Ok! LET’S DO THIS!!! “By “this”, I mean BLOG baby BLOG! haha

Woke up at the crack of dawn to hit up the Coquitlam Farmers Market.

Apparently, we can’t afford travel coffee mugs, we took our java to go in our regular mugs…. (I must have inherited this from my mother, step foot in her car and she has regular mugs everywhere!)

coffee in a mug, on the go

Beckmann Berry Farm. Friendly, check. Fresh produce, check. Tasty, check. Best price at the market? CHECK. 5lb box of blueberries now sit in my freezer:)

Beckman Berry Farm, Mission

I took this picture of Beets purely for my own reference… Must eat beets…maybe buy some next time? Anyone have any good RAW beet recipes?

Raspberries…now you see the few I have left…

fresh vancouver, raspberries

And…now ya don’t!

eating raspbesrries fast

Your gonna start thinking I’m strictly a food blog, but I’m not. Although, I just happened to attend a “Raw food for Beauty” un-cooking class at Indigo Food Cafe today.

Upon arriving the cafe was very inviting.

indigo food cafe, vancouver, lovenaCucumber water. Good for your skin. Drink up buttercup.

cucumber water for beauty

Owner of Indigo Food, Lovena Galyide used to be an architect. She discovered Raw Food and became so passionate about it, she quit her job and opened up a raw food cafe in Vancouver on 16th Street. She really knows her stuff too. I am a hard sell, lol, but I was following her every word..

Indigo Foods Cafe, raw food Vancouver, west 16th

I was going to pick up this guitar and serenade everyone during the class, but I decided to stay hush.

indigo food  raw cafe

LADIES! IF YOU WANT HEALTHY, GLOWING SKIN, incorporate these foods into your diet:

- Aloe Vera Juice (the yellow leaves taste a trillion times better than the green. But use green for skin!), Nettles, Arugula, Watercress, Burdock Root, Turmeric, Coconut, Cucumbers, Durian, Figs, Hemp Seeds and Oils, Macadamia nuts, Pumpkin Seeds, Radish, Olives, Onion and Papaya.

The first skin elixor we tasted was orange, papaya and aloe vera juice. Tasty. No issues here.

aloe vera elixer for beauty

Add bottled aloe vera juice to your morning juice/shakes if you can’t get aloe vera fresh.

lily of the desert aloe vera juice

Another Beauty Tonic. This was made with Burdock power, Apples, and celery. I need to get my hands on some burdock root (not for taste, but for health benefits)

indido cafe vancouver, green smoothie for skin

We got into some raw fermentation of coconut. I was not a fan. I know the probiotics are good for you, but I don’t like the taste of fermented coconut, no matter how much agave you add!

fermented coconut yogurt

I will start drinking coconut water though… more to come on that!

Here we have dehydrated kale chips. yum. Remember I used to bake them all the time? I’m not against baking at all, but if they taste just as good dehydrating- why not save some nutrients? So I actually have a batch in my oven (which has a dehydration feature- OMG- score!)

nutritional yeast dehydrated kale chips

Add arugula and watercress to your salads!! It is fabulous. Also on our plate was raw falafels (made with pumpkin seed and a million other things, I couldn’t write everything down fast enough- but I still want to get the recipe)

raw falafel, arugula salad

Durian. A fruit I hear all about- but never try… These ones were dehydrated. Apparently amazing for skin.


Again, I learnt a ton today. I am becoming more passionate about raw foods everyday.  Day 7 of my raw food celebration and I am feeling FANTASTIC!!!  At 8pm I still felt the same amount of energy I had when I hopped out of bed this morning. It really is amazing how this lifestyle makes you feel! I can’t wait to continue this…and learn more along the way..

OK Painter picture of the day… He looks like a sleeping angel sent from heaven… BUT………

He is TROUBLE IN DISGUISE…  (I’m telling ya!)

bug puppy
I love him soooo much though. It hasn’t even been a month and I am so obsessed, so in love.

How is your long weekend going? I got a voice gig for a “teenager” spot that I will voice tomorrow. Do all these health foods for skin make your voice younger too? Apparently. tee hee

Talk soon!!! Lots of love and light and beautiful skin!!!

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2 Responses

  1. Kelli Corscadden on 31 Jul 2011

    You have me very intrigued on raw food! I had to tell you that you can get burdock root in most asian markets. T&T will definitely have it. I love it and I read it grows wild in SK. Also, durian, what did you really think? I’ve even tried durian ice cream but I’ve never been able to get passed the smell.

    • admin on 01 Aug 2011

      Funny cause at the class yesterday they said to go to T and T for Burdock root. crazy that it grows wild in SK…. Durian… hmmm… I didn’t HATE it. It was dried so the smell wasn’t to strong. Never smelt it fresh. (scared to, lol) I’m on day 8 of raw Kelli and it’s great. I honestly might keep it up for……ever? talk soon hun…xoxo

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