• Howdy!!

    Monday afternoon already, time flies when you sleep in on your first day back to work! (on days like these, I am lucky I am my own boss, or I would be so fired) – but I’m still mad at myself because sleeping in won’t pay rent!! I couldn’t fall asleep last night though…..

    Back to work reality and getting back into the groove has sunk back in, all is normal again- except for the fact that this diamond ring is still on my finger!! I’m pinching myself!!

    (Oh and Brenda- if you read this- yes I did get Mike’s name tattoo’d on my ring finger:) Way before he decided he wanted to marry me- now THAT is FAITH! haha

    I can’t thank everyone enough for the out pour of congrats and support. Means soo much. xoxo

    Here’s a nice segway to get to the next topic….ring and green shake…..onto green shake

    Last week I asked who wanted to join me in a 3 day juice cleanse on Jan.1, 2 and 3rd, drinking the amazing green shake for 3 days! I had 5 people sign up (including myself) and 1 person actually followed through like a champion. Her name is Krista Vajgrt. I have been following her on facebook. Some of her status updates were:

    “clean house, learning to quilt later! day one of my green juice fast”

    ” It taste very good! I add an extra banana to mine. I feel awesome! No caffeine for last 2 days either ! Wow!”

    “Day 2 of the green shake fast and feel quite good. drinking tons of water too which is always a good thing”

    “Day 3. and I feel awesome run this am was perfect I think after the 3 day fast I shall drink this green shake daily in the am “

    I have been doing the fast for the past 3 days as well, except yesterday I had some veggie soup and added frozen veggies. Still really healthy, but not a true 3 day warrior like Krista! I am doing good today, but am ready to be done. I do feel AMAZING. Such an incredible way to re train those taste buds and get back to clean eating. The shake is here to stay though. It is SUCH a great booster. I can’t praise it enough. Recipe is here.

    Next natural segway into the next topic…Ok, I don’t have a good segway…

    TRIATHLON training STARTS TOMORROW.  WOAH NELLY. I just got 3 emails from my coach and I am scared to open them…haha just kidding.

    Yes, I’m nervous, but also very excited. Check out this video we made yesterday. I call it


    That was fun. ok…now back to work.

    Hope you are all having an amazing day!

    Daily affirmation- “I bless 2010 with love and look forward to new creations in 2011.” - Louise L. Hay


    Today I want to talk about superstar triathlete Lokelani Mcmichael…

    But first I have to tell you about my adventure home last night! I woke up at 4:30am to drive to Saskatoon from Wainwright. Then I hung out with my mom for a bit since my flight back to Vancouver didn’t leave until 9:45pm. I had anxiety about my flight leaving so late because I still had a voice job to do last night. I fly out of Saskatoon and have to switch planes in Calgary. Then the flight from Calgary to Vancouver was delayed! For almost 2 hours.

    BRUTAL. I needed to get home….. So finally grumpy me gets on the plane and we make it to Van. I had planned on taking Transit home, but by the time I get to Vancouver, I knew I’d be spending $40 on a cab since it was to late for transit.

    So the peeps on my flight are standing at the baggage carousel..and guess what? The luggage conveyor breaks down and we all have to wait another hour!! People were getting very upset! I was trying to think, what is the reason for this?I need to stay positive. I will get my job done and my voice will sound great…. So we waited and waited…

    (stock photo- I was to tired to pull out my camera;)

    Some people around me, could see their bags, so after patiently waiting, they said “screw it” and climbed up the ramp to grab their bags! I thought that was sooo awesome, if i could have seen my bag, I would have done it too. Security came and got mad, but at this point, I think WE were all more mad!

    To end this story on a positive note, we finally got our luggage and while waiting, I met a sweet girl named Leah, who lives downtown too, so we said, let’s just split a cab home!  (we also plan on running together, we had tons in common)

    THEN, a friendly, good looking couple who were standing by us, offered us a ride home since they lived in West Van and would be going through downtown anyway. HOW NICE IS THAT? Talk about Christmas cheer! Thank you Tracey and Don. You saved the day!

    I got home and voiced my job. I hope the client is happy. Still waiting to hear. By the time I went to bed- I had been up exactly 24 hours! I was sooo tired. I slept in until 10:00am, now I am up, rocking the coffee Diana gave me from Canterbury. I am done with Tim’s for a while. (I had been drinking double double’s at home-Back to black…..)canterbury coffee vancouver

    (Thanks Diana) xoxo

    Ok, so after a week of Tim’s Double doubles, muffins, nachos, fries, beer and chocolate and NOT working out. The one thing strong in my mind is “What challenge lies ahead?” “What am I gonna do now?”

    I already know the New Year is going to be amazing and very active, but I couldn’t help but get things in motion now. SO…

    I signed up for triathlon training at The right shoe!!! I need a partner though! Training starts Jan.4, If you wanna sign up go here!

    I have already done an Olympic Distance Triathlon. Here is the recap. You don’t need a fancy bike or crazy gear.

    You just need

    -a bathing suit


    -swim cap



    - running shoes


    Lokelani Mcmichael is a poster child for fierceness. She is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest woman to ever qualify and finish an Ironman! (she was only 18 when she did it!) 

    She lives and trains in Hawaii and has done many triathlons and Ironman’s since

    Oh ya, and she just happens to be drop dead gorgeous.

    If she isn’t motivation to Bike

    Run…And SwimI’m not sure what is!

    She just seems like such a cool chick! Here is a video of her talking about her island and training.

    (don’t mind the second half of the video…some boring football player! lol)

    If triathlons are not for you, what are you gonna do next year? Do you wanna just do classes at the gym, dance lessons, run a 5km, yoga…what are you gonna do? I’d LOVE to hear about it!

    K, since it’s my first day home in over a week and I slept in since I was awake for 24 hours, I have to get to work!
    I hope you had a great weekend1

    Affirmation of the day- “What would Lokelani Mcmichael do?” haha

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