Happy Monday!!!

Day 8 of my cleanse! I have never lasted this long on any kind of cleanse before. In certain moments, I honestly feel like I could do this forever, then other moments, I feel like I need to eat something! I am getting in about 1500 calories in everyday, which is actually really good, considering my workouts have been light, (If at all) I missed the gym the last couple days, but will definitely go tomorrow. So I don’t feel hunger, just miss eating…chewing something…. But the ideal thing about smoothies is that your body is not needing to spend tons of effort on digesting, so it has time to clean up toxins throughout the body. Plus, it would take forever to chomp down all those greens, so blending them makes it super easy to provide your body with a MEGA supply of micronutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Green Smoothie Cleanse

This morning was a blend of lemon juice, mixed berries, 2 banana’s, romaine lettuce, celery, cilantro,and parsley.

My Vitamix infuses everything together..

Vitamix, green smoothie

Into a glass of wholesome goodness!! Here’s to our health.

Green Smoothie Cleanse

In other news, we think Santa might ask Painter to guide his sleigh this year, so we are training him to pull! He hasn’t got air yet, but with all the energy he has, we know he’ll be flying soon.

taking dog rollerblading

On our excursion, I ran into a dear friend whom I haven’t seen since Spring! Angela was out walking her pups, Sammy and Frodo. So nice to see her and catch up.

Love ya girl!

OK, Have you ever accidently texted the wrong person? I saw this on facebook yesterday…

haha! And it reminded me of the time I did this.. (in 2010)

OMG! How embarrassing! ha. Not once, but twice! Another funny one is when my mom accidently texted Mike and wrote, “Love you sweetie!”.

I’ll leave you today with some holiday cheer…

“Santa Claws” is coming to town! xoxo

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  1. Jenny Bishop on 12 Dec 2011

    Well done you.. loving the look of that juice. Yum :-) xx

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