Hi team!

Nice day here in Port Moody.

Managed to take the little one to the park. He is pretty much healed from his stitches, which is awesome. It’s nice to see him running again.

Just like me! I hit up the gym again today. Very light workouts, since I am on DAY 4 of my green smoothie cleanse. A friend of mine asked me how I find motivation for staying on a green smoothie cleanse… Well…. Everybody’s doing it!!

So really, tips on how I am staying loyal to the cleanse and why:

-when I finished the 30 day raw food cleanse, I felt unbelievable. Imagine eating ONLY fruits and veggies. I know I am going to feel amazing when this is done.
-when I wake up in the morning, I write down in my journal “why” I am doing this. It helps me stay on track.
-I want my cells to be cancer-free. It is impossible for cancer cells to multiply in an alkaline environment. It is the acid residue from processed foods that cancer feeds off of.
-doing a cleanse “resets” the taste buds, the cravings for “bad” food. I know if I stopped the cleanse tomorrow I would be in heaven to eat a clean, healthy diet.
-I know I am detoxifying my body from waste that has been stored up in my fat cells. (That’s where toxins are stored, in our fat cells!)
-I want to feel amazing on my wedding day. I want to look bad at my pictures and think, wow, I looked good;)
-It’s good to be accountable while your completing a challenge or goal. This blog is holding me accountable, so I don’t want to veer off track. Even a family member or friend can be your support system.
-I really want to be raw 100% of the time and doing a cleanse will be one more step I take to getting there. (even to be vegan 100% of the time would be amazing, since I still indulge in dairy products now and then)

-If your on a health kick or trying to accomplish a goal, just take it day by day. Right now, I am not thinking, OMG I have x many days to go. I am taking it one day at a time!

It will be time to celebrate before I know it (not that this isn’t a celebration, but come on, it’s Christmas!!) I am so excited to reunite with ALL my family at my wedding. My auntie posted this picture of our crew. This was at my cousin Robin’s wedding. (I was rocking the brown hair then)

From left to right: My sister-in-law Donnelly, brother Cory, Fiance Mike, me, brother David, sister-in-law Nicole (Jasper was in her belly at that point) MOMMY and her one and only truest love Richard! (I love bugging my mom)

This little Elf is our ring-bearer on our big day!

Too cute! He can walk now.

My best friend that I’ve know since I was 11 is taking photo’s for us during the ceremony and doing formals. Check out her amazing photography.

Here is an inspiration photo she had up on her blog, I will definitely have red shoes on!

Speaking of feet shots, I found this one on the net I thought was charming.

Ok, let me leave you with a rendition on Baby It’s cold outside that Mike and I recorded in 2008. We made this fun video the same day!

Woo hoo, and actually it is cold outside. I just made tea, put on my robe and slippers. So cozy now!

Have a great evening!!

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