Happy Canada Day!

Time to roll out the red carpet and tell our country how much we love it! YAY! I am actually working all day, BUT I think tomorrow we are going to hike up our near by mountain and go camping, (after the Fireman’s Pancake Breakfast of course).

I hope you have an amazing day today and my goal is to make it that much better by inspiring and entertaining you with July’s- Tomboy That Wear Makeup of the Month!!! Whenever the 1st of the month rolls around and I get to do these interviews, I always feel like the crazy woman on the Price Is Right who’s name was just called to, “COME ON DOWN”!! I just get so excited and feel so blessed to share some insight on such amazing woman. Every interview I’ve ever done for the “TTWM of the month” is someone I look up too, and July’s feature- Erin Ireland, is no exception.

I  first came across Erin on the net. We had like 500 “mutual friends” on face book (ok, I just checked..it’s only 54 mutual friends-but still!) Like a creeper, I started checking out her pictures, then her website, then her videos and I thought, “Damn this girl is soooo cool!” I finally got to meet her in person at The Osoyoos Celebrity Wine Festival, (here’s the post on that night). She is just as cool in person and she is on the World Wide Web. I can’t wait for you to meet her!!

Thanks Erin!!! I appreciate you doing this interview! Start by telling us a bit about yourself…..

Well, I used to be a tomboy with a very short haircut. All I ate was croutons, pasta alfredo, and cucumbers. Fortunately, by the time university rolled around, I’d become a full-fledged food lover with an adventurous, insatiable palate. Cuisine became such a love, that I incorporated it into my career. I’m now a food reporter writing a weekly column for Metro Newspaper, a bi-monthly column for Vancouver View magazine, and I appear on Urban Rush once a month reporting on new restaurants in Vancouver. I’m also launching a line of baked goods under my brand, ‘It’s To Die For’. My sweet and salty banana bread will be available at Commune Cafe beginning July 11th. I go to bed very early, order my steak blue rare, was nicknamed ‘Jeter’ during my four years of university, don’t/can’t dance, often prefer my food cold, and I’m a quarter Russian.

I love how dynamic and well-rounded your are as a person, I also understand you are an amazing athlete, can you tell us about the sports you play (played)?

I don’t know about amazing…but thank you! In high school, I played most sports. Volleyball was my favorite, so I aimed to play post-highschool down in the States. Ending up at Winthrop University on scholarship was like fate. The NCAA Division 1 program at the small-ish school in the tiny town of Rock Hill was extremely tough, but resulted in three conference wins and appearances in the NCAA tournament. I wouldn’t do it over, but the experience changed my life and I give it partial credit for who I am today.

erin ireland

Good for you! What type of fitness regime do you partake in now?

I run five times a week. Weight-lifting was my main work-out until the age of 21 — I dropped thirty pounds of muscle when I stopped. If I go near a weight, the muscles return. I prefer a leaner look for this phase of my life.

Here’s a picture of Erin in a Nike commercial!!!!

erin ireland

You are sooo photogenic, what is your secret to such glowing skin?

Riversol Skin Care. The line was developed by the top dermatologist in BC, Dr. Jason Rivers. I trust everything he makes and the products have seriously improved the quality of my skin.

Riversol hey? I’ll have to try it.  What would you say is your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement has yet to happen — it will be beginning a food empire under the ‘It’s To Die For’ brand. There will be a line of food products, books, and a television show.


You are going to be HUGE! What inspired you to start your blog (Itstodie4.com) and what is your favourite thing to make in your own kitchen?

When social media was blowing up, I knew I needed to start a website in order to be successful. At the time, I was hosting a show about fashion, music, and art — all topics that I lack passion for. Food was the natural choice for the topic of my website — I’m happy to photograph it, make it, or talk about it all day long.

My favorite thing to make in my kitchen is my banana bread. I’m guessing thousands of loaves have emerged from that oven, so, as you can imagine, I’ve become fairly efficient with the process. I sometimes time myself to see how fast I can do it. The record is five minutes.


MMMM, that looks so good. I can’t wait to try your banana bread. I have heard all about it in the news!!

Vancouver- Erin’s bread is available to the public July 11. Click here for all the details. Erin, if you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be?

My granny Betty who died in 2007. She was the coolest person I knew. Though she was 87, she and I talked like we were same-aged best friends. She was the one filling me in on the daily news, including Hollywood gossip.

Aw, she sounds like a doll. Who do you admire?
My dad. Back in ’72, he won the Canadian championships as UBC’s 6’5” center and he’s still in unreal shape despite turning 60 this year. Since then, he’s created the dream life for himself. His work is a stone’s throw from his home, he travels just about every weekend, and he cooks huge, amazing meals on an almost daily basis. He’s got the most positive attitude of anyone I know.

erin ireland

Did you inherit your limbo moves from your father??? xoxo

What is something about yourself people may not know?
I spent six months living in Europe before diving into career in ’09. Two of those months were spent on a horse farm in Tuscany where I cared for 40 horses, five dogs, and a big fruit and veggie garden, including fig trees. This was one of the best times of my life.

I love that you are not afraid to take chances, try something different and think outside of the box!! something that makes you smile?
Christmas and surprises. The surprise factor heightens any experience. In my case, being taken out on a surprise dinner date is the ultimate.

Biggest fear?
Being run over on my scooter. And spiders.


I don’t like spider s either;) What’s the best thing about your line of work?

Being able to help people who are looking for a great restaurant. It’s extremely satisfying recommending a spot and later learning that the experience was memorable for them. And of course, being exposed to so much delicious food! I feel honored to do what I do.

erin ireland

A few things on Erin’s MUST-DO for summer?

Find a book as captivating as ‘Shantaram’, which I recently finished reading. I don’t know if an equally riveting book exists? Pretty please, let me know if you have a recommendation. Also on the must-do list: run a half marathon and cook dozens and dozens of late patio dinners.

…and…what do you do to RELAX?

I head to my favorite cafe (Commune), order a delicious misto (made with 49th Parallel espresso) and a muffin, then I sit, read, and people watch.

Sounds glorious Erin. I am so thankful for this interview. I truly wish you all the best with every “on your plate”. I look forward to trying your famous banana bread and also watching your amazing career unfold.

Seriously guys- how cool is she??????? You can join her facebook page here!

Ok, well I am out! Happy Canada Day once again and talk to you tomorrow!!!

ps. Happy birthday to my fiancee Mike, who is 26 today!


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