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  • First off- Hi!! Happy Friday!!

    Secondly- How about that interview with Shannon Coates yesterday? ummm, ya she is all sorts of amazing!

    Thirdly…. I am a bit of a Shannon stalker now at I thought that the landscape of these 2 pictures of her and I looked rather similar… (maybe I’m just searching for similarities, haha)

    She also talked about how much she likes oatmeal (with protein plus bites), well, I haven’t tried that- but 2 days ago I did make oatmeal for breakfast (with almonds and blueberries)

    Actually, lately I have been trying to eat more protein, I recently made another fresh batch of almond butter! yummy

    This morning for breakfast was my homemade almond butter, Ezekiel toast and banana…

    almond butter, toast and banana
    THEN, I made these wicked Vegan Coconut Balls!! coconut vegan macaroons, rawI got the recipe here.

    You’ll need:

    1.5 cups shredded coconut
    3/4 c maple syrup (or agave nectar)
    3/4 c cocoa powder
    Dash Vanilla Extract
    1/4 c coconut oil (optional)

    SIDE NOTE: Speaking of getting more protein, have you looked at how much protein coco powder has? 26g per 100g! Also 140% of your daily Iron intake and 70% of your Vitamin A intake…. wowzers!

    Add in all your ingredients

    Mix em up

    This recipe is to easy!! Once it’s mixed up- roll them into balls, and put em in your freezer

    They were a million times better than I ever thought they would be… SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!

    In other news…I went to get a coffee this morning and I SAW HIM… by him… I mean this guy who I often spot swimming WAAAAY out in the ocean…

    If I had a fancy zoom lense you would be able to see better… isn’t that crazy? I see him out there all the time.. Wouldn’t it be insanely cold right now? He wears a wetsuit, but still. I am determined to get this guys story some day (I have seen him when he leaves the water too…)

    I was surprised he isn’t half man/half fish…

    haha… Maybe there is a mermaid out there he is friends with…. Or maybe is an athletic superstar and that is just part of his morning workout… RIGHT NOW…IT IS A MYSTERY..

    Well, thanks for stopping by! Have an amazing weekend!!!

    Talk real soon!!




  • Hello…

    March.1! Welcome!  A day I pay rent, get paid and FEATURE my Tomboy That Wears Makeup Of The Month… She is RAD…. and maybe needs a bit more time answering the questions..That’s ok!!!

    In the meantime, I want to say THANK YOU to all the TTWM of Month since I started this blog

    September was Tennis player/model Liis Sober

    October was Jazz singer Jackee Guilou

    November we had rock star bass player Alison Toews

    December was fitness pro/model Svetlana Romanova

    January we had the founder of Operation Beautiful/blogger Caitlin Boyle

    February we had the beautiful, funny all star runner Skinny Runner

    I guess that means I have been blogging for just over 6 months! Time flies! Having this blog has definitely impacted my life in a positive way. Sure I have to think up things to write everyday, but it keeps me on my toes!

    I made it downstairs to do some laps this morning for my triathlon training. I set out for 40 laps and settled for 25. I think I am FINALLY improving my kick. (just call me crazy legs!) I’ve been having a hard time with getting the proper kicking technique down- but I think I’m finally getting into a groove!

    swimming laps in pool!

    Like that I am always wearing the same green cap and blue suit in every swim shot?  Tonight I am running with the club, we are do a tempo run. We are supposed to keep our “race pace” for 20 minutes… It will be a good run I reckon.

    Who wants to make some awesome veggie soup??? I got this recipe from here.

    Ingredients I used (really you can use anything, but make sure to have the “root veggies”)


    Sweet Potato

    Regular potato (I used 2 small red potato’s)












    red pepper

    Veggie Stock

    huge can of tomato’s (diced, crushes, whatev’s!)

    Check out this video for a more in depth step by step!

    You can also keep the big pot in your fridge and just bring it out, throw it on the stove whenever you want some (good for about a week I’d imagine- unless you freeze)

    Enjoy! It’s so good..

    If you have any questions, let me know!

    Talk sooooooon!


  • Happy Sunday!

    Watz UP?? Have you heard about the snow in Vancity? It’s nuts… Here is a blurb put on facebook yesterday:

    Now here’s where the tough prairie girl I claim to be becomes a urban city diva- I MISSED MY RUN THIS AM (with my tri group). I looked outside at 7am and decided I would run indoors on the treadmill. I pictured myself slipping all around, trying to get a grip on the road. PLUS- my throat felt a teeny bit sore- and lately my voice work has been our only source of working income- so I need to keep it functioning smoothly!

    So… Mike and I slept in a bit later and went to Tim’s for a coffee. We did our weekly Sunday ” buy coffee for others” good deed. If you haven’t seen the video of what we do- watch it here.

    Then to still get in a run, we went down to the gym and I hit the treadmill. Here’s a great tip from my coach- IF you need to run on a treadmill, put the incline at 2. I ran for 45 min (not the 1hr 30 min run I would have done)- but I still felt good about my efforts.

    Mike was taking forever on the eliptical, while I was waiting I decided to to some backwards walking on the mill, that turned into backwards jogging. Do you ever jog backwards? I heard it’s good to do for very short amounts of time to work other muscles- HOWEVER, I would NEVER RUN a race backwards…

    Can you believe people do this??? I am as open minded as they come- but I’m not sure I could get into this… HAHA, SO IN THIS CASE, DO THEY SAY….GO….GET SET…..ON YOUR MARKS!!!!

    Who’s the dude in the white tank?? He’s so hot- he doesn’t need a race bib! On the plus side, they say One lap of backward running is said to be equivalent to running six laps forwards

    This video is for you!

    OH MY….
    In other news… I have been Hannah the Happy Homemaker today! I have made Hummus, Homemade Lara Bars, and Homemade Almond Butter, which turned out WAY better than my last batch. The key was less molasses and a touch of oil. It turned out GREAT.Homemade almond butter, the best recipe, with apples

    Can you believe all the stuff I’m making? Guess what else is on the list tonight? Andrea’s Famous Soup!

    I got my ingredientsroot soup, the best homemade soup,

    2 things I forgot- Cauliflower and peas… oh well.. Also, I would try adding in chickpeas like Andrea does, but I used both cans for the hummus I made…

    I got this pot at Ikea the other day..

    I’m ready to rock! Enjoy the rest of your day! Lots of love and light from me to uuuuuuuuu!!

  • Oh Monday…a day I love because it is full of unlimited potential (I never know what clients are going to hire me, etc) BUT…It’s always….a… MONDAY! Get back at it. Up at 5am and get to work..

    A typical Monday morning

    -Up at 5:15am

    -coffee is ready to go (timer…YESS)

    -listen to Morning Coach Podcast

    -listen to a voiceover Podcast (or listen to a daily meditation)

    -warmup my voice (wake up neighbors! lol)

    -keep an eye on my voice accounts and watch the auditions start rolling it

    -get to work and see where the day takes me

    I love you Monday- bring me lots of awesome jobs today ok?? Thanks! I need it to pay forall the groceries we bought yesterday,lol! I love being stocked up.

    I also made some almond butter yesterday! It turned out really good. I got a the recipe idea from, but I call it:

    Allman Brothers style Almond Butter, (I know, it makes no sense!)

    2 cups of almonds

    drizzle on maple syrup and molasses.

    roast at 350′ for 30 minutes, let cool for another 30 min

    throw in processor, add some salt and another drizzle of oil and take it for a spin

    Did you know that molasses contain A LOT of Iron, calcium, Vitamin B and other vitamins and minerals? (I googled it)

    Drizzle it on your Almonds

    And bake….Once they are done, throw them in your processor (the molasses turns them dark)

    add some salt and a little touch of oil (just so it isn’t dry)

    I took a break to look down the rabbit hole, looking good…keep going boys!

    Starting to get even finer, this is after about 2-3 minutes of spinning

    Once it was a good buttery consistency, I spooned it into a jam jar (remember I ate that whole jar of jam recently?) Well, it worked perfect.

    Before I could stop him, Mike came and dug his finger in the top, lol. I didn’t bother telling him I wanted to take a picture of it first, I let it go- don’t sweat the small stuff;)

    homemade almond butter

    It’s way darker than normal almond butter because of the roasting molasses stage. Next time, I think I will skip the maple syrup and molasses to see how it is just plain. This is still really tasty. Perfect for my apples and rice cakes.

    NOW- I have something to share – I became an Auntie this morning!!! My mom told me to keep it on the down low until my brother had a chance to tell people, but I’m sure by the time I post this- everyone will know. I am to excited to keep it in.

    Jasper Dale Sellers was born in Saskatoon at 9am this morning weighing 7 pounds 2 oz. My mom said that my sister in law (and new mommy) Nicole looked so good that she could bounce out of bed and go for a jog. So yes, mommy and baby are doing amazing. I am beside myself and cannot wait to meet him. Hearts, hugs, kisses and love to my precious nephew.

    I’m gonna go freak out for a while! Have an amazing day!!!!


    Daily Affirmation-“I open my heart to more love every day.” - Louise L. Hay

  • Hello there!

    This is a happy, positive blog, but I briefly have 2 complaints….

    I rushed to Long and McQuade music store last night to get a desk top mic stand before they closed. I got home and opened up the box and it is missing a bunch of pieces….

    Looks like a metal plunger!!  That’s all that was in the box. What the heck am I going to do with that???? GRRRRR

    Then last night, I went to Whole Foods to willingly pay $700 for a head of lettuce just because it is organic and good for me. The cashier put my lettuce at the bottom of the bag and pilled cans and stuff on top. Not only did my $700 lettuce get crushed- on my way to my vehicle the handle ripped off the bag because it was packed too heavy and the groceries fell to the ground…

    Here’s a picture I took when I was still happy and the food was sliding down the belt:)

    food from wholefoods vancouver

    Things in my overstuffed grocery bag:

    very expensive overpriced frozen blueberries, to add to my:
    Steel cut oats
    Amy’s Soup
    Soup Broth to make my own veggie soup….ohhhhh
    frozen veggies (peas, brocoli, spinach)
    chick peas
    black beans
    pitted dates, dried cranberries and nuts to make my own energy bars
    firm tofu
    “crushed lettuce”
    some other veggies
    pirates booty (fun snack)
    rice cakes (I’m gonna make my own almond butter so I need something besides apples to put my butta on!
    Mustard (I wanna make veggie burgers as soon as I have time)

    My first grocery shop of the year was a success. Now…If I can only eat this good all year….lol

    See….now I’m happy…talked through my frustration and we are moving on!

    It is DAY 1 of my triathlon training today. I got 7 downloads from my coach Lara, including my training schedule, hydration and nutrition tips, a breakdown on training zones and intensities- (which will be good, and challenging for me because I only have one intensity level- SLOW.)

    My swim this morning was 4 x 250m at a light intensity. I calculated how far that is in my dinky pool- 48 COMPLETE LAPS! WOAH.

    I did it! 48 laps this morning. Took me about an hour.  (hot pic I know…)

    I am ALSO running today with the club at 6pm, it’s our first run together (we are not wasting ANYTIME getting into this program, lol)

    I will most likely start doing 2 posts per day now. One will be just a regular ol post and the other will be a training diary of some kind. I made a new triathlon training link, so follow along- heck even join in. There is still time!

    After the swim, I came upstairs ravenous- I invented a new shake! I call it:

    48 LAPS

    frozen berries
    frozen spinach
    half of a frozen banana
    Vega Powder
    freshly squeezed lemon and oj

    Blend and Serve!

    Here’s me layering the frozen berries and spinach (first time I have EVER put spinach in a shake)

    Then added half a frozen banana and the Vega

    Next up I squeezed some lemon and OJ into it (you could use any juice- the fresher the better!)

    Add some water and BLEND ER UP And VOILA, the “48 Laps” is ready to inhale!

    It tastes delicious and I feel GREEEAAAAT. (take that Tony the Tiger- Meow!)

    How is your year going so far? Any grocery store shopping adventures?

    I better get onto some work! Hope all is well in your world! Talk sooooooon:)


    Daily affirmation “I release all criticism. I only give out that which I wish to receive in return. My love and acceptance of others is mirrored to me in every moment.” - Louise L. Hay

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