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  • Happy November 1st!

    Today Rocks People! As many of you know, on the 1st of every month we feature a fearless female that is making waves in the world. A female that isn’t afraid of following her dreams and knows that “LUCK” is when opportunity and hard work meet. This month’s Tomboy Of The Month is a girl that I have had the privilege to know for many years. Her name is Alison Toews. She is kick ass bass player in the band State of Shock. I met Alison back in the day when my band first started out. I remember seeing her out at shows at The Brickyard and other various venues that I can’t remember;) She even played bass in my band for a show at The Railway Club! (remember that?;) We jammed at my house the night before and within a few hours she was ready to rock. Fast Forward a few years later, Alison is now in a very successful rock band where releasing #1 hit songs is just another day at the office for her and her band mates!

    Alright Ms. Toews, tell us a bit about yourself,
    I am a bassist, born and raised in the lower mainland / vancouver area. I’ve been touring and playing in bands since my early twenty’s. The first was a punk rock band called Another Joe. We released 4 albums and played nearly every town/city in canada large enough for a McDonalds, slept on many floors and went through many $400-$500 vans. I am now the bassist for State of Shock, we have toured Canada and the US, and are currently working on our 3rd album.
    What inspires/motivates you?
    I think what inspires me most is that when i was younger i always wanted to see chicks rock out with the boys, but still have class. You can still be sexy without looking like a hooker, and dont need to compromise your integrity to achieve your dreams. Id like to be an example for our next generation of lady rockers.
    The world needs more girls like you! What is your favorite beauty product?
    The only 3 things that i must have are : Black hair dye, mascara, and Dual Finish powder by Lancome.
    Good call! So tell us, what is your biggest fear?
    Missing out on other areas in my life due to my music career. Like having a family. Guess i’ll have to find a stay at home man. hahaha
    I have no doubt you will have it all.

    What is your favorite quote?
    Do or do not, there is no try. “yoda”
    Love it! What is your greatest achievement?
    Ending up in a band with my 4 amazing Shock brothers, Jesse, Johnny, Cam and Kadooh. We’ve come a long way together in the last 7 years.
    Such a hot looking group! Any tips for staying healthy while on the road?
    Thats a tricky question, i dont think i’ve figured it out yet ! Depends on the tour really. There can be an awful lot of gas station food, and boredom on long drives leads to binging. lol. If we’re on a bus its a little easier cuz we have the fridge. We’ll get roast chickens, sandwich fixins, veggie, cheese and fruit platters. But, im a sucker for cheese burgers, so maybe the wrong person to ask ?

    If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be?
    The Dalai Lama

    What is something about yourself people may not know?
    When I was young, I told the kids at school that I had a pet monkey. One of the boys didnt believe me and followed me home from school so i could show him. I spent the next hour wandering around the forest in my back yard calling the monkey. Since then i dont tell lies. Its too much work. Thanks Ken!!
    HAHA! That is sooo funny! When I was young I told some kids that I had a leach on me in the lake so they thought I was tough…The monkey is way cooler tho! lol

    What is something that makes you smile?
    hee hee, K, on a serious note, any struggles you’ve had to overcome while following your dream?
    Keeping the wheels on while building your career. Nothing happens overnight. It takes time, years. And all that time that your building it and not getting paid, you still need to buy gear, pay to make your first records, tour expenses, time off work, keep a roof over your head and pay bills. Its a dance.
    Well you seem to be conquering the dance, girl. What are the pro’s and con’s of being the only girl in a rock band?
    Pro’s are that im one of the safest gals on the planet, i hang out with 4 of the sweetest, sauciest men around and i have a unique insight into male behaviors. Con’s, i dont get much time in front of a mirror before the shows, if i bring any men around they are watched by 4 big brothers and “may” be nonchalantly interviewed. And, im teased alot !! But i love it.

    How do you relax?
    With a bottle of Red Wine, either alone with a video game or with good company.

    Nice…Soooooo….Tell us about the new album!
    The new album is almost done !! Think we start recording in mid november and hope to release in early spring. We’re super pumped for this record and feel like it will be one you can listen to from beginning to end. Sounds good to me! Here is a video for the song “Money Honey” from SOS’s last album, Life, Love and Lies…

    See State of Shock live in action this November 13th as part of Rock For A Cure! This is a very special show as a portion of all proceeds will be donated to The Michael Cuccione Childhood Cancer Research Program. The show is at Red Robinson Show Theatre in Coquitlam. Click here for tickets!!

    Alison! Thank you soo much for taking the time to share with us your beautiful self. Keep kicking ass and making us all so proud!

    Remember girls…DO or DO NOT. There is no TRY!!!

  • Hey!!!

    Ok , so here we are…OCT.1  and as you all know on the 1st of every month we have a special feature called TTWM-of the month, My intention with this monthly feature  is to talk with inspiring, motivating women who are putting out big energy into the universe…And this month is nothing short of amazing……

    Big round of applause for Jackee Guilou

    1.Tell us a bit about yourself

    I am a professional jazz vocalist/composer based in Vancouver BC. I have recorded 2 CDs and am currently working on a 3rd album which features top American/Canadian jazz musicans from NYC, Portland, Toronto and Vancouver.

    2.a)What inspires you?
    People and culture. Food and wine. Plants and animals. Just about everything inspires me. I find it hard not be inspired! I love travelling and have had many songwriting experiences while being away in far off places like Brazil and India. Language had always been something that has intrigued me and I have learned to sing in 7 different languages, my favorite being french and portugese.

    2. b) What motivates you?
    The idea of influencing people to be passionate and stay true to themselves, or at least find a way to discover this, is the reason that I am motivated to make music. It sounds cheesy but I think that it’s really important for people to appreciate each other and recognize our inner beauty by sharing it.

    3. Favorite Beauty Products?
    It would be a toss up between 2 hair products. As a result of coloring my hair blond and dealing with lots of breakage from everyday styling I need to use Aveda Damage Remedy Restructuring Conditioner to help control my dry ends. I also love applying Redken All Soft to my damp hair before styling which makes it super silky and smooth. As for facial products I have just started using the Osmosis Skin Care line which I purchase at my favorite place in Vancouver for facials and skin therapy: Skn Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic.

    4. Biggest fear?
    I don’t think I am afraid of anything. Sometimes fluorescent lights scare me.

    5. Favorite quote
    “Silence and a deeper silence when the crickets hesitate.” A haiku by Leonard Cohen

    6.a) greatest achievement?
    Winning the CBC Galaxie Rising Star Award. It was given to me as a result of my first performance at the 2009 Vancouver International Jazz Festival, my first time singing at any festival, and I was honored to receive such an award.

    6b) greatest struggle?
    Trusting myself. I have extreme moments of feeling very unsure about creative ideas or concepts and sometimes I get scared and chicken out.  I am learning to recognize life’s journey and my own path on the journey, and I now understand that struggle is a natural thing that pushes us to move on and explore deeper within ourselves.

    7. If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be?
    Joni Mitchell. She was my first songwriting inspiration

    8 What is something about yourself people may not know?
    I am a tap dancer and love to explore rhythm with my feet and body. I also am an actor and I used to perform in full scale musicals across Canada. I did shows like Beauty & The Beast, Cabaret, The King & I, Funny Girl, Cinderella, and The Boyfriend. Once I even went to Moscow, Russia to perform in a show called 42nd Street.

    9. Something that makes you smile?
    Other people smiling makes me smile.

    10. When did you discover your passion for jazz singing?
    When I started to listen to programs on CBC Radio and Radio-Canada. I had visited the Vancouver International Jazz Festival a few times and was curious to learn more about the jazz. I got hooked. I started listening to Katie Malloch’s program Tonic and going to local jazz clubs in Vancouver. I started exploring with jazz and found myself finally free and able to experiment with all of the musical styles that I had been looking to incorporate into my music.

    11. What is your fall fashion must have?
    Scarfs or anything silk. I have recently been sponsored by Adhesif Clothing. They make awesome silk blouses, dresses and silk handkerchiefs out of reclaimed fabrics. Check it out, it’s cool stuff!

    12. What is your ultimate idea of relaxation?
    I can never relax. I really struggle with taking the time to do something for myself that doesn’t involve writing music, recording, self promotion, and touring. But when I do find the time to commit to rest my favorite thing is to snuggle up on the couch with my favorite soft blanket, nicknamed “The Cat Blanket” and have someone give me a head massage while I watch HGTV.

    13. Do you have any healthy eating ideas that you would like to share.
    I have been concentrating on eating lots and lots of grains these days. I’m always finding a new way to incorporate them in a salad or meal and currently have been eating a lot of wild rice (made with homemade chicken stock), brown rice (in a kale salad with humous), barley (cold in a greek salad), couscous, and quinoa (in porridge). As to my acupuncturists recommendation I now eat a lot of apples especially after my morning cup of coffee. This helps to stop the spiking of my blood sugar levels since I find it difficult to eat in the mornings. I have a smoothie a day and use berries, vitamins & minerals supplements in my drink to keep me energized.

    WOW!  Thanks Jackee! I cannot wait to pick up your album, pour a glass of wine and make dinner while listening to your amazing voice! Be sure to check out Jackee on tour. She is heading out on the road to tour British Columbia’s jazz clubs and live music venues. Check out the website for show dates!

    Have an awesome day everyone! Thanks for stopping by and if you want to be next month’s feature, Please email me!


    Daily Affirmation-“My Life is full of little miracles popping up out of the blue.”-Louise Hay

  • Hello!

    I am especially excited to do this post today. Why? Because it is my first ever “Tomboy That Wears Makeup- OF THE MONTH”  (or in the categories, you’ll see it abbreviated TTWM of the month) .

    So, what this means is that every month, (I’ll try to keep it consistent on the 1st) I will be featuring an inspiring, motivating, beautiful (inside and out) positive female. One who can be a role model for us, one who we may  get some sound advice from, or maybe one who motivates us to do the things we know in our hearts we can do. And, it could be someone who just makes you smile. Whatever you get out of it is great.

    Drum roll please….

    Introducing Liis Sober. I had the opportunity to meet Liis a while back and just recently I did her make up for  a photo shoot. As we chatted I realized how perfect she would be for this blog. Let’s chat!

    makeup by me:)

    1.Tell us a bit about yourself
    I am from Estonia, moved to Finland when I was 8, moved to States when I was 19, and I have been to Vancouver for 2 and half years now. I love sports; I have played tennis since I was 8. I played competitively for most of my teen years, I played for the University of Kentucky, now I play for fun and teach as well. I love fashion, I always have. I started modeling when I was 14, I really enjoyed it but tennis was always my priority. I got my bachelors degree in Merchandising and I currently work for the talented Vancouver Designer Shelley Klassen as a director of retail operations in her flagship store Blushing Boutique (579 Richards street).

    2.What inspires/motivates you
    My family inspires me and motivates me. My father is a basketball coach and he has been a coach for almost 30years now. He is inspiring to me because he has a job that he loves and is passionate about. It seems that the people who do what they love are usually the ones who are successful as well. What always gives me strength is that I know no matter what happens I can always count on my family’s support.

    makeup by me:)

    3. Favorite Beauty Product? Mascara! I have short eyelashes so I find that mascara makes a big difference…makes me look like I am awake in the morning..haha

    4. What is your biggest fear?

    I have no fear… I believe that everything happens for a reason and whatever comes my way will make me grow and build me stronger.

    makeup by me:)

    5. What is your favorite quote
    I do not know if these are quotes but they are sayings that I like: “whatever you put out there is what you get back’” and “everything happens for a reason”

    6. What is your greatest achievement?
    Getting a scholarship to a division one University in the states.

    makeup by me:)

    7. If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be?

    Since my parents, my two sisters and I live in 4 different countries I would love to get us all together for lunch.

    8. What is something about yourself people may not know?

    I enjoy painting with acrylic paints.

    9. Something that makes you smile?
    Watching the sunset!

    10. Do you have a wholesome recipe you’d like to share?
    Super easy Slightly spicy Lentil, barley, mushroom vegetable soup
    Ingredients: 1/3 cup any lentils, 1/3 cup barley, 4-5 small potatoes, 4-5 carrots, 1 onion, 5 mushrooms, 1-2 organic vegetable broth cube(s), salt, 1 tea spoon of red curry paste, 8-9 cups of water
    Combine in a big pot water, lentils and Barley. Bring it to boil and let it simmer for 1 hour.
    Add chopped potatoes, carrots, onions as well as vegetable broth cubes and curry paste. Bring to boil and let it simmer for 25min
    Add chopped mushrooms and simmer another 5-10 min.

    Wow, Liis! You are a superstar and I am sooo trying that soup recipe! Thank you so much for sharing with us and I wish you continued success in your journey!

    See how much fun that is? I am looking for more girls like YOU to interview and feature on this blog, so if you want to be TTWM of the month, PLEASE email me!

    Enjoy your 1st day of Sept. May you all shine brightly!!!

    Daily affirmation-“Life says “YES” to me.” Louise Hay

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