Sunday… a day to sleep in, relax, pour a Bailey’s and coffee in your pj’s while you lounge around. The most strenuous thing one should do is fluff up your pillows and pour more coffee. SCREEEEECH…RRRRRPPP……STOP RIGHT THERE….. You wanna be a triathlete? No sleeping in for you!!! Get your butt outside and run over for over an hour at 8am in the pouring rain. Here’s me doing some shopping at Costco after getting drenched in the rain
May as well stretch the ol gams while waiting in line.¬†After Costco we went to Kin’s Market for produce.
Once I got home, I happily crossed off today on my program

Wow! 2 full weeks done already! Feeling so good. I am curious as to how my body will feel in 2 months time! Yesterday’s bike was indoors, 75 min.

Some of the people in my club get together for the bike rides on Saturdays and go outside. Me- I’m not quite ready for that yet. I think next week I will do my long bike outdoors and slowly adjust. Hopefully soon I’ll feel confident enough to do the long rides with the group.

My bike is not so fancy! lol. I am rocking the mountain bike right now. On Friday night Mike and I went to a meet and greet at Speed Theory. They are a specialty bike shop in Kits and have bikes for everyone from beginner’s to pro’s. (one of the top end bike’s there is $20,000!! wowzers!)

The owner Jeremy was teaching us the difference between a road bike and a tri bike. They also do custom fitting and the best tune ups in town.

I like this dream catcher made out of bike parts

ohhh wetsuits toospeed theory wet suit triathlon

Compression socks…I have heard of these, but never used them. Have you tried them? Are they worth $55??

Apparently these helmets make you more aerodynamic.

triahtlon helmet, aerodynamic

Lots of accessories to see at Speed Theory.

The owner Jeremy is extremely kind and uber informative in the cycling world! We had some pizza and some shop talk. Good times.

I will eventually get a better bike, etc. If you are looking for used tri gear, I heard has some second hand bikes, and of course Speed Theory has everything.

Ok, day off from training tomorrow, then it’s right into week 3!

Sending you a triathlon of love, health and happiness…. (in no particular order or distance)

Happy TRI ing!!!


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  1. Margarita on 17 Jan 2011

    I got a wet suit, they’re so awesome. Very handy for winter water sports (kitesurfing is mine)!!!!

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