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  • Hello!

    The 1st quarter of the year was spent hanging out on Sunset Blvd… the Rainbow Bar and Grill with friends….We sat at table #3 (I used to work there… lol)

    Rainbow bar and grill

    Drinking flaming margarita’s at El Compadre…

    Cruising Santa Monica Pier…

    santa monica pier

    Checking out yachts at Redondo Beach..

    redondo beach peir

    BUT Alas, the 1st quarter is over… moving into the 2nd… and this is where I hung out today…


    I was doing a walk/run combo for 40 minutes.

    I also made this beautiful salad. Last minute, I added tumeric (that orangy powder) It is an immaculate cancer preventer and all around amazing thing to add to your diet. (didn’t really change the flavour of the salad either. It was still really good.

    salad with tumeric

    I was sitting on my couch, eating the salad in my own little glory, then I noticed these little raisin packs on my coffee table, I added a pack to the salad as well.. NICE!

    1st quarter, 2nd quarter, whatever quarter, no matter what I always work hard and have my goals in mind. Some quarters I push harder than others, but I never loose sight! Last quarter I took some invaluable voice acting lessons, and also made some discoveries that have changed the way I look at my life, career, etc. I am ready for QUARTER 2! BRING IT ON!! Hope you have big plans for your amazing 2nd quarter of 2012. Let’s make it rock! Because……WE ROCK!!

  • Hello!!

    Wanted to give a quick hello from The South Bay in California!

    Redondo Beach, CA


    Easy breezy it goes!

    Redondo Beach, CA

    And then…We went to Vegas for a couple days to see my mom and her BF Richard!

    Las Vegas, Forum shops

    Lady in tank- feeding all the fish…crazy..

    Glitzy Vegas BLVD.

    This one is for Mike‘s mom and John;)

    Went to The Forum Shops in Cesar’s Palace.

    The big Fire and Ice show in Cesar’s Palace…

    I can only handle Vegas for a couple days at a time! Momma LOVES it though. We had a really fun time…

    Oh! Look at that…Back to our California living.

    And now…My friend Dee is in town visiting… Going out for some fun. I’ll be in touch soooooon!

    Amanda xoxo

  • Hello!

    It’s been an exciting weekend thus far. One of my main events was attending WonderCon in Anaheim.



    The event was held at The Anaheim Convention Center, which is right beside DISNEYLAND!!

    WonderCon 2012, anaheim

    Last time I was at this place was for an even called NAMM (It’s a musicians event)

    WonderCon 2012, anaheim

    Here’s my crew! Lisa Biggs (girl in middle with pink shirt) is a well known voiceover actress (she’s even voiced on The Simpsons!) She was talking on a panel with other renowned voice artists, teaching people about the world of voice (and mainly animation voice, which is what they do)

    WonderCon 2012, anaheim

    We had to pick up our tickets down in the bunks of the building!

    WonderCon 2012, anaheim

    The panel was a smashing success. The room was packed, and as always- I learnt a ton listening to the vets tell their stories and tips and tricks.

    WonderCon 2012, anaheim

    People were all dressed up, all over the place. The gal on the left wouldn’t let me take her picture until she got out her waitress pen and paper, so she was in character!! lol

    WonderCon 2012, anaheim

    Once the  panel was done, a huge slew of people went to the front for autographs.

    WonderCon 2012, anaheim

    This is Rob Paulsen. Voice actor on the panel..

    Rob Paulsen WOndercon

    Here are a few of the characters he’s voiced over the years!!!

    WonderCon, Rob PAulsen

    If I wasn’t in VO, I don’t know if I ever would have gone to WonderCon (not really my thing since I don’t watch anime, cartoons, etc) But I’ve fully embraced it and hope one day I am on a panel!!!

    WonderCon 2012, anaheim

    In other news this weekend, I ran a 5km in Redondo Beach..

    Redondo Beach 5km, March 17, St. Patricks Day

    I took my flip cam and filmed it for ya!!

    The mileage completely messed me up!! It’s a 5km, but they put up MILE markers??? I thought, DAMN, I am getting SLOW! It was kinda funny though cause I thought I had 2.5km left to run and within a couple minutes I was done. I had fun, but I was so messed up with the distance by the MILE markers, in a 5KM race!!!

    How about those crazy shoes I caught a glimpse of? They are “Kangaroo Jumps”. They apparently do something more than just look ridiculous! lol

    Ohhh, Kangaroo Jump classes! ha, anyone ever try these things?

    Kangaroo jumps, crazy bouncy shoes

    Well, we are off to Hollywood this morning. Mike is filming a performance, I am going to help out.

    I hope you had a fun-filled St. Patricks Day! Talk to you soooooooooooooon!


  • Hey friends!!

    How are you??? I honestly can’t believe it’s mid-March already. Seriously, where does the time go? It’s been almost 3 months since we’ve been in LA and I think we’ve made a few decisions…. Going back home… in a couple weeks:) I LOVE LA, I could easily set up shop and live here, but until we get a few more things sorted, Van city is the place to be!! Mike is so excited to play hockey, go camping and drink Tim’s coffee. Me? I’m excited to start taking Improv classes!!!  That is one huge thing I learnt down here, that all the successful voice actors take improv classes….


    Ha, we’ll see how I do, lol….

    If you think about your BIGGEST, Wildest DREAM. What does it look like???

    I’m thinking about one of my wildest dreams- it is to be UBER successful as a voice actor. To be in the top 20% of my field. I want to voice major campaigns/commercials with PHAT residuals, I want to voice a character like Barbi or My Little Pony in an on-going series, and be the promo voice on something like The Slice Network….etc… SO in order to achieve these goals, I need to work backwards from the goal. What ONE step can I do NOW that will take me step by step to my goal.

    TO DO’s for me:

    Keep reading out loud everyday, Never take a job forgranted, Continue learning in my field, Work on my signature voice, Work on branding a website, Take improv classes, work hard, learn, learn, learn…..

     What are your to do’s? Write em down and start today!!!

    I also need to get involved actively right away… (I’m doing pilates, but I need a softball team, a volleyball team, something cool like that to add to the mix so I can blog about it, haha)

    This blog has been an outlet to share such amazing things I got to do,

    Like triathlon training…


    Hiking 45km in the arctic..

    30 day yoga challenge….

    Painter…. (not an activity, but kind of… I walk him

    Concert reporting…

    Raw food chef certification…

    raw food, sunburgers

    …And all the other craziness I’ve shared on this blog. I’m excited to see what’s next.

    What’s next for you???

    My awesome cousin Nicole is doing a 30 day hot yoga challenge right now, I am SOO proud of her. I want us all to keep rocking your dreams and goals!

    Have a lovely day!!!!!

  • Hey friends!

    Ugh! Where have I been?? Just busy…sorry. We had company the last couple days, just haven’t had a chance to write. But here I am;)

    I have also been just diving myself into my work. Since I’ve been here in LA, I have learnt so much about this industry. It’s keeping me on my toes and I want to keep learning, keep getting better.

    Here are 5 KEY tips I’ve gotten in Voiceovers, that can be applied in all walks of life:
    1. Be yourself
    2. Be confident (or at least learn to fake it…haha)
    3. Trust yourself (your audience needs to trust you too)
    4. Take risks
    5. Tell the truth

    A lot of people try to say there is only 1 way to get into voice acting- you must FIRST be an actor. I disagree, I think that you naturally must inhibit the “acting” trait, and keep taking classes and improving your abilities to give life to the words of the script, but there are no rules or just 1 way that people get into this biz. I say the way into anything- is to follow your heart and never give up…NO RULES BABY…

    I can proudly say, I got into this industry via rock and roll baby!!

    Oh, and then that segued into becoming a radio DJ.

    Here I am broadcasting LIVE at McHappy Day, lol….

    Which in turn, got me into voiceovers. Part of being a radio dj, every shift, you have to voice the local commercials, that’s when I fell in love with reading scripts. Although, strangely enough, when I was in my late teens, early twenties- I always, always, always wanted to do voiceovers, I just didn’t know how…

    Here is a recent voiceover video demo of some of my work….

    Don’t know what started this topic, but anyway…now it is all about growing, learning and giving it all I got. I am going to start taking improv classes right away, I have learned that every successful voice actor takes improv classes…So I better jump on board…

    Another thing to jump on board with is THIS VIDEO. (I’m totally going to switch gears here)
    KONA 2012- Have you seen it? It’s already got over 11 million views. If you haven’t seen it yet… PLEASE watch it. Kick back and check this out…..

    Isn’t it crazy? Wow. I cried so much watching this. Powerful. The filmmaker is totally revolutionizing social media and using it for something sooo powerful and good. I hope it all works out and I fully support this cause.

    I just got back from pilates. I hadn’t gone since last Friday (we had company in…no excuse I know). It was a great class. Excited to be back into it…
    Ha, loved that pic…so true!!
    I hope you are having an immaculate week! I am sending you good vibes and sunshine.


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