So…Mike and I are down South… by down South, I mean Bellingham…so not the deeeep South, but South to us Canucks! (I said South A LOT in that sentence.)
Here is a glimpse at our day

After I did makeup for Ravy from the Bombay Brow Bar, Mike and I packed up and headed for the border…
border crossing
Yay! made it across and immediately took advantage of the inexpensive gas! I stay warm and dry- Mike is not so lucky!
Life is GOOOOD

Then we had a dilemna… dairy….or beer… we went for beer!

We checked into our 5 star luxury resort….rodeway inn bellingham
(hee hee, it’s a fine place. $54 at Expedia.com!)
Oh and guess what??? As soon as we got here… We had work to do!
Our internet wasn’t working so I had to go to the lobby and talk with front desk..
AND….we got our work done! We did some shopping! We went for mexican food!

AAAANNNDD…We found out that we ARE INDEED going to Frostbite 45 in Yellowknife! (It’s an ultra marathon happening Mar.19. I can’t wait!)

k… now I am BEAT…time for bed… I’m getting my hair done in the am! YAY! Now I rest…


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