Good afternoon Sunday Sweets!

Hope your weekend is going well.

I met up with a few ladies to go see new flick Eat Pray Love. I have not read the book yet, I feel bad because my friend Diana lent me the book and I left it with my mom in Saskatchewan.  (Dee, I am going to Sask in a couple weeks, so I will grab it!)

I really enjoyed the movie. The message I got and one that I truly believe is to always follow your heart, no matter how hard it seems at the time to “change” the place you are in, life is to short not too!!

I cried.. a I normally do at movies. (I cried at the new remake of Karate Kid too, ha)

Bright and early we met up for brunch. I need to do brunch more often! It is so fun.

Diana, Andrea, me, Mel, Amy

During Brunch we started talking about years ago when Diana and I put on a birthday bash. My band played and Diana spun records!  Here’s a blast from the past picture from that show. I can’t believe I still have the handbill. I feel so different now… I feel like I’ve gone to Italy, India, Bali and back (even tho I haven’t, lol)

Check out our finger cuffs!! They were THE THING at the time!!

And now, here we are today before going in to watch the movie

Nowadays, we still enjoy a good rock show, but we’ve also incorporated things into our lives like meditation at Buddhist temples, yoga and Sunday Brunch:)

Are you going to see Eat Pray Love?

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2 Responses

  1. diana on 15 Aug 2010

    My dear! The book was yours to keep (or your mum) Love this entry!!!!! Back in the day pix are fab!!

    Here’s to another couple decades of friendship!

    Cheers! D

  2. Mel on 15 Aug 2010

    That photo of you and Diana is SO AWESOME!! haha! DJ Malibu Barbie – love it! :)

    Thanks for brunch and the movie. I shall see you again soon!

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