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  • Hello!!!

    Hump day!

    Interesting day here. I got up at 6:30, started working, then during a break, I started looking at apartments on Craigslist. Every so often this “moving” obsession comes over me and I can’t control it…..If you recall, it hasn’t been too long since my last “I wanna move” phase.

    So…. I made an appointment to go look at this condo in Burnaby at noon..Our money goes a lot further in Burnaby, and even further in Port Moody…Very spacious, the main thing I had my eye on was the kitchen.

    It was really nice, on the 12th floor, it had a perfect den to put a studio in, but the view was looking at the back of some industrial house and the freeway. The pool was nice, but the gym was small.

    I am so torn.. I DO NOT like commuting, and if we move- our gas bill for the truck will at least double. Right now we can pretty much walk anywhere and this is my view! Breath taking on a daily basis…
    BUT….this is my kitchen!!!! BOOO
    It suuuucks! It’s so small and uninspiring to cook in…. I also feel like we have outgrown the use of our space. Like it’s time to upgrade to a bigger or at least better designed place. A den for a studio would be great. In suite washer/dryer…I think I’m ready… HMMMMM….
    What should we do?? Be happy where we are and make it work until we buy something, or move??

    After we met with the owner of the condo, I convinced Mike that we should make a pit stop before home…
    I’m gonna make you guess… FUN GAME!

    Big Elavators… ikea elavators

    Paper hanging balls….

    AND cheap batteries….

    Haha, you guessed it- We went to IKEA!!! I had to get a Frozen Yogurt for $1

    Mike got Combo #2 for $2. Woo Hoo

    Nice Kitchens…
    One day soon you will be mine;)

    We bought a BIG pot so I can make soup (I forgot to take a picture of it) This is what else we bought:) Lots of Candles..
    Remember to bring your own bags when you go to Ikea- I don’t like the bags that they have there, PLUS you have to pay for them now…

    That was my adventure of the day….SO now we are just deciding whether to move now or not. (BTW- there is a chance we are moving to Florida- so all these ideas are pending)…

    Besides that, I want to give a shout out to my friend Marq DeSouza who is playing a show tonight in Vancouver. I wanted to go see him, but I have to get up at 4:30am for swimming tomorrow, plus still doing some work…  Marq ROCKS. His music can be heard here. Here is a song that Marq wrote- BUT I sang!!! We made a video to it…

    That was fun:)

  • I would say GOOOOOD Morning…But it’s the evening! So good evennnninggg! lol

    The joys of giving yourself a day off! I slept in until 9am. Mike and I went straight down to our fitness room to get in my 75 minute bike ride. Bam- done. Then we came upstairs and I said the phrase “Feb.5th” into the microphone. I voiced a commercial last year for a health fair in California. They still loved the commercial and all I had to do was change the date.
    Have a listen! Can you tell that we just edited in “Feb.5th”?

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    You can kinda tell. No biggie though..Mike and I were floored at how much we’ve improved, even in one year. Persistence and dedication is a wonderful thing.

    So we sent that off, went for a big walk around the seawall. Rain was in the forecast, but I had my Stormtech jacket to keep me dry. I don’t know why- but I don’t like umbrella’s. They bug me.

    Especially walking down a busy street like Robson and everyone has an umbrella- you pretty much have to wear safety goggles to make sure you don’t get your eyes poked out.

    Of course, I still own a couple of them- living in Vancouver- but only really use an umbrella if I am walking to a meeting or gathering where I just spent an hour+ on hair and makeup. Walking the seawall- a rain jacket is all I need! Yes we got wet- but it’s all good. A quote I like…

    We then went to our favorite greek restaurant Stepho’s, Mike found $10 on the sidewalk!! woot woot!
    Now it’s time for the HOT TUB!! ahhh…
    I will leave this post with a video of Mike and I singing at my brother Cory’s wedding, right after him and his wife Donnelly said I DO and were walking out. I was trying not to cry as I sang away… Mike and I performed one of OUR favorite song in the world. “Higher” by Jackie Wilson

    See us in the back corner there?? ;) That song is going to be the 2nd song at our wedding! We are still deciding the first……..

    Ok- hot tub now…Mike is waiting!

    Talk soooooooooooooooooooooooon


    xoxooxoxooxoxocxopfhawgouqrhe[ovhoxpoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox haha

    Hugs, kisses and craziness!

  • Happy Monday!

    I hope you all had a great weekend! Let’s put big energy out into the universe this week and attract our deepest desires!
    Something I have attracted into my life that I am so excited about is being an official blogger for Beauty Stat. They are an amazing group of beauty experts and I am honored to be a part of their team.

    So…when I received the new Sea Pure line from H2O Plus, I was so pumped to try it out. Check out my review!

    Hee Hee…That was fun! Guess what?! Until Nov.20 you can save $10 off your H2O Plus purchase of $30 or more at (use the promo code 100275 at checkout!)

    What skin care are you using right now?

    Well I better get going here, I have a client coming over for a makeup consultation, then I have bootcamp tonight! I’m going to try to go 4x a week and see how it goes! What are your goals this week?

    Talk soon!


    Daily Affirmation-‎“I am divinely protected at all times.” - Louise L. Hay

  • Hellllllooooooo!

    How are you? I am very good!! This post is up wayy later than I had planned, but that’s how she goes.

    What we are talking about today is my morning healthy green shake which is starting to become a habit.

    Here’s me in my morning curlers, post shake! Happy!

    I am really enjoying it…and the benefits it provides! I have been getting questions on how to make it and what’s in it…
    I usually make this shake right upon waking..(hence the title..Wake…..and SHAKE! (clever, I know;)
    But I wanted to make a little video for you, so you can get the visual of the whole experience!
    Enjoy! (and don’t mind the bad lighting in my kitchen)

    YESSS…(like the Coors Light mug? lol)

    For more information on the amazing Vancouver based Organic Lives, their website is here

    Another feature I added to the site is my weekly workouts. Look up at the top right of the website. It says “Weekly Workouts”. I will document my “desired” training schedule, and beside it, I will put what I actually did. I was going to write these goals down in a book of mine, but then I saw the idea on another blog to put it on the website…. I thought…why not put it on here? BAM

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your day! Are you going to try the shake? Share it with others if you like it!!

    Talk soon!


    Daily affirmation-“I love to communicate and attract loving experiences and people to me.”Louise Hay

  • Hey!!

    I had a different plan for my blog today, but the day got away from me….

    Sooo….I will have to do that post tomorrow.

    In the meantime today has been a day of audition for voice jobs and taking care of business.

    I also went to UBC to volunteer as a reader for the blind.

    I was reading some in depth material!  HARD words I had no idea what I was saying!!!  I would underline the challenging words so I would know they are creeping up and I would  just go for itGood times!!

    I went for anther 5km run this morning! woo hoo

    I am going to start a feature like on Peanut butter Runner’s blog I love how she has her workouts listed on the side bar for the week! I will get that set up tomorrow!


    Mike and I are in the final 6 for a BCAA video contest for season tickets to the Canucks!!

    If you feel inspired. Go here and click “like”.

    Then on our video click “like”

    AND…if you don’t feel like doing that…well here’s the all-star video!

    Have a beautiful day…I am going outside for a walk!! SOOOOO nice out here.

    Daily affirmation- “You freakin rule!“- Amanda Sellers ;)

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