• Howdie young lady…or young man!

    After our engagement photo shoot we went to a pub called Toby’s on Commercial Drive to visit my friend Angela who organized a fundraiser for her bike from Vancouver to Seattle for the Ride To Conquer Cancer.

    Tickets were $20 and with it you got a burger (veggie option;) and a beer!

    The 2 gals riding to Seattle (Koren and Angela)

    koren and angela

    They did a great job making sure people were entertained with a burlesque show (sorry, I think I was standing at a weird angle)
    Cool band!
    Lots of people
    Raffle draws, 50/50, wine tasting 
    and great company.. Here is my friend Keli (from my triathlon group)

    Angela put on a great event! Thanks for the invite girl…We left fairly early as it was a “school night”…
    We are almost complete our Frostbite 45 video! I can’t wait to show you! You get to see these lashes batting in motion! frostbite 45
    We are meeting with Stormtech tomorrow to show them our masterpiece!
    Our next video for Stormtech is going to be a yoga video. Namaste! I am bringing a couple of my girlfriends along to be yogi’s with me;)
    I actually went to a Hatha yoga class at 7am this morning. I have a one month pass I need to use before we move to Port Moody!!

    I am rather antsy to get moving! It’s like when I was in school and summer holidays were soo close, but you had to wait. Mike simmers me down when I get really anxious for things, because he thinks you should be happy and content in this moment and never wish for time to be gone. I guess has a point.

    One of the bummers about moving is that I have to leave my triathlon club at The Right Shoe :( They have been sooo awesome and I love training with them, but I can’t commute from Port Moody. I will continue to train on my own (as I have learnt TONS from the club) and I will also look for a Port Moody club?? Does it exist??

    Well, I made sure my new building has a pool so I can keep doing my laps..I’ll swim, bike and run like my coach Lara is watching…lol

    Tune it tomorrow when I post the new video!
    I hope the rest of your day is incredible!


  • Hello there gorgeous!

    My, my it’s nice to have you here today.

    So much going on. As may of you know, I am in Yellowknife. (I leave today) however, If I didn’t come here this weekend I would have been running Harry’s 8km (it’s a cross Canada race to raise money for prostate cancer).Harry's 8km vancouver
    I obviously didn’t get a chance to run it, but my team mate/friend Kelli from my triathlon group ran it and here is what she said…

    “The day was beautiful – probably the sunniest and warmest so far this year, very fitting for a SPRING run-off.
    I ran into the rest of the Right Shoe group and together we warmed up with a 10 minute run, followed by ABC’s and strides. As with most runs, there were a lot of crazy costumes and teams dedicated to loved ones. I only got one photo around the 5K mark of the sea wall – what a beautiful run. I don’t get to run the sea wall very often so it was nice.
    The run was actually quite tough for me though I’m not sure why. I tried to keep thinking of my dad who just recently became a survivor of prostate cancer and at the end of the race, I definitely was sending him love for getting me to the finish line!”

    Here is a couple of Kelli’s pictures from the event!
    Give prostate cancer the finger!!

    Harry's 8km vancouver

    Some of The Right Shoe athletes warming up doing drills and strides..

    Harry's 8km vancouver

    Such a beautiful day!

    Harry's 8km vancouver

    Good job Kelli! I’m so proud of you young lady! Big Love to your dad! Harry's 8km vancouver
    A big YAY to all those who ran… The Right Shoe athletes included;)

    Also big props to my brother Cory, his wife, his sister-in-law Carla and his father-in-law who ran in the 24th annual Midnight Run in Lethbridge this weekend. Cory and his wife made a goal to run one race a month for the entire year (sweet!) They all had a great time and my super hero brother placed 9th over all (out of over 1700 runners) and placed 2nd in his age category! Way to go bro- YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION!

    That picture was from a different race, but it’s all I had…lol
    In the interim, I have been recovering from Frostbite 45 by spending MORE time in the cold!
    Getting suited up

    How about some snowmobiling?

    Looking pretty bad a$$ hey? haha

    Mike was in all his glory!

    Go Marianne!
    Thanks for taking us out Craig!

    Also did some snowshoeing

    Hardcore Arctic Explorers

    Feel the burn!

    I was running for this…. a beer at the end of a fun filled day outside… Looking good Marianne!

    I actually just got home. I was supposed to go run tonight but we are getting caught up on some work. Time to make our killer video and also get back into the groove with voiceovers, training, and attracting more wonderful experiences into this life!
    I hope all is going great with you! Vancouver sure is beautiful tonight…

    Thanks for stopping by;)

  • 16

    Run Run Run


    What is Happy-ning?

    I don’t know why but everyday this week has felt like a Friday… But it’s Wed. Weird.

    Last night Mike came to my run at The Right Shoe! But not to run… to Film! We are making a “Week in the life of triathlon training” video, so we got our first bit of footage last night!

    Here’s a still shot of Coach Lara at The Right Shoe explaining our run details, pace groups, and mapping out the run.

    We ran a tempo run (which is where you run you “race pace” for a certain amount of time). We had our warm up and then got into the tempo! I was feeling it. After 15 minutes, I wanted to stop soooo bad. Then there was a smallish hill and my race leader was beside me, “quick feet, pump your arms!” I was trying to do that but my body was just not into it!

    I said- “you guys go ahead and flag me when we’ve reached 20 minutes”! I started to slow down tons and let the other guys run ahead… they didn’t run ahead of me for long… Next thing I know, my buddy Mark had come back for me:) He came up beside me and said, “come on, you can do it… keep moving.” Even though I was tired and part of me stop, I knew I had to listen to him and keep giving it all I had. So for the next 5 minutes I kept up with the pace they were running. Thanks for the push guys! That’s what I call team work…..even though it is an individual sport;)

    This morning at 7am I went for another run! A 10km run along the seawall (check out pictures from my last seawall run here) Ahh, great way to start the day…. While I was running, I was trying to imagine myself this Saturday running in Yellowknife with the temperature at least 30 degrees colder and 2x as long.. It made me twitch with fear a bit….What again did I sign up for? Oh ya… a 45km race in the Arctic circle! (I’m just doing half though) We are going to the Stormtech headquarters tomorrow to have a meeting about the shots we need to get and also pick up some gear!

    Here’s a piece of gear I have been contemplating getting… Anyone have one of these rollers?

    I hear they are good for runners, dancers, etc.. Oh look.. you can target your calves!

    Something to think about… Would it sit under the bed or would I actually use it? Hmmmmm….

    Tonight we are on our way to The Healthy Chef Competition at The Hyatt. It’s open to the public, so come along!

    Swim at 5:30am tomorrow morning, so we can’t stay out too late:)

    Hope your having a great day! Your A+ in my books…..xoxoxoxo

  • Hey!!!

    Sunday…Is Sunday a Funday for you, or a catch up on work, get ready for the week kind of day? Mine is usually a bit of both. Sometimes they are ALL OUT GNARLY TUBULAR FUN and sometimes Sunday’s ingredients are 1 cup of work, mixed with a dash of cleaning and organizing and a pinch of FUN… haha.

    I’m not even sure what today is yet…. I’m feeling a bit kooky though….ONE STEP AT A TIME AMANDA…

    I took a whole wack of steps this morning! On the triathlon training schedule today we had a 1hr run. I ran with the 10 minute mile group. I was feeling really strong and relaxed, despite the rain! We saw a bald eagle along the seawall..

    “Hey buddy! How’s the view up there?”


    There are SOOOO many runners out and about on Sunday mornings in Vancouver. I know there are a ton of running groups putting the training in for the 10km Sun Run on April 17!

    I don’t think I am going to run it. I will sure be there though! I believe we will be working with Stormtech that day doing some filming. Mike is going to run it and so is his sister!! (she is coming from Yellowknife to run her first 10km ever). When I finished my first 10km, it was such a great feeling. You feel accomplished and it also leaves you wanting more! What’s next? What other race can I do? ha, it’s a sensation I get after every race… ok, When is the next one!!?”


    Ok I’m not too bad, lol…I’m just putting down the work looking for things in Saskatoon like:

    - a dj

    - a photographer (that I only need to hire for a couple hours)

    - a potential place for a ceremony

    - Oh… and where should we go for our honeymoon????

    I was flipping through a wedding mag and guess what I saw? MY WORK! I know, you can barely see her face (Jaclyn and Maury are the hot couples names), but I did her wedding makeup last year (might have been 2 years now…)

    She is a gorgeous gal

    The small micro picture of her dancing was in this magazine

    In exciting news, Mike and I have our engagement photo shoot booked!  At least we have that confirmed! Getting them done by YAY! In a couple weeks!

    Me and my best friend getting married;) I always say to him “hearts and kisses and love and butterflies”. He always says, “I get the first 3, but why the butterflies?”. I just like saying the word butterflies… deal with it!

    My next task at hand is to get everything ready for Frostbite 45 happening next weekend in Yellowknife! (The 45km trek in the artic that Mike and I are signed up for). I sure hope we see more northern lights!

    We are so lucky that most of our gear will be from Stormtech, so I am confident we will be warm enough, but I am STILL going to get a FULL FACE beleclava! I have seen the wind/sun burns some of these athletes get and I DO NOT want that!

    Sometime’s I have no shame! This was on the West Coast Trail last spring!!

    Okee dokeee.. I am going to get a move on the day (actually going to get Michael at airport… what a guy)

    Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

    “hearts and kisses and love and BUTTERFLIES!”


  • Oh me oh my.

    First off, my love and prayers go out to anyone affected by the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.

    At 5am this morning my brother who lives in Lethbridge texted me and said to watch out for possible Tsunami coming my way. Mike is out of town, so I immediately jumped out of bed and looked outside. (Normally he would be the one jumping out of bed first) All looked normal to me..

    I started to watch the online news and got updates that Vancouver would be ok, but Port Renfrew (where we hike every summer), would likely be hit. I always notice these signs when we hike, but you never think you’d ever have to use them…scary…

    While I was keeping an eye on the ocean…. I noticed HIM again! The Halfman/half fish guy… he was going out for his swim in the middle of a Tsunami warning!!! I wanted to run downstairs and go warn him, but then I thought, he is half fish anyway so he would be ok

    The ONLY difference I noticed in our ocean was that white line that went across.

    It moved a bit… and that was it.

    tsunami vancouver

    Thank you universe for keeping us safe and with all the love and prayers from my heart, I send it out to those at all hurt or affected by this event today!

    So, I went about my day and made a batch of my almond butter. I put a bit to much molasses in it again!!! My recipe is here, but just use a few drops of molasses. It still tastes good, I just like when it’s lighter…

    Today’s batch…

    A tad to much of this….

    My cousin sent me an email asking me my favourite VEGAN recipes… WELL CUZ, I don’t cook too, too much. But a couple food blogs I really like are

    I know there is a million out there, anyone want to recommend some vegan recipes/blogs for my cousin? She’s super sweet! (ok, and she’s drop dead gorgeous….)

    I know, I know… you get your looks from me:lol!

    At least I took my Jlo butt down to the treadmill today! I have felt like a slacker lately…Here’s my new shorts.

    Here is my triathlon training schedule going into next week. I am getting back in the game FULL FORCE

    And the last thing to round out my day was a very different type of voice job I landed. Where, in fact…it wasn’t a voiceover persay, but I had to do a web tutorial!! There was a lot of script to memorize, but genius me used a teleprompter right under the web camera..
    The corporate me… lol… So if you see some random video of me on the internet endorsing some PC software…. Ummm, ya… that’s me:) Hi!

    I am leaving you today with a quote:
    “I know, that I have the ability to achieve the object of my definite purpose in life, therefore, I demand of myself persistent, continuous action toward it’s attainment and herein now promise to render such action!”
    Wanna hear it again???

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