“Well the times gettin’ hard for you little girl I’m a hikin’ and a bikin’ all over this world!”

AHHH! It’s race day!
Yesterday we got to Yellownife and met up with Marianne and Craig (Mike’s sister and brother in law)Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW
Backyard at where we are staying!Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW
We went out and tested out our snowshoes right away (we might need them in the race- they are a mandatory piece) Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW

YAY I can do it!Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW
BEST support system you could EVER ask for!!!! <3Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW

Then we went to the pre race orientation and the filled us in on things like how to deal with frost bite, hypothermia, if you fall in a lake, wild life, snow blindness, etc…Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW
My bib happens to have my favorite number in it (#27)Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW
Mike and his race bib!Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW

Back at the house Marianne made us a delicious meal last night!

The most yummy veggie lasagna! (I’m getting the recipe!)

I thought the glass of wine might help me forget what I am about to do….. but it didn’t! ha

Some of our mandatory gearYellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW


OK- here I go! wish me luck!

Happy Saturday! Stay warm……

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  1. Klaus on 19 Mar 2011

    >> if you fall in a lake???

    At those temperatures? Crap, I’d rather deal with all the other things combined! Actually, come to think of it, if you do fall in a lake you probably have to deal with all the other things combined.

    Anyway, you guys are not going to fall in a lake and will be fine! Good luck, have fun, and kick arse!!

    Oh yea, and stay warm! But if your new Stormtech gear performs as well as it looks, that won’t be an issue.

  2. Good luck on the race!

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