Hey there!

We woke up in a cloud, how about you?

Port moody fog

I just wrote a poem for you:

“The Port Moody fog faintly flows through fair pine patches” ha

port moody fog

This is me, after my 4th day in a row doing Birkram’s Yoga! Here we go again!! (This is my 2nd year in a row doing a 30 day yoga challenge)

Day 4 of my Bikrams Yoga Challenge

It’s hard to dress for Hot Yoga, well basically it’s wear as little as you comfortably ¬†feel wearing. Since I choose not to wear the panty looking shorts that some gals sport, I am LOVING these flex yoga shorts from Stormtech. They are the perfect hot yoga shorts.

stormtech yoga shorts

I sometime just wear a sports bra on top, or a sports bra and light tank top… I still drip buckets of sweat no matter what I wear though!

In other headline breaking news, I washed my makeup brushes today. The were a bit muddled from doing makeup for 5 girls yesterday.

washing makeup brushes

I dab the brush in a bowl of baby shampoo, then wet it a bit and move the brush back and forth on my hand until I feel it is clean. Then rinse it off in water (I just keep a small stream of warm water running)

baby shampoo for washing makeup brushes

Shape them back to the shape they should be in and place them flat to dry, preferably with the tip hanging over the edge.

washing makeup brushes

Then I moved on to taking these awesomely ripe bananas (when they are spotty is the best time to consume them because all the hard-to-digest starch has turned into an easily absorbable masterpiece for the body)

brown bananas

I peeled them and put them into the freezer to throw into my green smoothie in the morning.

Remember THIS green shake? Have YOU made it lately?? xo

Eww, I dislike that old kitchen…. But the shake is a game changer!

I need to fill this awesome fruit bowl back up (bowl was a gift from my mom- good score hey?). Going to get groceries after yoga in the morning:)

pier 1 fruit bowl

Here’s my little fruit cake.

Hope you guys had a great Sunday. I think this week is going to be outstanding! Keep putting the positive energy and it will keep on coming back!

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