The last couple days I have been back and forth through 5 lanes of traffic! Here we have downtown LA in the smog distance…


Downtown LA

For the last month, we have been living in a 4-plex with a bunch of musicians in the wonderful artsy community of Silver Lake.

On the way to the dog park everyday  I would see this crazy looking thing… it’s art folks! :)

crazy silver thing on silver lake blvd

SUPER trendy coffee shop in Silver Lake. Always buzzing with the “Who’s who…”

LA coffee mill

But being the Saskatchewan born breeds that we are…with no Tim Hortons around, we skipped the fancy LA  Mill Coffee empire and went to 7-11 for our coffees!!! ha

Is that a cactus in your pocket or…..haha…

The dog park is situated on a reservoir. It was fun to walk around it on our journeys to the dog park.

You can always tell their are “industry” people around you, but this is the only celeb I really spotted. Shirley Manson from Garbage is a HUGE dog lover and goes to Silver Lake with her pup.

But alas…Goodbye Silver Lake…the next part of our extended vacation has taken us TO THE BEACH. Here is a view from our new pad. You CAN see the ocean from our balcony, but it is just a sliver and you can’t see it in this pic.

Painter LOVES the beach burring his chicken bone in my purse.  (Nice surprise when I’m reaching in for my lip gloss!!!)

We are a path away from the water.. omg!

Here was the sunset that just happened.

I looked behind me and at the same time that the sun was setting, the moon was peeking up- getting ready to do its thing!!!

Ahhh, I am so happy to be settled in here. I worked hard today editing a big project, then voicing a new one. But I am now caught up. Tomorrow I am cleaning the Silver Lake place, getting my hair trimmed and seeing where the day takes me….(probably to the beach… There are 1000 volleyball nets up, so I am buying a volleyball asap!)

Hope you are doing awesome. Now that I’m more settled here for a while, I can keep up with the blogging action!!! Awesome neighbours here too. We enjoyed the musicians we were surrounded by in Silver Lake, but when your a voiceover artist and need a quiet space- being surrounded by musicians isn’t the most convenient situation;)

(“always putting a positive spin on things” is my middle name)


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4 Responses

  1. Dee on 03 Feb 2012

    Ha! Awesome!!!!!! 7-11 is roasted by Canterbury! PS How long are you there and I am sooooooo coming to visit!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lets plan out a weekend k! Miss You guys!!!!

  2. Natasha on 04 Feb 2012

    Ahh I love California! Did I miss something though? Did you permanently move to the states?!

    • admin on 04 Feb 2012

      Hey Natasha! We are on an “extended vacation!” Not a permanent move, we still have our place in Vancouver:) We love it down here though. I lived here for 4 years in my early 20′s…. feeling at home….

  3. Amanda on 08 Feb 2012

    Garbage is recording a new album! You should’ve asked her how it was going ;)

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