Happy Monday! I’m ready for a great week ahead.

Some highlights:

- My first ball practice tonight with my new team!

- We are shooting a super fun yoga video this Friday

- Marianne and Craig are coming to visit this weekend from Yellowknife

- Sun Run is on Sunday

A part of me feels like UGH because the Sprint Triathlon I had been training for is THIS Saturday and I am not in it. Not because I don’t want to be, but because the race sold out super fast and I couldn’t get in….I have kinda eased up on my triathlon training (in case you haven’t noticed…ha) But I plan on joining a new Tri group when we get to Port Moody and I will find a race (or 2!) and rock it!

I have a free month’s yoga pass at Semperviva and I have been taking advantage of it before we move. I’ve been doing lighter workouts the last week or so.. ¬†just yoga and some running. It’s nice to ease up on the body and do some nurturing. I really do HEART yoga!

This morning I walked to a class over on Granville Island.. Along the way I toured over and under the Burrard bridge.

Pretty view of boats along the water.

Here we are!I love the decorated cement trucks!

That a big corn cob!Ohhh strawberries

This is were the yoga class was, overlooking the water (my first time at this location! I loved it!)

I wonder if any of the house boat owners take yoga here.. so convenient for them… cutie house boats…

After the wonderful class, I had to stop by the market and grab some fruits and veggies. (I was inspired by the cement trucks, lol)YESS PLEASE

When your hungry… everything looks good! I had to pull myself away from the rest of the tempting vendors in the market. I didn’t even take a picture of the desserts;)
Then I sat patiently like a good girl at the end of the dock and ate a banana while I waited for the ferry to take me home.
Eye Eye Captain! A HOY! 

So… did my beautiful morning make me think…”damn, I’m gonna miss downtown?” YUP!… But am I just as excited to move and try something new? YUP!

18 more sleeps in the big city.. Then we move to Port Moody and AMP it up in our new home:)

Have you been thinking about trying something new but are a little worried? Have FAITH!

Guess what? I have been pondering blogging twice a day once we move… Scary, but I have FAITH I can do it…. We’ll see how she all plays out…

Talk soon!!



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2 Responses

  1. Kelli on 11 Apr 2011

    Do it! I would read your blog twice a day!! Also, I’m planning on doing maybe 4 or 5 more sprints this season, so maybe we could race together!

  2. Mari on 11 Apr 2011

    YESSSS! I would certainly read (and enjoy) a double dose of TomboyThatWearsMakeup!! Beautiful photos by the way…

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