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I have 2 Tomboy’s of the month lined up now. They will be getting me back the questions soon (I hope;) No worries though, we don’t skip a beat here.

I am in the middle of a 4 week course called Feed Life, Starve cancer.  “Feed Life Starve Cancer is designed to help you understand how cancer works and how to starve it through food, exercise and the mind body connection.”

On Tuesday we made elixers with ingredients such as green tea, blueberry and ginger.

Feed life, starve cancer

It tasted really good and is chock full of free radical fighting antioxidants.

Feed life, starve cancer

Of course there are a lot of components that make up why one would get cancer. (genetics, lifestyle, stress levels, emotional stress, diet) If you’ve ever lost anyone to cancer (which we all have) It’s frustrating to think, “oh ya right, so if my loved one would have just drank green tea they would still be here?”  I don’t know the answer, but I do know that cancer cells thrive off acidity and fermented sugars and  in our body, (things like sugar, processed foods, dairy, meat). So why wouldn’t one TRY (it’s hard, I know) to eliminate or at least cut down on those foods that cancer thrives off?

Classes are held at Organic Lives

The classes are lead by holistic nutritionist and cancer survivor Eden Macdonald. She is an amazing gal, extremely passionate, informative and full of knowledge. (she is also the healthy eating initiative at Whole Foods in Vancouver)

Feed life, starve cancer

The Feed Life, Starve Cancer Program recommends that you:

-eating a RAINBOW of fruits and veggies

-drink lots of water

-Increase fiber consumption

-reduce animal products

-reduce calories

-do not eat oil (this is a different concept for a lot of raw foodists)

Here’s a shot of my messy notes. (I sometimes look and my notes and think, was this written by a 5 year old? haha)

Feed life, starve cancer

WATERCRESS: the #2 most nutritionally dense food on the planet…

Feed life, starve cancer

And KALE: the #1 nutritionally dense food on the planet.

Feed life, starve cancer

EAT MORE KALE. We made a Kale salad with the leaves drenched in Avocado rather than oil.

kale salad

We also made a few different grain dishes. This one below is Forbidden rice. As a group we participated and came up with what we wanted to add to it.

·         Walnuts
·         Orange
·         Mint

The theory behind our added ingredients is to always add a fat, acid, sweet, spice and salt to our foods.

Here are some examples of the 5 tastes to add to every dish to make it taste fab!
FAT – avocado, walnuts, cashews, hemp seeds, ground flax seeds, olives
ACID – lime juice, orange juice, red wine, rice wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar
SALT – sea salt, celery, olives, sundried tomatoes,
SWEET – fruit juice, fruit vinegars, dried fruit (apricots, peaches, apples, mangoes), apple sauce, berries, carrot or beet juice with fresh herbs and garlic
SPICE – Fresh and dried herbs (dill, basil, parsley, rocket, cilantro etc) chili peppers, curry powder, ginger, garlic

*I can’t wait until our next class on Tuesday! If you live in Vancouver, please check out some of the Feedlife classes.

We are going out with friends tonight, so I gotta get the curlers out of my hair and get ready.


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  1. Those classes sound amazing and that juice LOOKS amazing. Yum! Good on you for pursuing this. :-)

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