Hello! Happy Sunday!

Remind me never to press the snooze button again! I have been getting up really early to get things rolling on my 7 day challenge, just so I can get it done and get on with the day. However, I slept in a bit this morning and there was a price to pay!! I made my way to Grouse Mountain and it wasn’t as fun as it normally is: (here are my sob story reasons)

1. When you hike early enough, there are not very many people around. The parking is ample. But this morning when I got to the mountain, there were 1 million people and there was NOOOO parking at all. I had to walk almost from my apartment…(well not that bad…but…)

2. As soon as I started up the mountain, this guy, “Bobby” starting hitting on me and was talking to me the whole way up.  I would stop to take some pictures so i could ditch him so he would keep walking. THEN, he would hike a bit more and stop and wait for me!!! He says “There you are! I knew you’d catch up….” What? Not to be rude Bobby, but I am NOT hiking with you. So I stop again and take more pics and answer him in one worded sentences.

3. Crazy lady fiercly plows me over and says “Excuse me, coming through”. Like she is breaking a world record and I am ruining it for her.

4. Guy wearing jeans hiking???

SO…if I change my perspective on this hike and become positive Pam, I would consider that:

1. The universe made me park down the hill, since it is my 5th day in a row hiking, universe figured it should push me a bit.

2. Guy hitting on me was in absolute awe of how much I reminded him of his best friend who moved to Zimbabwe and he hasn’t seen her in years, so talking to me was really exciting.

3. Crazy lady  hiking was going to get a free trip to Paris if she beat a certain time, so she was hoofing it.

4. Maybe he just came into Vancouver for the weekend and he lost his luggage, and decided to hike in the clothes he had on…

There…just like that, my day rocks again!!

One funny thing that made me laugh at myself though, was how I kept telling people I saw 3 bears yesterday on the trail. I felt all cool like….”Yep, saw 3 bears out here yesterday, on this very trail, 5 feet away from me. They almost had me for breakfast.” I was kinda talking all jolly like that….. I am such a DORK!!

Ahhh, I made it to the top. Day 5 of my 7 day challenge is done. I normally wouldn’t work out 7 days in a row, but I am going to be taking about 5 days off from exercise when I’m in Sask. So this challenge is definitely hard, but I am really glad I am doing this.

What are you pet peeves when you work out??

Have you been challenging yourself?

Have an awesome day! You are amazing!!

Daily affirmation- “I let go of all Expectations” Louise Hay

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