After a full morning of voice work, we had another great day with mom and Richard visiting. I just want to recap the wine tasting we went to last night! It was for the wonderful BC wines from the Similkameen area.

Here’s a quote from www.similkameenwine.com:

“Recently named by enRoute Magazine as one of the “world’s 5 best wine regions you’ve never heard of”, the Similkameen wineries are starting to get some of the attention they deserve. This little patch of vineyards and orchards in the hot, dry and sunny Similkameen Valley is turning out some stunning grape and fruit wines.”

Alright! Let’s go check this out. Edible Canada is such a great addiction to Granville Island. Perfect place for a wine tasting.

I brought mom and Richard along. They were loving it.

similkameen wineries

Starting with a delightful sample of Eau Vivre, located in the heart of Similkameen.

similkameen wine

Moved along to the tasty, lovely and artistic Rustic Roots….

OOH! Wine connoisseur spotting! Mike from Mikenierychlo.com..

similkameen wine

There were actually a lot of connoisseur’s there. I met a couple wine experts who write for some very prominent magazines and food and wine columns.

similkameen wine

Bring on the bubbly! “Flirt” from Forbidden Fruit Winery. My middle name is “flirt”. (kidding! Mike, don’t get mad…)

On the left we have the very sweet and cheerful Cerelia Wines and Robin Ridge wine from the The Cottrill family.

similkameen wine

And Seven Stones who say, “our passion for good wine and sharing with friends is our inspiration.” I dig it!

similkameen wine

A big hit at the tasting was wines by Orofino. Their Syrah and Riesling were amazing. I also really liked the name of the Cab Sav, “Passion Pit”. The name came about because the vineyard land used to be a gravel lookout point where lovers would unite and now that’s where the grapes flourish. Seeds of love I say! YOWZA! I’ll drink to that! haha

similkameen wine

It was a pleasure meeting Spencer from Clos du Soleil.  To sum up their wine, Spencer says, We are developing wines that have that old world elegance, but with a bit of a new world edge say managing directors Les and Spencer, after all, we are Canadian and our vineyard is in BC. I really enjoyed their vino!

http://goodlifevancouver.com/I LOVE wine tastings! BC wine ROCKS! Please check out Similkameenwine.com and when you can, support and enjoy BC WINE!

Here is a map of the fantastic vineyards in the Similkameen wine county.

Clos du Soleil

I keep tabs on all things cool in Van city at GoodLifeVancouver.com

Other than wine drinking… today we went to Ikea, went for a big walk with the puppy and then sat around and listened to bloopers of Mike and I from of our voiceovers. Good life, good times.

I’m a happy girl. We didn’t hike today as time was not on our side, but we will be hiking tomorrow afternoon after I get my work done of course!

Hope your week is going well. Thanks soooooo much for stopping by. Cheers;)


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