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  • Hey there!

    Happy Monday. Is your week off to a good start? Mine is, I think it’s because I intend it to be.

    This morning when I was writing in my morning pages I wrote. This week is going to be the best week of the year. Good things then started to happen. I found out I have a Vitamix in the mail on its way to me, I found out our budget is approved for a trip down to California in a couple weeks, I landed a few awesome voice jobs and I have an interview for a hosting job I applied for. Coincidence or Intention?

    We need to set the bar high for ourselves. There is so much abundance out there, there is no reason why we should not have a piece of it. By “We” I mean YOU too!

    Intend it! Put the intention out there and the universe will respond. Today is day 1 of the best week of the year;)

    Here is me in the booth voicing a spot for Conair hair today…(I could use whatever they are selling! ha)

    voiceover artist

    And here are some bloopers….

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Ah man, never a dull moment.

    Tomorrow we are shooting the Cool Wazoo video.

    We have an awesome cast of 10… 5 moms and 5 babies for the shoot. YAY!

    Our friend Ginelle is the inventor of the Cool Wazoo. It has been on The Today Show and I have a hunch it will be on some other cool shows soon;)

    So I made both things today that I said I would:

    Raw 2 bite brownies (click for recipe)

    Almond milk (click for recipe)

    almond milk and brownies

    I put too much Vanilla in the milk, but it still tastes really good. I only drink it with tea.

    I think this cartoon is funny…

    I think I’m doing ok too in the protein department!

    Well, I should go- simply because we need to map out our shots for tomorrows shoot. Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

    Stay Cool! YAYOOOO

  • Hello!!! So awesome to once again have our cyber space interconnectivity. I believe we are all connected, we are all energy.

    Back in the day people like Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, and Napoleon Hill paved the way for teaching that good energy and positive thinking can basically bring you anything you want. People thought they were some kind of a freak show, flash in the pan thing. Nowadays, they are a hit. Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, and even Lady Gaga use and promote their teachings.

    On a more minor scale, the chia seed has done the same thing!! Back in the day. It was a “fun, easy to grow pet! Chia cha cha cha chia, cha cha cha chia”!

    Well, I agree, it’s hard to take the chia seed seriously..

    YEP, until now….Chia seeds are a superfood…They contain:

    • 15 x more magnesium than broccoli
    • 7 x more vitamin C than oranges
    • 6 x more calcium than milk
    • 3 x more antioxidants than blueberries
    • 3 x more iron than spinach

    In addition, Chia seeds contain the highest levels of Omega 3 essential fatty acids of any plant, and is rich in fibre while being gluten-free.

    Here I am holding the Salba brand of chia seeds. (Which I spilt all over my lap and on the floor during class because I was trying to take a picture..embarrassing!)

    chia seeds, organic lives

    We made Chia Pudding..Which I thought I would HATE, but I LOVED… go figure….

    Here’s what you need:

    1/2 cup chia

    2tsp cinnamon

    2 cups nut or seed milk

    Then just mix up until thick with your spoon.

    I recommend adding ANY these Optional Ingredients:

    Shredded apple or coconut, 3 TBS COCOAL, 2 tsp vanilla seeds, banana, berries, mint, chai tes spices, lemon

    chia pudding, organic lives

    It is sooo good for you and it tastes not so bad at all. I am a chia pudding believer.

    In other news, we had a meeting at Stormtech today…

    I heart this company….

    We discussed the new 2012 spring line up and came up with some video ideas.

    Here is Mike checking his email shutting off his phone before the meeting starts.

    I am beyond excited about some of the work we are going to do with Stormtech, but in the meantime- here is a new hosting reel by yours truly, wacky and wild… lol

    Ow, ow…

    Ok, time to cut the pups nails…. talk tomorrow!!!!


  • Hey!

    Everything is better when mom is around!

    buntzen lake

    Mom and her boyfriend Richard have travelled across Canada in their trailer and finally made it to the West Coast.

    They are staying right by our place, so we went and spent the day with them up at their camp spot. Painter was LOVING it. He is part fish!

    Sand eater too.

    Beautiful day… the rest of the week is calling for rain… booo!

    This morning there was a really weird fog on the Burrard Inlet.. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

    OOOh, Here is the video we made while in Lethbridge visiting my bro.

    Cool hey! My bro is fast!

    Ok. tomorrow is jammed packed! (As you can imagine the Sellers clan don’t have laying by the pool type vacations.) We are go go go….

    Talk tomorrow!


  • Hey friends!

    Hope your having a glorious weekend. I’ve been getting my “raw on”, as I am taking a raw food instructor course.

    Question. Which animal in nature do we most resemble? Dogs? no. Bears? no. Snakes? no. Cougars? no (except I have a bit of cougar in me since Mike is 7 years younger than me…shhh)

    The animal we most resemble is a gorilla. (or chimps, monkeys, etc)

    Gorillas become big, strong, beautiful creatures by eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

    I believe nature has everything we need to become strong, vibrant, healthy beings. Nature doesn’t supply us with Ritz crackers, cream cheese, or chicken wings. That is not to say that these foods don’t TASTE good, because they do… but the more we can base our diets on the abundant live foods mother nature naturally supplies us with- the better. For the earth and ourselves!

    The transition off cooked foods is freaking hard! Trust me, I am still in the process, but I do know the way I feel on raw foods is like none other, so the closer I can stick to that, GREAT!

    The beauty about raw food is the endless things we can “cook” to make them look and taste like our traditional ways of eating.  I am in the middles of my Raw Food Instructor course and I am LOVING all the things I am learning to prepare to make this transition even easier!

    I didn’t get a chance to take as many pictures as I would have liked to today, but check out this raw pizza we made!!!

    In a nutshell (pun intended) this is how it’s made:

    CRUST:  flax seeds, sprouted buckwheat, red peppers, carrot, celery, garlic..

    CHEDDAR CHEESE: pine nuts, macadamia, sunflower seedsm lemon, garlic, nama shoyo, red pepper…

    MARINARA: tomatos, parsley, dates, etc….

    TOPPINGS: whatever fresh veggies your heart desires.

    Raw food pizza

    We are dehydrating this bad boy overnight, so it will be ready by lunch tomorrow. WOOT WOOT

    We also made raw lasagna…

    Raw food lasagna
    Raw Enchiladas..

    Anyone that knows me, knows my obsession with mexican food…so having a mexican option like this is unreal. With the tortilla shells you can also make chips! Imagine..making your own raw chips with fresh salsa and guacamole… (if only tequila were raw….haha)

    We had fresh lemon and Goji Berries in our water… Goji is known as the “longevity fruit.” Its unique master molecule polysaccharides and powerful antioxidants fight against free radicals that cause damage on the body.

    2 must have items that are now on my shopping list are:

    Coconut Sugar…

    mums coconut sugar

    and Vanilla Bean Powder..
    Another thing I am going to be all about now is Coconut water and then using the “meat” to make coconut cream pie! I promise within the next couple weeks I will do a video on how to break these nut heads open and reap the rewards!

    young coconut water, coconut meat

    As I’m sure you can tell I am inspired. The Raw Food Foundation is great and I am really loving it. The studio is in the heart of Coal Harbour/downtown van.

    It was kind of a rainy day so a perfect day to be inside learning! If you are just learning about Raw Foods and want an amazing place to start… watch this green shake video

    Don’t mind my brown hair….it was a phase… haha

    Thanks for stopping by! Hope I have inspired you in some way. That is why I am here. Love you guys!


  • Hello!

    Nice to feel your interconnected website energy flowing through the internet!

    Today I went into a beautiful studio downtown Vancouver (Sound Kitchen) to voice my 2nd spot with Telus. (sorry for blurry pic, I was running out the door when I snapped it)

    sound kitchen

    On my way to the studio I got inspired to write out some tips on what to do before going into a studio for a big job.

    Tips For Doing Voiceovers in a Fancy Pro Studio when your used to working from home:

    1. Read the script out loud at least 10 times before going in.

    2. Get a good nights sleep.

    3. Don’t wear perfume in case anyone in the studio is sensitive to it.

    4. Warm up your voice from home first with singing warmups and tongue twisters!

    5. Wear “quiet” clothing. The other day I had my gym shorts on and I ran into my studio for a quick audition before the gym. Mike says “What the hell heck are you wearing in there?” Apparently if my hands brushed my crinkly gym shorts ever so slightly- while I was emoting energy, it picked up on the mic!”

    6. Leave early for the studio! (I was late the first time I went in due to traffic. I called in and the receptionist says, ‘Oh that’s ok, the client isn’t here today” Can you imagine if I was late, and it’s a new studio, new client and I’m LATE?? BAD!)

    7. Avoid air conditioning in your car no matter how hot it is. (it totally trashes your voice….well mine anyway)

    8. Close your eyes and visualize yourself going into the studio and knocking it out of the ballpark.

    9. Once arriving, walk in with your head held high. Be friendly and outgoing to everyone you come in contact with.

    10. HAVE FUN! TAKE RISKS! Don’t be afraid to laugh a little, get into it, enjoy the process. Let that beautiful energy flow through your voice.


    Some of the albums that have been recorded in the same studio.

    Michael Buble stuck out, and so did this one….Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” was recorded there!

    eckhart tolle, a new earth audio book, sound kitchen

    COOL! I bought that Audiobook off itunes. Eckhart Tolle has an amazing, life changing message…….but….he should hire someone to record his books..his voice isn’t that pleasant to the ear. Oh well. He’s so enlightened, he doesn’t care what his voice sounds like. It’s my opinion and he is a multi-millionaire life changing guru….and I am NOT! lol
    Another super cool studio I have set foot in, was where Elvis Presley recorded his music, at Sun Studio’s in Memphis. We stopped by when my band was on tour through Tennessee.

    elvis, sun studios, memphis

    Good times. I guess I was playing it cool and “not smiling”.

    Day 11 of the Raw Food challenge. Today is the first day I was driving down the road drooling over every restaurant I passed.

    But I stayed strong and went to my “restaurant”.

    “Can I get the number 6 combo super-sized with fries and extra ketchup please?”…….I mean…”I’ll be fine with these grapes, thank you.”

    Kins market, grapes

    I promise, it’s an empowering feeling though. I made some calls today to get my Raw Food Chef Certification. Yep- I’m THAT into it. This way of eating has just been clicking for me… We’ll see how long it lasts/far it goes. If you don’t believe me. TRY IT!

    In my home, I will be the only “raw foodist” though… Mike’s not into it..

    ..and I know this guy isn’t into raw foods!!! He’ll eat anything… Even AIR!!

    bug puppy


    My nicknames for him so far are, “Pantsies, Panties, Pupsies, and Poopsie” Oh ya, and his real name, Painter….

    Thanks again for stopping by!! I heart you!!!! xoxo

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