We just got back from the US. It was a great trip, but it went by waay to fast! I got my hair done though, and once again I am super happy with it.  (Ashley at Silhouettes in Bellingham) I don’t like when my hair is flat and straight- like in this picture (I prefer it to have more body and oomph- but I like the colour)

We really didn’t buy much. We each got a new pair of shoes, I know, I got boots in spring, but it’s still cooler temps here and I figured I can where these Steve Maddens with shorts, skirts, whatever

We got some Beer! dos equis, bellingham

So got some sponge curlers… (I sleep in these sometimes and your good to go in the am- I might be the only non-child that still uses these, but stop a good thing?)

New running shortschampion running shorts, blue

And some inexpensive cosmetics…I figured I’ll add these into my palette since they have a magnetic backingrefills for eyeshadow palette

AND THEN, we went to Trader Joe’s to fill up on dryed goods (nuts, beans, chickpeas, etc)
Since it’s confirmed we are doing Frostbite 45, I am going to make some granola bars and energy bars next weekend! I haven’t been as dedicated to my triathlon training the last couple days, but I am ready to get back into the game!

Our border crossing was a breeze…on the way across the border, the officer was asking Mike, “Where his lip ring went?” UMMM, he just took it out, he was over it.. (Is that a good enough answer?)
remove your lip ring

Alright… guess what I am doing? YUP-going to bed! We are just editing some voice files and then I am out like a light!

Hope you had a good day! Talk soon!


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