Packing for our trip tomorrow, 2 weeks on the road. This box of mason jars is so much more than it seems… it has my wedding dress inside!! I had to conceal it from Mike and get it home to my moms in Saskatchewan where it will stay until the big day. Painter is in charge of making sure no one touches it! Good boy;)

Besides voicing a bunch of projects and getting organized- I also washed up my makeup brushes;)

BECAUSE… I am doing Marianne’s makeup for HER wedding- which is just over a week away!! (Marianne is Mike‘s sister, btw)

Mari and her husband to be live in Yellowknife, I love them dearly and cannot wait for their big day! (I went to the dollar store today and sneaky me got some fun/funny stuff for the night before the wedding. We are having a GIRLS NIGHT!

Here’s the 3 of us in Yellowknife last March…gonna be a PARTAY.

Among my tasks today, I made the best batch of Kale Chips ever.

It was a total make-shift recipe. I blended soaked walnuts, nutritional yeast, touch of oil, salt, garlic and a touch of agave.

kale chips

I smothered them on the leaves and dehydrated them for about 8 hours. Even Mike said they were the best batch ever. I ate them all.

Pretty much everything is packed. Our first stop will be Lethbridge where we see my brother and his wife. YAY.

I will be sure to blog from the road, so I will be in touch!

Hope all is well with you!!!


2 Responses

  1. omg. I’m surprised your dress fits in there! haha

    and yay!! weddings!! exciting!! (:

  2. Sylvia Ferrero on 27 Aug 2011

    OMG! When you getting married girlie!?!! YAY!!! When I met you and Mike in Fort Lauderdale and JB’s awesomely inspiring weekend workshop I had no idea it was so soon! CONGRATS!!!

    And those Kale Chips… YUM!!!

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