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  • Hello!!

    I’ve found paradise. It’s called Ocean Resort, it’s an ocean front resort (hence the name- Ocean Resort) by Campbell River on Vancouver Island. Just hop on the Horsehoe bay Ferry to Nanaimo and you are just about in paradiseJ

    Here is a picture I just took this evening as Mike, myself and our devil, darling puppy made our way back to our hotel room.

    ocean resort, campbell river, spa and raw food weekend, vancouver island
    We are tired after a long day which started out like this:

    Up at 5am, at the Ferry Terminal by 8am, on the Ferry!

    Except when you have a 12 week old puppy….. you don’t go up to the passenger areas and sit in the nice lounge…..

    Instead- You sit in the dingy car filled lanes underneath the boat…

    Weeee…Oh well.. he is worth it.

    We made it to Nanaimo and I saw a dear friend that I haven’t seen in YEARS. No picture of her though, not everyone wants to be on a blog that is read by thousands;) Let’s just say though, she is like Canada’s version of Victoria Beckham… So, instead of a picture of my beautiful friend, here is a picture of a bee.

    Love ya girl!

    OK- So once we pulled up to Ocean Resort, the heaven’s opened up. We checked in, walk into our room.

    They have pet friendly rooms and we are looking out into the ocean and walking meditation.

    Our first Raw Food dinner was being served shortly, so we made our way over to the dinner hall.

    A yummy green drink awaited us.
    ocean resort, campbell river, spa and raw food weekend, vancouver island

    Followed by the appy which was a half an avocado with a raw cracker and salsa (I will get these recipes and try them, trust me, they were amazing)

    ocean resort, campbell river, spa and raw food weekend, vancouver island

    This is Raw food people! Chef Carol is AMESOME!! or shall I say RAWSOME! The main course was a stuffed pepper, flax and sprouts, the sour cream looking topping is whipped nuts, (either cashew or macadamia) These are the things I will find out! What are the recipes for these delicious, yet raw, wholesome meals.
    ocean resort, campbell river, spa and raw food weekend, vancouver island

    Oh hi desert!! Raspberries from the garden (lots of the produce is from the on-site garden)

    ocean resort, campbell river, spa and raw food weekend, vancouver island

    After dinner, I had a 90 minute massage in the spa…. I know, life is rough….

    ocean resort, campbell river, spa and raw food weekend, vancouver island

    Followed by lounging by the ocean until sunset….

    ocean resort, campbell river, spa and raw food weekend, vancouver island

    This place is what zen, health, wellness and relaxation dreams are made of!

    OOPS, but oh ya…. I still gotta deal with HIM….

    He was trying to eat acorns off the ground all night. I said, “did I buy a dog or a squirrel?”  He’s a bugger.

    K, bed… NOW. Love you! Night Night!


  • Hello!!!

    It’s been a productive day today!!

    It started with my handwritten 3 pages of “stream of conscience” writing. I got this technique from The Artist’s Way Book-

    The exercise is where you don’t even think about what you are writing- you just let it flow, anything and everything pours through your pen and you don’t stop until you reach 3 pages. I find it really helps me set the tone for the day and it does unleash creative and unexpected thoughts that must have been back in your brain somewhere.

    I highly recommend trying it. When you wake up in the morning, grab a notebook and just write! I would be HYPER embarrassed if anyone ever read my lil journal, but then again I don’t think anyone could read my writing!

    After I write, then I listen to JB is the founder of Morning Coach and he rocks! If you are looking for a morning pick-me-up- TRY Morning Coach! You could also listen to the inspiring podcasts over at

    OR…. You could listen to this Start your Day morning meditation that I recently wrote and recorded!!

    Before I get going with the day- I need that personal time to get my head in the right space so I can stay focused, energized and positive!

    Of course exercise is another HUGE step that will get you feeling great in the morning. I have had later workouts as of late because of projects due, etc. But I am still getting in my gym time! My foot has still been bugging me, I went to 2 doctors today.

    The 1st doctor I went to looked like he hadn’t washed his white coat in weeks, his eye was twitching and we did NOT speak the same language.coquitlam point medical center

    So I went to get a 2nd opinion….the second doctor was a bit better, but I still don’t get any answers. I thought it was a nerve in my foot and these doctors this it’s irritated tissue. Whatever. I am just going to start icing it more and write out some affirmations to will it AWAY!

    Ironically a book I have been waiting for, for a long time finally came in today! (I think it helps you create affirmations.)

    I haven’t read this book, but according to a friend of mine it is very good!

    The rest of my day has been FULL of voicing. I am on fire today!! voiceover artist, home studio

    Mike thought it would be funny to take a screen shot of himself and drag the image onto my monitor..

    Cute. I think he is making that face cause I got mad at him for something. I was probably over-reacting about something. That is the norm.

    Today, I also went BANANA’S!!!! Frozen banana’s!!!

    I got the idea from shape magazine. shape magazine frozen banana's recipe

    Take frozen banana’s and throw them in your processor…frozen banana icecream
    Press ON and dessert is servedfrozen banana ice cream
    I added a drop of vanilla extract and topped it off with some chocolate sauce (I just used nesquick) and shaved almondsfrozen banana
    I know it doesn’t look as good as Shape’s Food photography, but it tastes great!
    I made Mike a batch but added frozen strawberries to his (as per his request)
    Mikey likes it!!!frozen strawberry banana

    It’s a nice summer frozen treat!

    Hope you had a great day! Time for me to do some exercising. Until we meet again!!!!!



  • Howdie Neighbour!

    Happy monday! Mike got up early and snapped some picture of the sunrise.

    Good morning!
    port moody sunrise

    Beautiful sunrise…

    Shoot! I missed it haha…

    I was snoozing, lol… Looks like I am wearing headphones, but it’s just the lamp. Man, I am a geek!

    Good day so far though…I just voiced a National voiceover spot and had 3 people on the phone listening in and giving me direction. PHEWF! Talk about getting my sweat on!

    I have had people listen in before- but never 3 people! It went extremely well though, it’s voiced, edited and back to my agent.

    home studio

    I love what I do and I am extremely grateful to make a living in this field, but trust me- I have put in my time! I have spent hours upon hours training, reading, practicing and learning as much as I can about my craft. This weekend I did an online course by Susan Berkley.

    An interesting fact I learnt was the the tone of your voice in a message is more important to the sale of something that even the WORDS are! See the graph below- 55% is the visual, 38% is the vocal and only 7% is the verbal. That is crazy!susan Berkley e-course

    Definitely made me think about my tone and delivery. The more honest and sincere you are in voiceovers (and in life!) the better you will be heard, understood and trusted!

    Right? That’s why everyone lovers Oprah so much. She is so genuine and real.

    Something else Genuine and Real is my hummus recipe… HOLLA!

    Here’s what you need….


    -2 cans of chick peas




    -cayanne pepper (optional)

    First off, I rinsed off my chick peas really well (especially since they were a cheap no name brand!)

    Then peel as much garlic as you can handle.

    Throw the chick peas and garlic, along with a couple tablespoons of tahini and your freshly squeezed lime into your processor and blend until creamy smooth.

    I add a bit of cayenne pepper in mine for a kick. If the mixture is still really chunky after blending for a couple minutes, add 1/2 cup of water.

    And there ya go!

    I hope your week is off to a great start. We’ll talk to you soooooon!


  • Holla!

    How is your weekend going? I’ve been having such a great weekend, watched the game with some dear friends, getting lots of work done, went for a walk….

    Here are some pictures from my walk yesterday. I live in the condo on the left.

    Burrard Inlet.

    Love this little walkway.
    Which led to a path by the water where I wrote out my “to do’s” for today!

    I got most of them done. I feel like it was a very productive day. I also managed to sneak out to the beautiful tennis courts across the street.

    Once I get into it, I never wanna leave! (even with my still sore foot….getting better though)port moody tennis

    Once we were done (and starving). I whipped up some zucchini pasta!! Have you ever tried it? YUM!

    First I made the marinara. Here’s what you need:



    -1 can of tomato paste

    -2 cans stewed tomatoes



    -basil (optional)

    ***Oh and by the way- I never really measure the spices and garlic, pinch here and dash there, although I put in TONS of garlic

    Put the canned tomatoes, your garlic and spices in your processor and blend it up.

    Then sautee some onions with some oil on the stove.

    Once the onions are soft, add in your mixture.

    While that is brewing on medium heat, get out your zucchini’s! I used 2.

    Now for this step you can use a regular potato peeler to cut the zucchini into ribbons, or this gadget I got called a spiruli.

    I love it! Perfect noodles that you have to twirl with your fork.

    Throw them in a bowl (raw- no cooking required for these bad boys)

    Once the marinara is warmed up on the stove, pour it over and voila!

    zucchini pasta

    It is uber delicious, easy to make (even I can do it), it fills you up and it is very healthy for you!

    My culinary skills are better than they once were, but I still have 7 billion miles to go to reach the level of CHEF status!

    However, next Sunday night I will admire chefs from afar at The Chef’s Conference taking place right here in Vancouver!

    Here’s a blurb on it…

    “More than 500 Canadian, American and world chefs will gather for the 48th annual National Chefs Conference, June 12 – 15, 2011 in Vancouver. Hosted by the Canadian Culinary Federation Culinaire Canadienne (CCFCC) and the BC Chefs’ Association, the conference offers chefs, culinarians and guests from across Canada the opportunity to learn from industry leaders, compete in culinary challenges, and taste the best of British Columbia and Canadian cuisine.”

    I’m sure I’ll learn a thing or 10, as well as taste some amazing dishes! It’s open to the public, Get your own tickets to the Chef’s Convention!

    Okedokee, I’m outta here. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and we’ll catch up tomorrow!!!


  • Oh Monday… Be good to me;) lol

    Last night I couldn’t sleep :( and as the icing on the cake, Mike was snoring AND talking in sleep. Here is what went down in the middle of the night…

    Mike “Do you have anything?”
    Me “What do you mean?”
    Mike “Do you have anything????” (a bit louder this time)
    Me “Mike! Do I have anything what? What do you mean? Your talking in your sleep!”
    Mike “Do you have anything recorded yet?”

    At this point I woke him up. It freaks me out when he’s sleep talking!! He does this now and again, he’s done it in front of my brother too. Apparently Mike was sleeping and he said “BOO!” really loud and starts laughing- All in his sleep!!

    Ahhh, the joys of sharing your life with someone! (and your bed, haha) We have a queen size- I want a king!

    When we are fully awake we have been getting our supplies ready for our 45km trek this weekend in Yellowknife!

    Here is our check list from the website:

    Mandatory Equipment

    • Route map (provided by us)
    • Backpack
    • Thermos (1 litre at least)
    • Fire starter (i.e., lighter or matches)
    • Personal first aid kit (with blister supplies)
    • Headlamp & spare batteries
    • Red LED light for your backpack
    • Emergency food of 1000 calories (about 4 granola bars)
    • Knife or multi-tool
    • Space blanket or bivvy bag
    • Spare heavyweight toque
    • Spare heavyweight mitts
    • Spare heavyweight socks
    • Sunglasses
    • Whistle
    • Windbreaker
    • Appropriate clothing for the event!!

    Optional items:

    • Drinking cup (for water at checkpoints)
    • Sunblock and lip balm
    • Pocket heat packs
    • Ski goggles

    See the 8th item on the list?

    -Emergency food of 1000 calories (about 4 granola bars)

    Well looky here, how about we make our own Granola Bars?homemade granola bars, vegan, raw


    -1.5 cups of oats

    -1/2 cup of coconut

    -1 ripe banana

    1/2 cup of chocolate chips (or as many as you want)

    1/2 raisins (which I didn’t have, so I went without)

    1/2 cup maple syrup or agave nectar

    1/2cup peanut butter (I used almond butter)

    2Tb of flax seed (optional)

    1.5 tsp cinnamon

    1tsp vanilla

    I have the WORST handwriting known to man….

    All your gear

    Start by mashing up your banana in a bowlhomemade granola bars

    Start to add in all your other ingredients… Oats, coconuthomemade granola bars
    My favourite ingredient! Chocolate chipshomemade granola bars

    Mix it well.

    Then I lined a tupperware container with saran wrap and pressed it down.homemade granola bars

    I left them to sit over night in the freezer to congeal and took them out this morning and cut em uphomemade granola bars

    They are super yummy and taste A LOT like Cliff Barshomemade granola bars

    If you make your own- be creative. You can add in whatever appeals to you…
    OK…one thing is checked off the Mandatory list! haha

    This is a super exciting week, filled with action… If you are looking for something fun to do, join us this Wednesday at The Healthy Chef Competition and dinner at The Hyatt Regency Vancouver! It’s a competition between local chefs to see who can make the best tasting dishes out of local produce and healthy foods.Every guest will be given a generous box of produce: apples, pears, bananas, oranges, lemons, potatoes, squash, dried mushrooms, and snow peas, along with recipes and lots of great nutritional ideas! I cannot wait to attend this event!!! Tickets are here!

    Now, Mike and I are off to get a helmet camera for our upcoming adventure in Yellowknife. Wooo Hooo!


    Question for you:

    In this moment, what are you thankful for?

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