• Hey!

    Phewf, last night around this place was a gong show. Our neighbours down the hall were not having the best of times. It was a couple screaming and arguing all night….that was until the cops came at 3am.
    Geesh. On top of that, Mike’s had a really bad cough. So I let him sleep in and decided Painter and I would go to Tim’s and get him a coffee.
    While I was in the drive through, on the radio a man was playing a win cash game. He won $800 and he was flipping out , but then he said he was sooo happy because this was the first Christmas in 42 years that he didn’t have to work, since he had just retired. OK- I don’t know if it was the way he said it, or what, but that made me cry. I’m serious, not for long, I was just so happy for him that he had Christmas off and he just won $800. (Bridezilla is slowly emerging….haha)

    When I got home I was standing in front of the elevator with a coffee for Mike, tea for me. Then, Painter see’s another dog….charges for it and Mike‘s coffee is perfectly fine, but my tea goes flying across the lobby. My emotions did a quick turn from compassionate to RAGE! (kidding, more frustration that I lost my tea I was so excited about).

    I made a green shake instead.

    Green Smoothie cleanse

    Some of the greens I was rocking this morning.

    I also went to the gym this morning. 45 minute workout. 20 on eliptical, then some light weight training.
    For work today I voiced an online gaming system that will be played in Mexico. I did an audition, they said, “We love your voice, can we hear you with a spanish accent.” So I did my best accent and sent it to them. They emailed me back, “It’s official, we’d like to hire you, but please just speak in your regular voice!” haha.
    I’m good at eating Mexican, but NOT sounding like one! lol (something to work on..)

    ahh, Mexican food…. SNAP. Day 12 on my cleanse. One thing about this cleanse is how easy it has gotten. In the beginning I had pretty bad headaches and I didn’t know how I would continue, but day by day, the headache (aka- toxins releasing) left and now I feel like I am on A1A- Beach Front Avenue!

    Here’s me for real on A1A Beach Front Avenue in Florida last May. Another margarita???


    It is definitely my go-to holiday #1 choice. I guess I could make margarita’s in my Vitamix… hmmmm…

    Wishing you a happy, happy, happy weekend full of love, light and JOY! Hark the herald angels are singing for YOU.



  • Hey!!

    10 days until Christmas, 16 sleeps until my wedding and Day 11 on my Green Smoothie Cleanse! Yowzeria Factory!

    So much to do. Going through my wallet I realized I had a gift card from Canadian Tire, so I went out to run some errands and decided to pick up some puppy supplies at good ol CT, but I pulled up to a desolate building. It moved. I just looked at the map and found where the new one is. (These things are exciting, and I feel like you HAD to know)

    Canadian tire moved to Fremont

    In other crazy news, I bought my FIRST EVER Strapless Bra. I said to 3 sales people, “It feels like it’s going to fall down.” They ALL said, it always feels like that, you get used to it and it WON’T fall down.” I’m thinking….Okkkaaaay, I trust you? I started having a dance party in the change room, going through all my famous disco moves and sure enough, it didn’t fall down, haha.

    I-tec strapless

    Crazy thing #3. As a good wife in training, I make food for my hubby-to-be. We are getting so busy lately I decided to stock pile food for Mike. So I made him burritos to freeze. Remember when I made them when I was stranded in a hotel in Wainwright, Alta?

    Here’s my veggies for it.

    Mix was organic short grain rice, black beans and corn.

    mmmm, guac for the spread.

    A little salsa on there and BAM,  lunch for a while…

    As much as I would have LOVED one of those wraps, I am continuing my cleanse. I must say, I am happy for anyone who has taken on eating more greens in their diet. I think it is so darn important and you should be proud of yourself. I got a few pictures emailed from my Sister-In-Law to be, Marianne.

    She made her first ever Green smoothie today! Made with Organic banana, apple, pear, and spinach. (looks like some leaf lettuce in there too)

    You don’t NEED a Vitamix to rock a Green Smoothie, Marianne made her’s with a Magic Bullet which is a great way to start.

    By blending, you are breaking open the cell walls of the greens, which helps them get into the system right away, )and that is just one benefit.) Cheers to good health!

    Marianne is going to drink a smoothie every morning.

    I’ll try to do a lil video update tomorrow! Thanks soooo much for stopping by..
    Muchos Gratias!


  • Happy Monday!!!

    Day 8 of my cleanse! I have never lasted this long on any kind of cleanse before. In certain moments, I honestly feel like I could do this forever, then other moments, I feel like I need to eat something! I am getting in about 1500 calories in everyday, which is actually really good, considering my workouts have been light, (If at all) I missed the gym the last couple days, but will definitely go tomorrow. So I don’t feel hunger, just miss eating…chewing something…. But the ideal thing about smoothies is that your body is not needing to spend tons of effort on digesting, so it has time to clean up toxins throughout the body. Plus, it would take forever to chomp down all those greens, so blending them makes it super easy to provide your body with a MEGA supply of micronutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

    Green Smoothie Cleanse

    This morning was a blend of lemon juice, mixed berries, 2 banana’s, romaine lettuce, celery, cilantro,and parsley.

    My Vitamix infuses everything together..

    Vitamix, green smoothie

    Into a glass of wholesome goodness!! Here’s to our health.

    Green Smoothie Cleanse

    In other news, we think Santa might ask Painter to guide his sleigh this year, so we are training him to pull! He hasn’t got air yet, but with all the energy he has, we know he’ll be flying soon.

    taking dog rollerblading

    On our excursion, I ran into a dear friend whom I haven’t seen since Spring! Angela was out walking her pups, Sammy and Frodo. So nice to see her and catch up.

    Love ya girl!

    OK, Have you ever accidently texted the wrong person? I saw this on facebook yesterday…

    haha! And it reminded me of the time I did this.. (in 2010)

    OMG! How embarrassing! ha. Not once, but twice! Another funny one is when my mom accidently texted Mike and wrote, “Love you sweetie!”.

    I’ll leave you today with some holiday cheer…

    “Santa Claws” is coming to town! xoxo

  • Hello there!

    How goes the holiday season? I am doing things a little backward this holiday season. I am starting a cleanse before Christmas, while most might consider it after. I want to feel amazing inside out. I want my cells to shine brighter than the star atop my Christmas tree. (cheezy! haha)

    Today is DAY 2!! Wow, honestly anything after day 1 feels like a big accomplishment. It is not an easy thing to do… but if I can do it, you can do it!

    This morning I woke up and right away got out my Vitamix to start rocking and rolling on a morning smoothie. I did my “classic” green shake. (Which I will share with you tomorrow, when I share a video of the recipe!)

    I started with Cucumber, celery, parsley…

    Added in spinach, ginger and lemon juice.  In my old blender I used to cut off the skin off the ginger, but with the Vitamix, it is demolishes the skin into bits and I could never tell it was left on.


    Then a banana and hit blend! What a refreshing way to start the day!

    In my second shake of the day, I added in a pear….mmm,

    Then after the gym, I needed sugar and high calories! I blended up a mainly fruit smoothie, with a bit of spinach..

    I shared with Mike this time…


    “Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food” – Hippocrates

    Still not sure that a plant based diet will save lives? If you have a bit of time. Please watch this documentary!

    If you don’t have time to watch it now, definitely check it out when you can. I also watched another documentary today called “Food Matters”. More good stuff about how you really can heal disease through nutrition. I am a believer.

    One of my weak moments today was holding the door open for a guy who had 2 Starbucks coffee’s in his hand. They were probably Peppermint Mocha Latte…In that moment, I was like, “ugh, I want a latte for me and a friend.” But I remember the “why’s”. and remembered “This too shall pass.”

    Other than that, today I did some wedding stuff, went to the gym, finished a big voiceover project and took care of some business. Good day at our camp. Hope yours was great too!


    Be in touch!


  • Hey!!

    Last night my Vancouver girlfriends threw me a bridal shower! We had it at my place. I scrubbed my home before they arrived and I think I got the place looking decent:) Look at the little cone head, he adds to the ambience.

    From the kitchen looking out.

    I lit up my little shrine bookshelf with candles.

    Then my friend came over and had a never ending supply of goodies!

    I was showered with gifts that I LOVED. It was the best time. I am so grateful.

    Then we hit up the town.

    Have you ever been to Keefer Bar? What a cooool place! They don’t make drinks, they make “remedies”!

    Remedy this!?

    Karaoke time! Everyone in my troup were amazing singers! Go Kelli!

    Lee, who is going to be holding a Grammy soon for her ridiculous singing and songwriting talents. So proud of this one.

    And one of my besties and I singing some Pat Benatar! “Hit me with your best shot!” ha ha

    Lee and her bf Josh…

    Ohh ya, gotta love some Baby Canadian champagne.

    It was one of those nights that will always be such a beautiful memory. My Vancouver bridal shower with the most wonderful gals. I love it.
    Done partying for a while though. Switching gears now folks… you just wait….

    Happy Sunday…..