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  • Good morning!!

    Wow, when is the last time I got a blog up in the am?? I’m on the juice… “crazy juice…” ha
    I went to bed at 11pm last night, in the effort to break my current “night owl” trend. I tossed and turned until almost 1am! I finally fell asleep and forced myself to wake up at 6am.

    I had to laugh because my alarm was crickets chirping and Mike‘s alarm was barking dogs, sounded like we were on a farm.

    I told you about this book I narrated right?

    I got an email from the author looking for donations and/or book pre-orders with proceeds going to an amazing cause… Here is what she wrote:

    Every Donation Helps! I’m collecting pre-orders for The Parent’s Guide for the benefit of Tina Meier, The Founder of The Megan Meier Foundation.  Tina Meier’s daughter committed suicide as a result of her neighbor that set up a fake profile pretending to be a young boy.  If you read the foreword of The Parent’s Guide that was written by Tina, I am sure you’ll remember her tragic story. I’m obtaining donations for her benefit, so when she speaks to parents around the country about cyberbullying prevention, she can give a copy of The Parent’s Guide to those who attend her event. If you can make a donation, please complete the attached pre-order form.  Your order will be processed by my office on on our Internet launch date, which is Tuesday, April 26th, 2011.

    Thanks for your support!
    Shawn  Edgington

    Fax or e-mail your completed
    pre-order forms to:

    The donation page is attached here: TPG Pre-Order Form FBO Megan Meier Foundation (4)-1

    I really enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of this book and I wanted to share that with you. Here is my review of the book that I sent to the author:

    “Author Shawn Edgington is breaking new grounds with her latest book, “The Parent’s Guide To Texting, Facebook and Social Media”. It is a must have for any parents who has a teenager. The book discusses the potential hazards, as well as the benefits, of today’s children living in a digital world. This book is an easy read and offers extremely valuable tips and tools on how we can prevent, “One Click Nightmares” (as she calls them) from happening to our children. Throughout every page you can hear Shawn’s drive and passion towards wanting to prevent our children from being cyberbullied and victims of online predators. I thoroughly enjoyed her words and learnt tons from “The Parent’s Guide….”. I was absolutely honored to be selected as the voiceover artist that narrated the audiobook version of this new release. Keep up the incredible work Shawn, the world needs more people like you!”

    Amanda Sellers

    But what would narrating a book be without more BLOOPERS??? haha, have a listen!

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Oh the joy!

    In other news, I ran with my triathlon club last night! Yay The Right Shoe athletes! We ran at a local track… but oh looky here…it was pouring rain!

    vancouver track and field

    There were huge puddles, but we navigated around them. We did a 1 mile warmup, then we ran 6x400meters. (with a recovery lap between each set). I felt unusually strong and energetic. I should have gone in a faster pace group because the whole time I felt myself wanting to push more… I think I just really, really enjoy track workouts- reminds me of high school.

    I wore my Stormtech XBR-1 and I stayed nice and dry- despite the downpour.

    Do you know what else has a phenomenal R.O.I. and I think deserves more credit??? .99 cent Magic Gloves! RIGHT??I can’t tell you how loyal these little guys are to me. Always there when I need them. In the winter in Van, I wear them everyday. After my run last night, I hung them to dry. Yesterday, we had a moment….

    Good job guys, I’d pat you on the back if I could!!!

    I went for a swim this morning.. We tested out our new head cam in the water…Pretty cool!underwater camera, swimming indoors, triathlon training

    Well, I better get going- busy as usual today. Here is my to do list for today, that I made while in bed last night.. (I always make my to-do list in bed the night before)

    It’s looking pretty messy hey? Remember back in December when I got my day planner? I vowed I would I would keep it so neat…. well it’s almost April and it looks like that dream has been shattered! ha!

    Have an awesome day. Thanks so much for being such an amazing person! (you read this- you must be AMAZING! )XOXO


  • Hey!

    Nice day out there eh? Hope you are enjoying it!

    “Abra Abra Kadabra….I Wanna Reach Out And Grab Ya… Abra Abra Kadabra….I wanna reach out and grab ya…”

    YUP, YUP… you could say I am going a bit loopy. But… I’m happy with the work we are getting done.

    Here is my most recent facebook status regarding what I’ve been up to today…

    Wanna hear some of my bloopers so far? ok, twist my arm

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    My oh my.. seriously, after reading for hours on end…sometime the easiest words seem weird and make your tongue tied..

    Lunch was Pan Fried Tofu and Mixed Veggies..

    tofu and mixed veggies

    And a lil dessert fresh bc strawberries

    Seriously YUMMYfresh bc strawberries getting to the Great Debate that has risen again for the 839th time! Move to Port Moody or don’t? For virtually the same price.. this is the place we (I) am considering.. (not sure if Mike is completely on board yet.. but then again… I don’t know if I am…)

    This place offers:

    - A kitchen I can move around in and actually see sunlight from…

    -Double sink…Mike and I bicker all the time about the bathroom (immature I know- but at night, he takes forever and I get annoyed..these double sinks would save our marriage..ummm even though we’re not married yet….)

    - 2 bedroom 2 bathroom

    -really nice view… nature across the street… amazing amenities…

    Then- the 2nd bedroom can be my studio and we can actually rig up a monitor- so I dont have to flip pages and what not

    It would look something like this:Ahh, that is gonna be heaven! Mike and I were talking yesterday about how since we moved downtown, we haven’t been inspired to write music..would a lil studio space change that?? When we lived in Surrey and we had more space- we wrote music ALL the time…

    Of course the downfall is leaving downtown, more commuting to get dt ..we would need to come dt once or twice a week…which really isn’t to bad.. HMMM…

    One thing about moving too is the time.. we have so much coming up in upcoming months and moving takes time and energy…

    Well… I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks episode of “The Great Debate.” Tune in next week!

    HA! How’s your weekend? Are you happy with where you are living?

    Have an awesome Saturday night…


  • Hey, hey hey!

    What do ya say?!

    I am in the middle of voicing the newly released book, ‘The Parents Guide to Texting, Facebook and Social Media.”

    The Forward of the book is written by a lady named Tina Meier. The Forward (that I had to read on her behalf) is all about a tragic story of her daughter Megan who got bullied in school, which ultimately led to her death. I don’t want to post the video on here, (makes me really sad) but if you want to watch the story from a CNN interview, click here. I can’t help being intertwined in this right now, since I am narrating the audio for this book right now as we speak. The book is about the dangers and benefits of children using the internet, but along the way they tell some pretty upsetting stories.

    I’m on chapter 3 though! Getting through it!

    Were you ever bullied as a kid? (I know I was)… girls can be so, so, so cruel. I used to have separate recesses from this one girl so that she couldn’t pick on me during breaks. GRRR, I get so mad thinking about it. I’m sure the things I went through back then have shaped who I am now, but seriously what is with people?

    Things that really, really bug me are:


    -people who are jealous of others and cut them down to make themselves feel better

    -negative people

    -people that judge others, without ever walking in their shoes

    I’ll stop there.. you get the point!

    T Harv Eker made a great point about people who make assumptions, without every really living it

    Do you agree?
    I love T Harv! What a guy…

    Moving on… Have you ever looked at how many calories are in Banana Chips?

    160 calories for 1/4 cup!trader joe's banana chips
    You could have a beer, or have this:
    Soooo many processed foods are like this- when you actually LOOK at the “suggested serving”, it’s usually teeny tiny, but super high calories… I’m trying to be more aware of my serving sizes.. I loosely use the “Livestrong Calorie Tracker” on my iphone. I’m trying to get more diligent with it. That app has like EVERY food! Even Tim Horton’s Double, Double (which are a whopping 280 calories! Boo!) Fruits and Veggies are where it’s at- although they are so boring at times….

    I ate  probably 4 servings of banana chips (1 cup) BUT I did go for a 10km run10km run, seawall, vancouver

    Like the tights? hee hee. (I am wearing my Stormtech long johns)  It’s my new look since I really dislike my other running pants. Soon it will be nice enough to only wear the shorts…. It was raining a bit this morning…

    Any plans for the weekend? I am most likely in the sound booth all weekend. Might visit with friends tomorrow night if I can make a big imprint in the script, but other than that….just work, start to make our video from Frostbite 45 and then run with The Right Shoe Sunday…

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend… Spring is in the air…..

  • Good afternoon party people!  How ya doing? What happy thoughts are you thinking today? I’m getting back into the groove after being away for a week.

    NOTE: the sentence above was written hours ago.. I got side tracked… but I’m BACK!

    All day I have been doing this:

    Voice, edit, send, REPEAT! It’s been a great day though. I like working for people from all over the world. It’s pretty neat how technology works these days. I get shocked if I get a local job, (like today I got one for a company in Victoria and I thought- WOW! We’re neighbours!)

    I did get out of my cave (sound booth) for bit this afternoon. I took one look out my window and I was itching to get outside.

    Enough time to go to the bank and get some groceries. Here is Robson Street this afternoon. Good thing I got a picture of that mini van turning left! Imagine if I missed that shot??

    Mike and I stayed at that tall hotel when we first moved here… Seems like sooo long ago!

    As soon as we got home from the bank/groceries, I was starving- Time to make a salad using the crazy new kitchen knife my brother bought me. It’s an awesome knife…but I think Mike should start using a cutting board. 

    We also got this great new book from my other brother and sister in law:

    I took a picture of it by my bed to make it look like I read before bed…hmm…This is something I used to do…When I wasn’t busy 24 hours a day! I really want to make time for reading before bed again…I guess the only person I need to convince is myself….. ok here goes…
    “hey Amanda..”
    “You should really start finding more time to relax and maybe even read before bed-you used to do it and you liked it.”
    “UMM OKAY!!!!”
    YESSS, I win;)

    When I was given the book, (oops, I forgot- the book was a gift for Mike not me- oh well.. close enough). When we got the book, We started talking about nutrition (my sister in law is a nutritionist) and we discussed how after a workout- it is important to consume “recovery foods”. Then I remembered a great tip from my coach. She said drink some chocolate milk (or soy chocolate milk) after a hard workout.

    It is a GREAT recovery drink. It has a perfect 3-1 carb to protein ratio. Which is something you should try to consume after workouts to enhance fast recovery.

    I had some Soy Chocolate milk now since I just got home from hill training with my triathlon club. It tastes kinda chalky and it goes down fast! But it was good and something I will continue to drink after training.. (I just noticed I took the picture on the french side..oops)

    I CRUSH YOU!chocolate soy milk, recovery drink
    I also had a handful of dried cranberries and almonds. Now I’m just trying to drink water and rehydrate.

    Here’s how our hill run went down:running hills, triathlon training

    We started with a 15 minute warm up. Once we got to the bottom of our chosen hill, (which was long and drawn out, not too steep, but definitely a STEADY climb.)

    1.We Ran up 3 blocks, back down slow for recovery

    2. Then we ran up 2 blocks (increasing intensity though on way up), jog back down slow for recovery-

    3. Then Ran up 1 block pretty much as hard as we could and slowly jog down

    We did this set twice, followed by a 15 minute cool down. This is something you could totally do on your own if your training for a race. Of course it’s easier if you have a group- but try to challenge yourself and do hills on your own! THEY FEEL GOOOOOD (when your done… haha)

    I’m going to do some more stretching and tidy up a bit (my dishwasher broke again…grrr…doing dishes by hand) Then it’s bed!

    What is your GO-TO recovery food/drink???


    Daily affirmation “”I am healthy, happy, and whole.” – Louise L. Hay

  • Happy Friday! Happy Friday! Happy Friday!

    I must say- I needed that sleep last night. By the end of the night yesterday, I felt like I was going a bit crazy. I was just such an insanely busy day. I don’t want this blog to be a “woe is me” complaining platform, so I choose not to mention- that sometimes I’m not always positive and sometimes really stressed. I felt like I couldn’t keep up with everything on my plate. I paused for a moment and thought- “Is this what it’s about?” I worked so hard to get to this point and I’m pulling my hair out? I said to myself, Calm the Beep down. Why take things so serious? If I want to manifest all my dreams and goals, I have to be able to handle what is given to me at any given time. Isn’t there that saying- “you will never be given more than you can handle?” It’s so true. You only live once- DON’T take things so seriously Amanda!! Have FUN… PLAY! (there I said it…it’s behind me now;)

    Another saying I like is “The moment you don’t have enough time to take a break- IS WHEN YOU NEED TO TAKE A BREAK!” Isn’t that true? Mike and I might go to Seattle for the night on Monday. Just to chill out and have a mini vacation.

    I really feel AMAZING today though! I went down to my gym for a run and a bit of weights (I ran at 6mph for 30 minutes)

    Then I came upstairs and starting reading my emails. (one of the companies I get lots of my work from) sent this stat sheet over in their daily newsletter:

    I thought it was pretty neat to see how well this online company is doing! I went to the main page and there I was- the #1 Top Favourite female! I am usually in the top 10, but it’s always fun to be #1!!!!!!

    Woo Hoo! I am right up there with Deb Munro (one of my coaches) and Janice Downes (the voice-over QUEEN). Persistence and hard work does pay off! I may not be a rock star (which was my initial dream) but I am absolutely in love with my job. “AH HA”!!!! LOL

    What are you up to this weekend? Here is a breakdown of some of the stuff I am doing:

    1. Filming and completing the video we are doing for Stormtech… (more info on that coming…..)

    2. Going on an ‘Insiders Tour” of Granville Island. I am doing some craft making, beer tasting, dinner at Sandbar, boat ride… stuff like that. This is going to be a hoot. (We will be doing some more filming of this as well) I always have fun on Granville Island. Here I am at the Chocolate Festival, tasting beer and chocolate!

    mmm, Granville Island Beer

    3. Running a Half Marathon on Sunday! Well, I’m more like walk/running it. I talked to my coach and we came up with a plan. Since I haven’t been marathon training per say, my coach advise that I run 9 minutes, walk 1, run 9 minutes, walk 1, and do the whole race like this. I think that is a good idea. I want to feel good after this!!

    4. I have 3 friends that are playing music tonight (at 3 different venues).. PLUS another friends birthday dinner. Not sure what I’ll be able to attend, but I’m gonna try.

    OOOH, I almost forgot…any Valentines Day plans??? Do tell, do tell! Like I said might go to Seattle for a night on Monday, or we may do nothing, it will depend if we can wrap up some jobs first.

    Talk sooooooon!!!!



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