How was your weekend? Hope it was nice!

Today we were running some errands and low and behold I noticed a Farmers Market on a trendy LA street called Larchmont Blvd.

Have to stop and smell the roses….

They had fresh, organic produce and tons of samples from all sorts of different vendors. (hummus, nuts, breads, popcorn, jams, skin care, that kind of thing)

I LOVED seeing all the produce, even in the middle of “winter”. Painter was NOT welcome, lol. Service dogs exempt…. umm, don’t think he could pull that off.

larchmont farmers market, no dogs allowed

We apparently drove through the Hollywood Media District.

Speaking of media, Mike and I were doing a little media ourselves for a tv video branding company. I hosted their intro video. Mike filmed. Dynamic Duo, lol

In the office, here is where the sales staff sits…except we were in on a weekend, so the office was quiet!

Drive by on Hollywood Blvd. Someone was rapping, or dancing, or something. Sure drew a crowd.

Chinese Theatre

graumans chinese theater

These lights can mean 2 things….EITHER:

A) someone forgot to take down their Christmas decorations…



B) was the winner!

Now it’s time to dive back into this:

I’ve been yoga-ing and jogging this past week and I plan on continuing that momentum!

I’m excited for the week ahead..full of pure potential. I hope you are ready for an amazing week!

Here we go! Be in touch soooooooooooooon


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