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  • Ahhh Hoy!!!

    How are you all today! I am well:) Working away at some projects, tying up loose ends from the past couple weeks.
    As life goes on, I am realizing I learn more about myself everyday. I am discovering I am less tolerant of things that when I was younger I may have just accepted. I love that about getting older, and wiser. Things make more sense.
    I sometimes say, “I wish I knew then, what I knew now.”..but then…life would be different. Would I have ever met Mike if I didn’t make the mistakes I made…NO… I would have been down a totally different path that wouldn’t have taken me to Regina, where I met my best friend. Did I go through lots in life to get there…YES… but I wouldn’t change a thing…Nothing. Life is perfect.

    I had to laugh at my day so far….totally one extreme to the next. I woke up early to go mediate at the buddhist temple in Richmond, which was great, loved sitting by my girls Dee and Siobhan, feeling great energy throughout the room. Meditation really helps clear your mind, becoming more calm and peaceful. Then Mike and I finished a video we made for a contest to win season’s tickets to the Canucks home games.
    So I went from Zen like a Buddha….to Crazy like a Canuck…

    Check out the extreme..Video of the temple:

    AND video of our contest entry to win season tickets to the canucks:

    Maybe now I should combine the 2 and make a video called Buddhist Canuck!

    HEE HEE..

    Well, I hope you have a great day, and whatever age you are, where ever you are in your life-just know, that you are exactly where you should be right now and life just keeps getting better!


    Daily affirmation- “I accept my uniqueness.”- Louise Hay

  • Hellllloooooo!

    Oh wow, I’m sitting back at my desk in my apartment in Vancouver and I am very happy to be back to work. While I was in Yellowknife, I was lucky enough to have the most incredible hosts (Craig and Marianne) who really did show us soo much that The Northwest Territories has to offer.
    One of my highlights was playing a couple songs at Twist, where we shared the stage with some local talent-including Digawolf. Digawolf is based out of the NWT. He has played with artists such as Sam Roberts, Painting Daisies and  The White Stripes. I love his music. What does Digawolf sound like? Mr. Waits and Mr. Leonard Cohen at a jam with Hendrix while Hank Williams and Stevie Ray Vaughan sitting back and relaxing with drinks and friends, and a great sense of a connection between spirit, dirt and earth. Watch his video for his song “The Trapper!”
    He has a new album coming out which will be done in the Tticho language, to honor the language and the culture. For more info, click here.

    Thanks Digawolf- best of luck to you. You are awesome.

    Here are our last couple shots of Yellowknife before we left.

    Mike with his sister and future brother in law:)

    One lil trick I picked up along the way, is if you start feeling a bit under the weather, place a few drops of Oil of Oregano under your tongue. It is a powerful antioxidant and can help build up your immune system at the first sign of a cold. I feel like it saved me while I was up there.

    You know when you are away, you have such a great unforgettable time, but it’s always good to get home:) I did the dishes and tidied up before we left, so when I walk into our place it was a very welcoming feeling. First thing Mike and I did was dropped our bags and went for a lil walk around the neighborhood, it was such a nice night. Then we had some dinner and went down to the HOT TUB….ahhhh….

    Home Sweet Home. Time to work hard and get ready for next trip!

    Do you have any tricks for fighting of a cold or keeping your immune system in check?

    Let’s stay 100% healthy this winter!

    Have a great day!

    Daily affirmation-‎”Today I look forward to what each new hour brings.” Louise Hay

  • Hey!  How was your weekend? Hope it rocked.

    Yesterday it was The Run For The Cure across Canada and it was a success.

    To get people pumped, it is a tradition that my choir sings at the start line every year.
    Here is Checo guiding us (I love his step ladder! So cute)
    Here is me, trying not to fall off the stage!! haha (doesn’t that color look great on me?;)

    Then my friend Lindsay and I left the stage during the last song and snuck to the front of start line (there was sooo many people)
    I endured some nasty cramps during the race, but I pushed on and came in just under 29 minutes

    At 10am the event was over and we still had the whole day. We went for lunch, sat in the hot tub, went for a nice walk,  got groceries, re wrote out our goals/to-do lists and even managed to fit in Dairy Queen, imagine that!

    I will leave you with a clip of the choir singing one of my favorite songs ever (Higher and Higher by Jackie Wilson) I was running by this point, but here’s the choir in action.
    AHHH, and while we are on the topic of Jackie Wilson and my favorite song, here is an older video of Mike and I- showing our love and appreciation for the tune.

    Hee Hee….Do you have a song that is “your song”?
    Well, I hope you have a wonderful day. If you haven’t “liked” Tomboy on Facebook yet, I would LOVE it if you did…(see box on top right of page) By the sounds of it, in due time I will have products and fun stuff to give away!
    Thanks for your support! Talk soon.

    Daily affirmation-“I love and approve of myself.”- Louise Hay

  • Hello!!!

    I am just about on my way to do makeup for my last wedding of the year! It’s been a great season and am already thinking about next season. I was really hoping to go check out the Health Show going on in Vancouver this weekend, but I won’t have time today and looks like another full day tomorrow. Bummer! Maybe I can squeeze it in tomorrow, we’ll see.

    I had to share this video with you. It is of my mom playing Wii. Her and Mike were playing sword fighting.

    Oh mom, you are a gem. She is so much fun to hang out with. I love you sooo much mom!
    Here a couple pictures of us together. I don’t get to see her enough:( I wish we lived in the same city.

    K, well on that note, I better get out the door. Driving to Abbotsford which is a good hour away!

    Have a fabulous Saturday.

    What are you up to this weekend?
    Does your mom play video games?

    Daily affirmation‎‎”I love my family.”Louise Hay

  • Hello:)

    Drama queen coming…look out…….

    Do you ever wake up and feel like, ugh today is not going to be a good day. Well, for some crazy reason, I started the day feeling a bit off, like something was wrong and my life isn’t exactly where I want it to be, but really there is NOTHING wrong. I was looking for things to be annoyed at or upset with. What a lame attitude. I fed into this “feel sorry for myself” attitude for a while, played the victim and wanted complain about everything. Then I made a conscious decision to get my panties out of a knot and realize how frikin blessed I am and how many things are RIGHT in my life. We are all blessed, we just don’t always see it. I think a crucial thing to do when we get in these moods is to step back and look at the big picture. We are doing pretty good. I decided to get out a pen and paper and write down some of the things I am thankful for.
    I am grateful because:
    1. I am very healthy
    2. I have a family that loves me
    3. I have the most supportive and loving life parter I could ever ask for
    4 I have wonderful friends and a great community of people around me
    5. I have a beautiful home I can easily afford
    6. I earn a living using my voice, my creativity and artistic abilities, a place I worked very hard to get to
    7. I am not afraid to follow my dreams, even if it is sometimes a challenge
    8. I listen to my heart
    9. I am breathing
    10. I am alive!!

    Then I took my emotions a step further and watched this video. I cried. It just kind of solidified everything that I was feeling once I changed my attitude. Life is short, we need to live it to the fullest, and we are only human. Thank you Michael Jackson for your beautiful energy. It will always resonate.

    My blog today was supposed to be on the amazing lentil-walnut burgers I made yesterday, but when I sat down to write it, all this came out. Forgive me….and please tell me….
    What are you grateful for?

    Let’s have an attitude of gratitude today.

    I am thankful for you…xoxoxo

    Daily affirmation‎”Today I look at life with fresh eyes”Louise Hay

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