• Hello!!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I had a great one, worked a bit, relaxed a bit and if you read yesterdays post, I learnt a bit as well;)
    I woke up this morning to run 1hr40min with my club (with a tempo run the last 30 minutes..yikes). I was not sure how I was going to make it through, I just wasn’t feeling 100% up to par;) We all meet at The Right Shoe first to have a debriefing of our routes, pace groups, etc)

    And after our meeting, we all set out on our way. During our runs, there is always someone different to run with for a bit, talk too, share stories, how your feeling, etc. This morning I had the opportunity to hear first hand an amazing story by one of my club mates named Catherine. (her stories helped keep me going on our run!) She had just gotten back from a trip to St. Helena. At first when she said she went to St. Helena, I honestly had no idea where on earth this place was…so to save you any of the same mind boggle…this is where it is:st. helena, running festival
    Now to make a long story short…here are some bullet points of what happened in St. Helena. I ENCOURAGE YOU TO READ THE FULL STORY HERE

    -Catherine was going on a trip to St. Helena with her dad

    -She heard about a Running Festival that the Island had once a year in July (she was going in February, but she emailed the race director and asked if she could perhaps get a race t shirt)

    -They decided to impromptly organize a marathon for Catherine to do on her own while she was visiting the island!! And then she could attain one of these coveted running shirts

    -The only way to get to this island is by boat (on the boat, they threw a spontaneous fundraiser and raised over $1000 for St. Helena)st. helena boat- On the boat she met Bart Hackley, the man who holds the world record in the Guinness Book for the most triathlons completed in one year! WOW. (he ran with her a bit during her race)

    -Quote from the St.Helena Website:

    “St. Helenians, also known as ‘Saints’, are known for their friendliness; everyone waves and greets each other, even to passing cars.

    Saints are renowned for their hospitable nature.  Getting involved in our local social life will give you an insight into how vibrant, fun and welcoming we are.”

    - So naturally Catherine is greeted with open arms and is loving her vacation!

    - Time for Catherine to RUN her full marathon on St. Helena!Festival of Running, St. Helena

    Sure is a beautiful Island!st. helena

    This is one of the most hilly, up and down routes in excruciating HEAT! But you know what…….festival of running, st. helena

    Catherine DID IT! AND….She got her SHIRT! (they made a special one for her)

    AND she made the Islanders PROUDShe made her dad proud

    And I sure hope 42km later, she made HERSELF proud

    WAY TO GO CATHERINE!! (All of us at The Right Shoe are EXTREMELY proud of you!)

    Like I said- You can read the story in Catherine’s words here.

    NEAT-O hey? YUP…..NEAT-O!




  • Hey!!

    Happy March.3! On my way home from my swim this morning, on the radio they said March 3 (03/03) was “Champagne Day”? What? What rock have I been hiding under? Immediately I decided this is a holiday I want to participate in- Then I remembered I have a bike session tonight, need to get up early tomorrow AND I think the radio is full of it- because I scoured the internet to find anything on this “holiday” and there was NOTHING on it! Anyone else hear about this “holiday?”

    I have something for you even better than champagne!! March’s TTWM Of The Month! Her name? Shannon Coates. Her game? Triathlons!

    I came across Shannon on the IRONMAN Website and thought- this girl is amazing! I was floored when she agreed to do this interview. Shannon has been running competitively since she was 11, then she went on to run for Florida State University…then…she stumbled into triathlons… READ ON;)shannon coates, triathlete, ironman

    Thank you so much for doing this interview Shannon! Ok, so what inspired you to get into triathlons? I remember seeing a picture of the swim start of Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii and thought it was the most incredible image I had ever seen and wanted nothing more then to be a part of it. I saw this picture when I was 15 years old and just getting into my running. Years later during FSU cross country I got injured and started road biking on my brothers old bike to cross train during the season. I enjoyed the cycling a lot and from there planned on looking into my first triathlon in between running for FSU. My first triathlon I did I ended up winning the overall female spot which was shocking because I couldnt swim well at all. The win had nothing to do with how I felt about the sport after that race, it only piqued a curiousity in me to see how far I could progress in this foreign territory. I was overwhelmed at how much fun triathlons were though and wanted to do more!shannon coates

    I agree, I’ve done 1 Olympic Distance Tri and I just loved it. Such incredible energy in the air.  My goal is just crossing the finish line! What are some of your goals in the triathlon world? I would like to do all the ironman races around the world. I would also like to obtain a pro license one day if I manage to build myself to that level one day.shannon coates, training, ironman

    I have no doubt you will turn pro, this is just the beginning for you! How many races will you do this year? Probably around 6 triathlons this season. 3 are set in stone. Ironman Louisville, Ironman Florida, ½ Ironman Florida. Hopefully I can qualify for ½ ironman world championship. I will also do a few shorter races for fun.

    Cool! Do you train with a coach and how intense are your workouts? My coach is professional triathlete Zach Ruble. He gives me pro level workouts because he knows my goal to become pro one day.

    That is fantastic! I love working with a coach, even at my recreational level;) Ok- tell me…. Do you ever miss days because you feel lazy or are just not into it? Always! If it is one thing I am trying to master is working full time and training full time. It does have a tendency to wear on you. My heart is always in it though. I make it up somewhere throughout the week, but other times I believe it is important to listen to your body. Sometimes it is better to take a day off rather then train and wear your body down further. You are actually doing more good resting.

    Hearing that is like a breath of fresh air! Even pro’s sometimes want days off! You are human! haha…What are some of your nutrition tips for staying hydrated and fuelled during training? Staying hydrated all day long. I am never without a water bottle in hand. I also like to have snacks throughout the day to keep my blood sugar level so it never spikes and I stay energized throughout the day. I like powerbar proteinplus bites in oatmeal. They are so easy to snack on and super healthy!

    Oohhh, I’ll have to try the power bites in my oats! What has been your absolute most favorite race? Ironman Hawaii world championship 2010 hands down. This has been my dream race and it was everything I imagined it to be. Swim was superb, the energy on the side lines before the cannon was incredible and there was so many fish! The bike was challenging with its winds and heat but I will never forget the turn around on the bike course in the town of Hawi. There were so many people cheering and waving! It was a burst of energy! The run could have been better for me because I ran into some nutrition problems and felt sick the last ½, but even though I wasnt having my best run out there it was so incredible the camaraderie out there. I met some wonderful people out on that run course! The finish line was nothing I had ever seen before. So much energy and love for every single athlete who crossed the line. Ironman world championship was truly incredible.

    WOW. Just WOW! What are some “insider” tips you would give to someone just getting into triathlons? Race simulation is key for newbies in the sport. I remember my first triathlon I didnt know what to expect and panicked during the swim. Get some friends together and go for a mass swim in open water. This way you will know what to expect during the first leg of the race. It is usually quite chaotic during a mass start and if you are in a lake be prepared to sight often and practice doing that because it is horrible to find you have veered off course. Try some brick workouts too where you do a training ride and then immediately hop off your bike, throw on your shoes and run.shannon coates, mass swim, triathlon

    I know, the mass swims freak me out- good idea to do some practice before hand! Besides triathlons, what are some other things you enjoy doing? I enjoy yoga and healthy eating. I love cooking and putting together really healthy foods that taste really yummy. I also really appreciate beautiful photography. Modeling can be so artful if done right.

    Well, you make a stunning model as well, What is your favourite beauty product? Del Sol nail polish. It changes color in the sun!!!!shannon coates

    Sweet! Ok…more serious, What is your biggest fear? disappointing myself. I am a passionate person and I put my whole heart into things. The last thing I want to feel is that I didnt give my all somewhere. It frustrates me to work so hard for something only to crack somewhere. That would be a disappointment for me, the fact I couldnt mentally get past something and I fear that feeling.

    I think you need that fire in order to be such an elite athlete, in Ironman’s no less! What is your favourite quote? To give anything less then your best is to sacrifce the gift -Prefontaine

    I’m writing that down! Ok, what’s your greatest achievement? 4th place 20-24 age group at Ironman World championship!!

    That’s HUGE! If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be? Craig Alexander- he is kind of amazing..just a little bit (sense sarcasm?)Craig Alexander

    Hee, hee, can I come? Who do you admire? Anyone who gives everyday their all. Someone who is gracious and humble. Someone who wakes up every morning loving themselves and everyone around them and wants to share that love through a positive attitude day in and day out.

    Very well said. What is something about yourself people may not know? I have always wanted to become a doctor because I have always admired the human body for its vast capabilities. I know I can spend a lifetime learning about it and never get bored and always remain fascinated.

    Cool! What is something that makes you smile? A sleeping puppy curled up in a little ball.

    Awww.. k, last question…..what do you do to RELAX? I like going to the dog park with my little maltese and watch her run around and play with the other dogs.

    Thank you so much Shannon for taking the time to talk with us! You are such a huge inspiration and talent. When you get 1st in the Ironman I am going to be yelling- “I interviewed her! I interviewed her!”

    I wish you all the best! Follow Shannon’s Blog here. Her website is here!

    It’s days like this when I am so happy I started this blog! To have the opportunity to talk with such amazing women. My work is DONE! (for the day? maybe for the week? It’s already Thursday…Is champagne day for real??)


  • Hey!!

    You know your late on your blog post when your mom calls and says, “Why didn’t you blog today?” OOPS! I post EVERYDAY, (maybe missed 2-3 since I became a blogger) but there are times…when it just takes me a while to get it done due to my workload….

    Here’s a true example of how my voice clients are…

    I email my client: “So…when do you need this done by?”

    My client emails back: “As far as turn around, it’s always “as soon as you can”.  Our content writers create the lessons and send them for proofreading.  By the time they come back our video production department is ready and waiting for the audio.”

    I rest my case, day to day I never know what I will wake up to and I have a reputation in the voice world to upkeep:)

    I did however get outside for a run around the seawall!!! Wanna come for a run with me??? For training today I was supposed to run for 30 min and do weight training….I didn’t do much for weight training:( BUT I did run 10 km!

    Let’ Run this together!!

    Here is a map of the Seawall, and throughout it, you will see the corresponding spot as step by step, I ran around this park. (I wear the pink bandana to keep my earplugs in.. I think I have weird shaped ears, cuz they always fall out…)

    1 and 2. The Marina, at Mile 1 and then the Light House where Arnold Schwarznegger passed the torch during the Olympics…stanley park seawall

    Good Job Terminator/Governor 

    3. I wish they had cool things like this when I was a kid… A KIDS DRYER at a WATERPARK?? HELLO FUN:)kids park, seawall, run, stanley park

    4. Here is a cool path that I sometimes take for an alternate route home… In the wilderness..It’s very pretty..lots of paths

    5. And of course- The Lions Gate Bridge (about half way!)… Known for backing up traffic… But still a Van Landmarkstanley park seawall
    6. Siwash Rock…7. 3rd Beach….unflattering shadow… stanley park seawall

    This shot of me as a brunette was taken here at this beach this past summer!

    stanley park seawall

    8. 2nd beach! This is where the Vancouver Triathlon starts! The birds TAKE OVER the pool in the winter time!!

    stanley park seawall

    9. YAY! I can see my home (on the very right), we are almost done!

    stanley park seawall

    We did it!!! We went around this BIG BUGGER!stanley park seawall

    Good run, good run!! The nice thing about being in shape, is that you can stop and start a bunch of time during a run and not completely give up and stop running (which I used to do). Even if I hit a stop light, I would be like…aghh, I dont want to run anymore… BUT NOW! I stop as much as I want and easily start going again!

    I even had energy for a sword fight, by myself… with the ice crystals…stanley park seawall, ice

    I’m such a ninja, my brothers would be proud….

    As far as the rest of my week with Triathlon Training…I feel like it has been a success. It has taken me a bit (from my holiday) to plunge back into the whole…train hard mentality..but I am BACK!

    I had an awesome swim with the club..Here is the board that my coach writes our workouts on…

    Except, by the time she writes down all our work outs… it looks more like this…

    haha..k it’s not that bad.. lol!

    Our group bike was awesome too.. I bike again in the am… (just stationary)

    I also CANNOT wait to make this soup…Hopefully tomorrow..

    Thanks for running with me! Can’t wait until we talk again!!!!

    Love and Love!!! xoxo Have a happy weekend…

  • Good afternoon party people!  How ya doing? What happy thoughts are you thinking today? I’m getting back into the groove after being away for a week.

    NOTE: the sentence above was written hours ago.. I got side tracked… but I’m BACK!

    All day I have been doing this:

    Voice, edit, send, REPEAT! It’s been a great day though. I like working for people from all over the world. It’s pretty neat how technology works these days. I get shocked if I get a local job, (like today I got one for a company in Victoria and I thought- WOW! We’re neighbours!)

    I did get out of my cave (sound booth) for bit this afternoon. I took one look out my window and I was itching to get outside.

    Enough time to go to the bank and get some groceries. Here is Robson Street this afternoon. Good thing I got a picture of that mini van turning left! Imagine if I missed that shot??

    Mike and I stayed at that tall hotel when we first moved here… Seems like sooo long ago!

    As soon as we got home from the bank/groceries, I was starving- Time to make a salad using the crazy new kitchen knife my brother bought me. It’s an awesome knife…but I think Mike should start using a cutting board. 

    We also got this great new book from my other brother and sister in law:

    I took a picture of it by my bed to make it look like I read before bed…hmm…This is something I used to do…When I wasn’t busy 24 hours a day! I really want to make time for reading before bed again…I guess the only person I need to convince is myself….. ok here goes…
    “hey Amanda..”
    “You should really start finding more time to relax and maybe even read before bed-you used to do it and you liked it.”
    “UMM OKAY!!!!”
    YESSS, I win;)

    When I was given the book, (oops, I forgot- the book was a gift for Mike not me- oh well.. close enough). When we got the book, We started talking about nutrition (my sister in law is a nutritionist) and we discussed how after a workout- it is important to consume “recovery foods”. Then I remembered a great tip from my coach. She said drink some chocolate milk (or soy chocolate milk) after a hard workout.

    It is a GREAT recovery drink. It has a perfect 3-1 carb to protein ratio. Which is something you should try to consume after workouts to enhance fast recovery.

    I had some Soy Chocolate milk now since I just got home from hill training with my triathlon club. It tastes kinda chalky and it goes down fast! But it was good and something I will continue to drink after training.. (I just noticed I took the picture on the french side..oops)

    I CRUSH YOU!chocolate soy milk, recovery drink
    I also had a handful of dried cranberries and almonds. Now I’m just trying to drink water and rehydrate.

    Here’s how our hill run went down:running hills, triathlon training

    We started with a 15 minute warm up. Once we got to the bottom of our chosen hill, (which was long and drawn out, not too steep, but definitely a STEADY climb.)

    1.We Ran up 3 blocks, back down slow for recovery

    2. Then we ran up 2 blocks (increasing intensity though on way up), jog back down slow for recovery-

    3. Then Ran up 1 block pretty much as hard as we could and slowly jog down

    We did this set twice, followed by a 15 minute cool down. This is something you could totally do on your own if your training for a race. Of course it’s easier if you have a group- but try to challenge yourself and do hills on your own! THEY FEEL GOOOOOD (when your done… haha)

    I’m going to do some more stretching and tidy up a bit (my dishwasher broke again…grrr…doing dishes by hand) Then it’s bed!

    What is your GO-TO recovery food/drink???


    Daily affirmation “”I am healthy, happy, and whole.” – Louise L. Hay

  • Good morning Vancouver, Canada, North America, Universe!!!

    Think about a video camera above your head right now now, then think about the camera zooming out over your home, then your city, then your country, continent and universe…. We sure are small hey?


    Sometime when I start freaking out about things….like when I went to go pick up my race pack for my half marathon, I was marked down as receiving a men’s large shirt (cuz I bought the race pack off a friend) and I thought that no matter what- they would be so kind as to switch it for me to a women’s medium.. Well, not only did they shatter my dreams of a smaller shirt, this lady working there was SOOO RUDE, (and she was unkind while dealing with others too…not just me). Anyway, I walked out of the shop pouting and complaining that I wanted a smaller shirt and it was almost the end of package pickups, so it’s not like anyone would be missing out… Mike was trying to calm me down…his words became sort of mumbled and muted in my head… and I started to think about the concept above….. About HOW SMALL WE REALLY ARE… Does a stupid shirt have any significance in the big scheme of things?  NO…. I’m sure Mike thought he had said the right thing in his rambles… But I calmed myself down, and  started to smile, just by thinking about this. Try it next time you are mad about something petty!!!!

    Here’s Mike wearing “the shirt”. 

    I am surprised at how quickly I have recovered from the half marathon.. I am still a bit sore and I decided NOT to run with the club last night, just to get that bit of extra rest for my body. I did however go for a nice swim yesterday afternoon. I didn’t even count laps, I just swam for about 25 minutes.

    swimming laps

    I am leaving for Saskatchewan this afternoon, so I am going to be training for there for the week. I know I won’t get in as good of a workout like I do with the club, but it’s a recovery week anyway. I figure if I make the effort and at least get to the pool, get on the bike and go for runs(indoor!) I will be in good shape to pick back up with the group next week.

    Before we leave for the prairies I still need to clean up, pack, workout and voice some jobs…. so I better get rolling…


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