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  • Hello! Happy holiday to those who are not working today!!!!

    Aug. 1….. Moving Day for some, SLOW elevator day for others…Must have sat there and waited for 15 minutes.

    love in an elavator

    I am an adventure athlete that will run 23km by the north pole, but 21 flights of stairs was a stretch.

    frostbite 45

    Today is supposed to be our Tomboy That Wears Makeup Of The Month post, BUT she is a very busy gal and I will post it as soon as I hear from her!!! I saw on facebook today that June’s Feature, Jenny Fletcher is on the cover of Running magazine for September!!! That is so cool!

    I went to the gym today and did elliptical and some weight training. I am running a 10km at the end of August, so I need to get out there and run some miles under my belt. (foot…still lame-o though…)

    We are running the Cornfest Fun Run in Taber, Alberta! My brother and his wife are also doing it with us. Shall be fun! Eat corn after:)

    taber corn fest, alberta

    Last night I dehydrated some kale chips over night and in the morning, we had a Kale Fest!

    best batch of kale chips ever!

    I was so shocked at how well the dehydration feature on my oven works. Amazing.

    dehydrate feature on oven

    Other than admiring Jenny Fletcher and my dehydrator I actually had to work today.

    I voiced that “teenage” spot for isoccer and I did a phone system.

    OHHH, have you watched this video yet????

    Nice hey?? We had cute footage of Painter running around the resort, but it didn’t make the final cut…haha..

    What a guy….

    bug puppy

    Think I’m going to get outside again. It’s a really beautiful evening…. Take care and talk soon! Thanks for being here…..


  • Hello!

    One sleep until our trip to Florida! So stoked. We just busted our butts the last 5 days- so a few days of chilling out and doing nothing is definitely in the forecast! We filmed and edited 4 videos in 5 days! It has been challenging, but so rewarding. Waking up this morning knowing that all I can stay home and clean, pack, organize and edit was such a treat!

    I’ll start with packing.… The weather in Florida is about 30′ everyday that we are there- so jean shorts and tanks are a must!

    I am limiting myself to runners and these 3 pair

    I bought this dress about 10 days ago when my mom was here. Definitely going to sport this one down there!

    Now we’ll move onto the cleaning! I have everything going… washer, dryer and dishwasher!

    I  recently bought this little devil and I LOVE it! Why am I just buying one now?? Why haven’t I had one for years?

    My mom always used to make me “dust” every Sunday when I was little. It was annoying cause I had to take everything off the shelves and then put everything back. If I would have had this when I was 8, I would have happily dusted for mama.

    Hard to reach places are a breeze! (didn’t quite reach the back of my fridge- may need to get one of the long handled ones)

    It was great for places like this:swiffer duster in action

    Moving on to the organizing. Going through receipts and papers. Nothing fabulous to report here. Threw away some junky papers like this, sorry Mike! (he thought we might use this coupon…but seriously…Nissan Service and Parts? When and WHY? haha)nissan coupon

    I’ve saved the best for last!

    The EDITING! Please watch this video! We filmed this on Saturday at the Down Set Hut Football Camp!

    That was a lot of fun!

    Excuse me while I finish my Special K cereal sans milk. (we pretty much ate everything perishable so onto the dried goods until the morning.)

    Thanks for watching (and reading:) We’ll do this again tomorrow, same place… and I have no idea as of now what time! Depends if I get wireless in the Houston airport and how much time we have before the connecting flight! I can do it though! Have a great day!!!!

  • YO!

    Yacking and packing! It’s how I’m rolling.

    I did manage to run my 5km route around lost lagoon yesterday.

    Pictures of my 5km route
    lost lagoon

    AND this morning I ran for 35 minutes on my treadmill! Like I said I am waiting until we move to get into any sort of a strength training/triathlon training routine. The next few days is all about just getting things done and organized.

    What fitness routine are you on these days?

    My fitness routine this week is stacking boxes and tossing around oodles of garbage and donation bags.

    Check out my donation accumulation! 4 giant bags!

    Plans I had today but DID NOT happen:

    -Take the above bags to The Salvation Army

    -Go to The Post Office and get our mail forwarded

    -Get more boxes

    -Pick up $$ from consignment store.

    AHH Well, there’s always tomorrow right?
    Does anyone else have any tips on things you need to think about when moving?? I seem to overlook important things… such as booking the moving truck! I called late last night and this morning and everything is booked for the weekend. So we stripped down our couch to see if it might fit in our truck.

    Before:ikea couch

    ikea couch

    Mike The MeasurerMeasure, measure measure

    Ummm NOPE! Won’t fit! So we called a couple friends with trucks to see if they can help us out.

    I voiced this commercial a couple weeks ago. It’s about a really busy mom. The first half is what I’m talking about.

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    This is how I kinda felt this week! haha

    I had a pretty cool audition for a Coke commercial today. Crossing my fingers!

    What I want is a voiceover gig with Coke! (Universe…. you hear that?)

    One gig that is a wrap and now live on the net is our new YOGA VIDEO!
    Check it out!

    YAY. That was so fun to shoot. I hope I get to do more videos with my girlfriends:)

    Despite being soo busy- I have been REALLY happy and on fire. I’m giving some of the credit to The Artist’s Way Course that I have been doing in the mornings. One of the tasks is to write 3 pages of longhand writing, strictly stream-of-consciousness. It somehow has gotten my last 2 days off to a really great start.
    I bought a new book and some new pens for the occasion:)new stationary rocks

    Well, gonna watch hockey a bit and then finish a voice job for a new Condo Complex in Seattle!
    Hope your doing well! Thanks for stopping by!


  • Lets not waste anytime here….

    As I was making a cucumber, tomato, onion, pepita salad

    with goddess dressingI thought to myself… What is the difference between pepitas and pumpkin seeds??

    Maybe your smarter than thou… but I didn’t know. Thanks to google I discovered that…. Pepitas are pumpkin seeds that are shelled

    Pumpkin SeedsFancy shelled pumpkin seeds AKA PepitasHealth benefits of these lil puppies:

    Pumpkin seeds are a very good source of beta carotene, Omega 3, protein, minerals magnesium and manganese, iron, zinc and copper and vitamin K.

    I was sooooo excited to learn that, that I ran downstairs and went on the Eliptical machine and thought of pumpkin seeds the WHOLE TIME. Nothing else. Just Pepitas…

    Okay! On to the next IMPORTANT topic of the day. I need you to do me a favour… Will you watch this video? It is from our Yellowknife adventure. It’s testament that- YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

    The only limits we have are ones that we place on ourselves!!

    Our next video is going to be on YOGA.. not as adventurous, but I guarantee it will be a smash hit:) We are going to film at Semperviva in Kits! Remember when I did 30 days of yoga in a row there?

    I better run… but I look forward to catching up tomorrow!!
    Amen sisters! Be your own hero…. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE…xoxoxo


  • Hi!

    How the heck are you!? I hope you had a great day. By the time this post gets up, you should be nestled on the couch, maybe reading this on your laptop, blackberry or iphone….

    I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel as far as this week’s work load. I still have 2 auditions and 2 jobs to get done tonight, which means- hence again I am missing my biking. I did however get up at 5:30am and I had a mini workout… I did the whole set of stairs in my apartment building twice! (24 48 flights of stairs..really not that impressive, but I did break a sweat at least). Then I did about 50 crunches and that was that.

    Do you ever run stairs? Do you like it? My friend Rileah and I used to run the famous”Santa Monica Stairs” when I lived in LA.

    Celebrities like these 2 are always running up and down them

    Here are the stairs.

    They are often quite busy

    But an amazing workout!

    This is my friend Rileah who used to be my stair climbing partner
    She is doing quiet well for herself in Hollywood! In movies and walking red carpets! Go Rileah!

    My workout in a florescent dim, smelly staircase was not as exciting as Santa Monica, but it does the trick when your in a hurry and don’t live in Hollywood.

    I HAD A PHOTO SHOOT TODAY! FUN. It was with Candice Albach.

    The shoot was a concept shoot that will be displayed at a Gallery Exhibit she is holding at The Roundhouse Community Center in Yaletown on April 20. It’s a FREE event, come one, come all. In the shoot we sort of displayed all the looks that are really ME. (the athlete, musician, blogger, girly girl, tomboy) All the layers of my insanity, lol.

    After the shoot, my darling took me out for lunch to Red Robin

    I had the Mesa Chicken Salad- BUT hold the chicken and Add a Veggie patty. Soo good

    Walking home we admired these bird houses on a tree, in a roundabout on the streetbirdhouse on roundabout

    Cherry Blossoms Blooming Baby

    I got home and went for a really quick dip in the hot tub while I read over my scripts.

    Hi MichaelOk, back to work!

    I saw this video today. I dislike how these inspiring videos have such sappy, emotional music. BUT I LOVE the message and I think you should watch it!

    What is something in your life right now that you may have slipped away from? In an instance you can get back on track and make it happen! Believe in yourself. NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP!

    You rock and I love ya!



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