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  • Hello!

    It’s been an exciting weekend thus far. One of my main events was attending WonderCon in Anaheim.



    The event was held at The Anaheim Convention Center, which is right beside DISNEYLAND!!

    WonderCon 2012, anaheim

    Last time I was at this place was for an even called NAMM (It’s a musicians event)

    WonderCon 2012, anaheim

    Here’s my crew! Lisa Biggs (girl in middle with pink shirt) is a well known voiceover actress (she’s even voiced on The Simpsons!) She was talking on a panel with other renowned voice artists, teaching people about the world of voice (and mainly animation voice, which is what they do)

    WonderCon 2012, anaheim

    We had to pick up our tickets down in the bunks of the building!

    WonderCon 2012, anaheim

    The panel was a smashing success. The room was packed, and as always- I learnt a ton listening to the vets tell their stories and tips and tricks.

    WonderCon 2012, anaheim

    People were all dressed up, all over the place. The gal on the left wouldn’t let me take her picture until she got out her waitress pen and paper, so she was in character!! lol

    WonderCon 2012, anaheim

    Once the  panel was done, a huge slew of people went to the front for autographs.

    WonderCon 2012, anaheim

    This is Rob Paulsen. Voice actor on the panel..

    Rob Paulsen WOndercon

    Here are a few of the characters he’s voiced over the years!!!

    WonderCon, Rob PAulsen

    If I wasn’t in VO, I don’t know if I ever would have gone to WonderCon (not really my thing since I don’t watch anime, cartoons, etc) But I’ve fully embraced it and hope one day I am on a panel!!!

    WonderCon 2012, anaheim

    In other news this weekend, I ran a 5km in Redondo Beach..

    Redondo Beach 5km, March 17, St. Patricks Day

    I took my flip cam and filmed it for ya!!

    The mileage completely messed me up!! It’s a 5km, but they put up MILE markers??? I thought, DAMN, I am getting SLOW! It was kinda funny though cause I thought I had 2.5km left to run and within a couple minutes I was done. I had fun, but I was so messed up with the distance by the MILE markers, in a 5KM race!!!

    How about those crazy shoes I caught a glimpse of? They are “Kangaroo Jumps”. They apparently do something more than just look ridiculous! lol

    Ohhh, Kangaroo Jump classes! ha, anyone ever try these things?

    Kangaroo jumps, crazy bouncy shoes

    Well, we are off to Hollywood this morning. Mike is filming a performance, I am going to help out.

    I hope you had a fun-filled St. Patricks Day! Talk to you soooooooooooooon!


  • Hey Friends!

    Have you ever tried Pilates? Like the reformer pilates on this crazy machine called a “reformer”?

    Today was my first day. I keep hearing how amazing it is,so I bought a pass to a location near me and I am going to give it the ol college try! It is a limited group of 10 people (since there are only 10 machines) You need to sign up well in advance to reserve your machine, which is nice because you can walk in right before class and know that you have a spot. (no roaming and scoping the room for a space to put your yoga mat—not that that is a big dread, but you know what I mean;)

    So I sign up for class and above your class fees you HAVE to buy a pair of their non-slip tread socks. Ok, I get it, you need the grip, but for $17, they don’t really seem to special to me.. I picked the ones with stars on them.

    These are the exact pair I got (but not my feet- I spared you..)

    I’m ain’t buying more than one pair, so I guess I’ll get good at washing them.

    Hey, check this shot out from a photo shoot I did with my bff Janna from Swoon Photography when she was here visiting last week.

    I had such a fun time with Janna and the stylist Diana.

    Janna is in Las Vegas now attending a world renowned Photography tradeshow. Go Janna! Taking over your market with your amazing talent.

    Last night I made a new video-voice demo so I could upload it to my profile, but the darn site is not accepting my video right now. I tried to call the head office, but I was soon reminded that it was family day in Ontario (as well and Alberta and Sask) I think those are the only provinces that celebrate family day. Here in the USA, I went to buy stamps at the post office and they were closed in honor of Presidents Day…

    Anyway, here is my new video-voice demo. I still have more videos I want to add/exchange, but this is all I could track down for now.

    Woot woot.
    Alrighty then, time for me to sleep and get ready for another day behind the mic and on the reformer!

    Hope all is well in your world. Happy Family Day, Presidents Day or just DAY! YOU Day!


  • Hello!!

    How was your weekend? Mine shaped up nicely.

    OH my word, have I been in honeymoon phase, well since the wedding. It is time for a new start so to speak. Time to pick my socks back up and get into the game. It’s been busy, and rewarding, but I know I’m not living at my full potential. Try this exercise: If you were to have “The perfect day” what would it look like? And I don’t mean a hot date, the spa or a shopping spree. “the Perfect day” in regards to your health, wealth, communication, career, fitness, etc. You can either visualize it, write it down, or both.

    Instead of being “reactive” to the world and circumstances around you, create your new reality. Since we are the only ones that can control what’s going on in our heads, why not make it work for you? Bringing about your desires comes from YOU coming up with a new idea, be creative and most of all, once that idea hits- be willing to change.

    *Cool shot I took the other day of the moon peeking through a tree.

    So in creating a perfect day for myself, one of the things it involves is nourishing my body with plenty of vitamins and nutrients! Hence a massive salad that Mike and I both dish out into smaller bowls.

    Now you can call this one cute OR crazy, lol, but at Target I saw these “chore charts” for kids and I had to have one. How perfect? Write out your daily goals/to-do’s on the side and throughout the week as you do them, give yourself a star! I have rewards for each level of points I get to (mostly shopping related!)

    Only shopping I’ve done lately is buy this iphone cover. I thought it was fun.

    And the wallpaper shot of the moment….

    Good times! SO, my question is this. How can you make this week an amazing week? What do you have to do to have a great day, and find yourself fulfilled? The more you can put that great energy out there and love yourself, the more you will attract into your life!

    If you need an extra kick in the pants with a frozen mukluk (sorry, prairie saying, I had too!) Then watch this either tonight or first thing when you wake up. Written and voiced by yours truly.

    Let me know how it goes. And hey kiddo- I really appreciate you! xoxo

  • Happy Saturday Jan.7th!!

    Wow, what a day. We took Painter to our local dog park and he had a hay day. He was in his glory. He ran and ran and ran.


    Whenever he needed refuge from running with the other dogs, he would hide under a concrete bench (or jump on a strangers lap and knock their coffee out of their hands….Oops)

    I was hesitant about community dog water at first, but I talked to enough people that seemed to have never had an issue with their pups drinking the water.

    After we left the dog park, we were going to go for a little walk in the neighbourhood, but Painter plopped down and said. “No more, take me home” and if you know Painter, you know that’s a unheard of- he never runs out of energy!

    In other news, today I wrote down my goals for 2012. As always, they involved:

    -healthy raw food eating (as much as possible)

    -yoga, mediation, exercise, self develpoment

    -major leaps with voiceovers (I’m talking MAJOR leaps….)

    -spend time with family

    -LOVE LIFE, live it to the fullest.

    It’s nice waking up in California. The sun is always shining. I could live here a long time!

    Crazy cacti!

    As much as I love it here, I am still missing my family and friends back home. Thinking back to the wedding- it was just SO much fun. Like check out my cousin Tony on the dance floor at my wedding. YUP! This is how the Sellers/Schurko’s like to party!

    I’m also thinking about my nephew Jasper, in 10 days he is 1 year old! He is just a doll. And look how smoking hot my sister in law looked at our wedding! <3

    Good times. HA- Our new neighbours are all musicians and they are having a little get together next door with a fire pit and music. I know we could probably go join them, but we’ll wait until we are here a few days longer before crashing parties. They are all super cool, (I am a stalker and I’ve googled them already and they are all in really amazing projects. Will be cool to talk to them further and get to know them. Maybe I’ll bake them cookies? Or ask to borrow sugar? lol) I can talk about this kind of stuff on my blog- because I highly doubt they are reading my blog,…. and if they are stalking me too… well HI NEIGHBOUR! Wanna watch my wedding video??? Here ya go!

    bye guys (and maybe bye to my new neighbours- Y’all are cool man, cool!!! haha)

  • Hello!

    Well, today I was going to write a post about Celebrating your successes, which we should all do. You know the “High 5″ moments throughout the day that keep us going… but…I got busy and did not have time to write… so, the ONE and only success I will celebrate today is when I went to Superstore and I didn’t run down every isle like a mad amazon woman looking for THESE:


    PC recipe

    Don’t those look good? mmmm. Oh ya. SNAP. Day 9 of my Green Smoothie cleanse.  I got an email that we helped inspire Natasha to start a 7 day Green Smoothie Cleanse! Check out her blog here and follow her journey! You go girl!

    It has been an incredible journey so far, I am taking my Vitamix EVERYWHERE with me from now on.

    Green Smoothie Cleanse

    I was thinking about the wedding today… I thought this picture was sweet. More like an engagement picture though? Could you see me in a dress doing that? Hmmm, Plus we are on New Years, not Christmas. I think our photog has some amazing ideas planned;) I CANNOT WAIT!

    The the next topic is wedding makeup. I loved this look…now to only create it… (it’s from Sephora’s new Party Eyes booklet, They tell you what they use. But that is all for sales. You know she has a million other layers on than just what they suggest. Stila‘s “kitten” eyeshadow was the brow highlighter. I NEED more of that stuff. It is amazing. (for eyelids too)

    Sephora #3 holiday look

    I “think” these are the lashes I am going to wear. They look crazy long, but on, they don’t look that crazy. I like the look of them

    I am wearing them in this shot below from our “BC wine” video.

    Haven’t seen our BC wine vid? Here it is. It was for “The Vino’s”. We made it to the finals!

    hee hee. Not exactly how he proposed….

    Have a Happy mid-December-ish day. Oh Holy Night! xo

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