am in heaven.”

I set out on my merry way, by taking the ferry to Granville Island.

Just look at that chocolate loving smile. Bye!!!!It was just me and the Ferry Captain. We didn’t really talk though:)Once I arrived on the Island, I met up with Andrea of Go Lucky Photo and we walked over to the Brewery, found our seats and sat in anticipation.The evening started with a lovely introduction by Sandra Klaric from the Morning Show on 100.5 The Peak.  We had beautiful live music playing and the first pour began.As I mention the pairings we tried, I would love for you to consider trying these pairings on your own. Are you hosting a Christmas party? This would be so fun to try because Rogers Chocolates and Granville Island Beer is available right here in Vancouver.

1. Cypress Honey Lager and Milk chocolateMmmm, we are off to a great start!  OK, I was in love already…Beer and chocolate DOES work.

2. Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate with Lions Winter Ale (Andrea said this one tasted like “a warm hug from a grizzly bear!”)

3. Dark Chocolate dipped candied orange peel with Robson Hefeweizen (very nice duo!)

4. Dark chocolate dipped ginger and A Herbal Grassy ESB (ya can’t win em all.  The beer was good, but we did NOT like the chocolate, the ginger reminded me of my healthy morning shake and It didn’t work as a candy. Andrea said it tasted like “a stirfry wrapped in chocolate.” haha…kinda!)

The final pairing was delicious:

5.Dark and White Chocolate Pistachio/dried Cherry Chocolate with the Chocolate Stout. (definitely try this one at home! It tasted so wonderful and the Stout kinda tastes like espresso. Perfect combo)

So amongst the tastings, there was some great conversations going on. We had 2 really sweet girls join or table. They had won tickets to the event through Twitter

I also wandered over and had a chat with Sandra Klaric from 100.5 The Peak. (She is the Morning Show Goddess!)
She is sooo nice! (looks like I’m getting a bit close to her eh? I’m a creeper, lol)

During the event classically trained piano player Geoff Peters entertained us with his flawless, beautiful music and the evening finished off perfectly with Sorbetto from Bella Gelateria.
It’s safe to say The Chocolate Festival has done it again. What have they done again you ask? Totally blown me away with their decadence and dedication to providing us chocolate lovers with an experience we will never forget!
There are a couple more days left of the festival.(ends Nov.10)
Click here for tickets!
Thanks again to Andrea for taking pictures.

Hope you all had a great Friday! What’s going on tonight?

Whatever it may be, have fun! Talk soon!


Daily Affirmation-“Joy flows through my veins and is expressed in every part of my being. I know my seeds are sprouting, and it is a time for rejoicing. I am joyously exuberant and in harmony with all of life. My life is a party to be experienced and shared with everyone I know!” Louise Hay

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