Oh golly gosh darn! Hello there!

Today one of my clients informed me that a new running app that I voiced was now available for purchase on itunes!
I was so excited. I have voiced tons of stuff in my career, but voicing a running app is so cool to me…Maybe because running was always such a big thing in my family. My brother Cory is a competitive middle distance runner whom I have always looked up too…..

Here’s Cory when he was getting filmed for a video for his sponsor Stormtech Performance Apparel.

This was last summer in Taber, Alberta during CORN FEST!!!

OH, and my bro got a GOLD Medal for a 1st place fisnish in the 10km run. Couldn’t be more proud..

If I ever need workout motivation, I text my brother and ask him what he’s been up to running-wise…..

Ha! Ya, that’s my brother for ya. He trains himself, he is AMAZING.

Need running motivation? Listen to…….ME! On this NEW running App!!!! I am so excited about it… BUY IT

I bought it today, but haven’t tried it yet. Let ME motivate you on your runs!! lol I don’t say much, just how far you’ve run, congrats, stuff like that… but I’m curious to see how it turned out;)

I haven’t done much running. Since  I got my bunny hug with head phones, I have been walking to pilates so I can  listen to audiobooks as I walk amongst the palm trees. (So- I have been rocking the pilates, but I am going to start running more and trying out the App voiced. My foot has been feeling DAMN good, so I think I can get back into the running)

Such an nice walk along the California Palm trees…

In honour of Canada, we bought Painter a moose from PETCO.
He ate the moose’s ear and foot OFF by the time we got home.. 4 minute drive!

Spent $70 bucks at PETCO and he just DESTROYS all his blessings and gifts….JERK! haha

Well, tonight Mike and I went for dinner on the Pier right where we live. It was a windy, sorta chilly evening, (for Californians, NOT Canadians…Mike was in a t-shirt lol) It was a lovely evening. We brainstormed our next steps, ideas, actions, goals and had happy-hour margarita’s to boot…. Pretty cool eh??? oooooohhhhhhhh yaaaaaa! haha

Thanks for stopping by…….I see all the light and golden abundance that surrounds you. You are ROCKING this week. All the angels and the stars see your light….they are sending you a new idea…… What is the new idea that they are giving you?? Seriously. Sounds crazy…but be creative…there is an idea inside you that is wanting to be acted upon…DO IT.

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