• Hey! How was your weekend???

    Mine was terrific. Getting ready for a really exciting week. One thing I knew I had to do was say buh bye to the way I was eating. After the wedding, I jumped off the healthy wagon, but today was the perfect day to get back on board.

    Trader Joe’s was my first stop. (I didn’t have a bowl big enough, so I made a huge salad in this pot and Mike and I put it in smaller bowls.)

    Trader Joe's salad stuff

    We bought everything under the sun from Trader Joe’s today. We figured it would be over $200, but when the cashier said $133, we both looked at each other and went, “wow!”. Good deals.

    trader joes salad stuff

    Painter was excited about how much we saved too!

    We decided it was time to take the black beast for a carwash.

    This truck drove from Vancouver to Saskatchewan, and then Saskatchewan to LA without a wash….

    Get to work hubby.. lol

    After a trip to the dog park, grocery store, car wash- we still had time in the day to go for a hike.

    Not sure how people get way up there, but there is a big fence at the top to stop them from plummeting off the mountain.

    I’m trying to spell carosil. [nope]..carosel. [nope]..carousel.. ha! did it without google. Carousel!

    Horse. (easy to spell)

    Ready to do yoga in the am and see where the day takes me after that!

    Hope you are ready for an abundant, prosperous week! I am just getting into the new year stuff! Here we go…….


  • Hello!

    Me and the hubby spent 1 night in Vegas (After driving 16 hours straight from Montana) So… I’m not really calling this a honeymoon. More like a stopover, that happened to be in Vegas.

    Las Vegas BLVD

    Even though we had driven for 16 hours and were running on 2 hours sleep, we didn’t let that stop us from having some fun!


    Did you say Margarita?

    drinking a margarita in Las Vegas

    We had dinner at a Mexican Cantina by MGM Grand. (My band ate at the same place years ago when we played at MGM Grand)

    mike in vegas

    Tequila…lots and lots of it.


    My attempt at photographing the water show across the street at the Bellagio.


    Cute. We were going to sing Karaoke, but you had to pay $5 per song… NO WAY! I can sing as I walk down the street…

    Or fire plastic guns.

    run away bride, las vegas

    Uh oh, Mike found some electronic drums.

    drumming in vegas

    Mike played some poker and I put in $5 in a slot machine. Not too much gambling. One of the coolest things we did was let Painter run the length of the hotel hallway. It was probably 250 meters long! I sat at one end and Mike sat at the other and we just kept running back and forth. It was hilarious.

    Beware- adorable dog in room!

    We packed up and headed to LA this morning. Stopped in Primm Valley on the way, which is on the Nevada and California border.

    Made it to LA! We’re here. Not even sure how long we’ll be here, but for now we are soaking up the California sun! We had the AC on when we were driving today. It is NICE!

    Another long day… so now it’s bed time.

    Thanks for stopping by!!!! We’ll be in touch tomorrow. xoxo

  • Happy New Year!


    Yesterday was the big day! Sorry I’ve been MIA- but it has been a whirl wind as you can imagine. I am sooooooo tired right now, but I wanted to post a few pictures from the wedding.

    OHHHH, I’ll start with the risque garter shot, haha..

    Getting tied into my dress..

    Me with Dee and Mom. It was sooo amazing having Dee in Saskatoon.

    Kinda outta focus, but me with Mike, mom and my “groomsmaids” (aka- my brothers)

    Here is me with each and everyone of my cousins, first time all of us have been together.

    Mike getting thrown around…

    Me throwing the bouquet. (my cousins fiancee Kim caught it)

    It’s not a Saskatchewan wedding without some Ukranian dancing…

    Love this shot from right at midnight of Marianne and Craig kissing.. xo

    And that’s all I got for you right now!! Of course more to follow. Here’s to an AMAZING 2012. I am so excited!!!


  • Hello!!!!

    I hope you had the Merriest Christmas EVER! Christmas morning I woke up at 4am (It must have been Santa who woke me up). But I knew we were starting our trek across to Saskatchewan, so I woke Mike up and I said LET”S GO! It took us a good while to get packed up and organized. We were on the road at exactly 7am.

    Got to watch the sunrise over the mountains.

    Shot from the truck. Our plan was to make it Revelstoke..

    Well we made it to Revelstoke in really, really good time.

    It was Painter’s first time in snow. He was being soo funny. We let him off leash for a bit and Mike was throwing snowballs at him. He was trying to catch them and ending up on his side skidding on some ice. He was totally fine and it was pretty funny to see.

    Little snow bunny.

    Since we made to Revelstoke in such good time, we decided to keep going and make it to Banff so we could stay 2 nights in Banff and really relax. So we check into our hotel and hit up Banff Ave.

    Our first stop was the Banff Ave Brewing Co. -MAN was the staff grumpy! ┬áBesides horrible service, there was a couple who lost their wallet and couldn’t pay for their meal. The couple and the waitress were fighting for about 5 minutes. There is a chance the couple was lying just to get a free meal, but it was Christmas and you think the manager would just promo it and let them go.. .But they wouldn’t and it went on and on. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I said, “STOP! I’ll pay for it! Please, just put it on my tab.” I wasn’t trying to be a hero, and the couple was extremely grateful, but I was just ready for the back and forth to end and I wanted to put out good energy into the universe. Sure, the couple could have been lying, it seemed like a good story to me though. Customers always right! Right? So ya, the manager gladly let me pay $31 for their tab. Beer was good though, ha.

    On a totally different note, do you ever get hit with random inspiration? I saw The Beattle’s on an imac ad on tv and I pulled out my notebook.

    I just started to think, why were The Beattles sooo successful? Besides amazing songs, I brainstormed a little list. I always like to have a notebook in my purse so if I am hit with thoughts, I write them down asap. Who knows why or where that energy channels from, but I just roll with it and hope that sub-consiously somewhere it overflows into my own creativity.. If that makes sense? It makes sense in my head…ha

    After our sub-par experience at The Banff Brewing Co, we went to the most happening place in Banff that evening (Magpie and Stump) and had a blast. Our server was such a sweetheart.

    Oh yes we did! Mexican Bulldogs on Christmas night.

    After we were done a few hours of celebrating, we picked up our pup and went for a late night walk. Lots of people were swaggering through the streets, yelling “Merry Christmas.” It was fun.

    Horrible colour matching here, haha. I just needed to be WARM <3

    Here’s our view from our hotel this morning. I took Painter out and we already saw an Elk. He was trying to chase it. HA. NO PAINTER!

    We are going to go for a hike today and just chill out. I actually have a phone system to voice, along with some edits so we are pulling out the microphone. I guess it is a Monday.

    I hope you have a great day. Keep on enjoying this joyous time!!!!


  • Hello!

    Marry Christmas Eve! We are getting all packed up for our trip to Saskatchewan. Part of our day today included making a lil video for our wedding;)

    Here’s the Christmas tree outside of our apartment.

    One week today I will be a married woman!

    We got this clock at Target which will be our countdown to the New Year at the wedding.

    Nicest Jacket I have to go over my wedding dress… Works for me.

    Over Mike‘s suit? NOT.

    Makeup brushes DID get washed up.

    On our way to see my adorable little nephew and ALL the rest of our wonderful families!!

    Wishing you a wonderful evening and Christmas Day!

    Better get to bed… Santa is on his way!!!!!


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