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  • Wow, lots has been happening… Mike and I are back in Saskatoon and I had my baby…


    Here I am at about 5 months pregs…

    Here I am at about 7..

    And here is the bundle of joy I created! His name is Beckwith Michael David Schurko and was 7lbs 7oz at birth, 21 1/4 inches, born Nov.30 2013 at 7:37pm….

    Here is is saying hi to you in blog land!

    Here is the poor little monkey at the doctors for an eye infection… (lil starfish in his winter garb)

    Gas maybe? or just…”Mom, more pictures? Seriously!”


    So I am now a mom. I guess I needed time away from blogging for a while. I want back in it though..We’ll see how it goes! I’ve tried to fire it up a couple times and I got too busy/sidetracked/etc…It feels different this time though….

    I want to fill you in on my labour, having the baby and all that craziness.. Is this going to be a “mommy blog”? How can it not be? That’s what I am now. When you have a kid, it changes your life. I am a mom. Ya, I’m still me, but different…. in a good way… let’s see how it unfolds!

    *MOM moment as I was typing this*…I just ran downstairs to get water and realized I only had 1 slipper on, but baby was in his swing, so I had to be quick.. there is a big pile of dishes in the sink and the light is burnt out in the office but I can’t deal with it now. So I am typing this in the dark as Beck swings away, sucking a soother that keeps falling out that I have to stick back in every 2 minutes… haha

    I saw this in Shape Magazine the other day… I think this is my new title!


    Yup, and a new chapter unfolds. My goal is to document it here…. so join me please!