How was your weekend? Mine shaped up nicely.

OH my word, have I been in honeymoon phase, well since the wedding. It is time for a new start so to speak. Time to pick my socks back up and get into the game. It’s been busy, and rewarding, but I know I’m not living at my full potential. Try this exercise: If you were to have “The perfect day” what would it look like? And I don’t mean a hot date, the spa or a shopping spree. “the Perfect day” in regards to your health, wealth, communication, career, fitness, etc. You can either visualize it, write it down, or both.

Instead of being “reactive” to the world and circumstances around you, create your new reality. Since we are the only ones that can control what’s going on in our heads, why not make it work for you? Bringing about your desires comes from YOU coming up with a new idea, be creative and most of all, once that idea hits- be willing to change.

*Cool shot I took the other day of the moon peeking through a tree.

So in creating a perfect day for myself, one of the things it involves is nourishing my body with plenty of vitamins and nutrients! Hence a massive salad that Mike and I both dish out into smaller bowls.

Now you can call this one cute OR crazy, lol, but at Target I saw these “chore charts” for kids and I had to have one. How perfect? Write out your daily goals/to-do’s on the side and throughout the week as you do them, give yourself a star! I have rewards for each level of points I get to (mostly shopping related!)

Only shopping I’ve done lately is buy this iphone cover. I thought it was fun.

And the wallpaper shot of the moment….

Good times! SO, my question is this. How can you make this week an amazing week? What do you have to do to have a great day, and find yourself fulfilled? The more you can put that great energy out there and love yourself, the more you will attract into your life!

If you need an extra kick in the pants with a frozen mukluk (sorry, prairie saying, I had too!) Then watch this either tonight or first thing when you wake up. Written and voiced by yours truly.

Let me know how it goes. And hey kiddo- I really appreciate you! xoxo

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