• Hey gang!
    What’s up? My bff just came for a visit!

    We did a styled photo shoot on the beach. It was super fun!

    We had a stylist named Diana, who created a bunch of cool outfits.

    The shoot was just for fun, a creative collaboration.

    The crew. Stylist, poser (me) and amazing photographer Janna.

    During the visit we also hit up Venice

    Crazy Venice…

    Muscle Beach where Arnold used to train back in the day.

    Janna and her hubby Kim, out for lunch in Venice.

    Not sure who lives here, or what is going on here.

    The boardwalk.

    Zen in Venice.

    YAY. Having a good time.

    Hope your having a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back sooooooooon.

  • Hello!

    Happy Valentines Day!!! I hope you’re having a good one. This is my first Valentines Day with my new husband. He’s never too big on these kinds of days, but read on, read on…

    He put this old picture of us up. It’s close to when we first met.

    Cheesy, but forever, together we will leave our footprints in the sand…..

    Painter wanted to get in on the action and say Happy Valentines Day.

    My nephew Jasper sent us Valentines in the mail! Such a cutie.

    Mike was totally prepared for weeks and had a card and gift all picked out RAN to Walgreens while I was in the shower to get me flowers, a sweet card and some roses. Personally I don’t really care about Valentines or all the material mumbo jumbo, but nonetheless, I thought it was endearing and it’s really cool to see “to my WIFE” on the card! woo hoo..

    Valentines Day Reese's pieces heart

    Ok, well… guess what? I am on my way to the airport. My bff Janna and her hubby Kim are on there way for a visit!

    Talk soooooooooooooon

    I <3 you!

  • Hey gang!!!

    How the heck are you? This week is flying by. I have been taking voice over classes, voicing tons of scripts, went to the gym once (NEED to up that-) but just keeping super busy in general.

    Last night Mike had a videography gig at The Comedy Union. I came along for the ride (and the laughs).

    The Comedy Union, LA

    Here we are, about to go in. The show was super fun and we met some great people. Did you know I tried Stand-Up Comedy when I was 16? OMG- I failed miserably!!! I’ll tell you the full length story some day;)

    Today was just gorgeous out (+26)… I spent most of it inside working, but I had to show you that on a clear day you can see a big flower pot, a sliver of the ocean from our balcony.

    And if we cut across the street, you can see the real deal. Check out ALL those surfers in the water!!!

    They just sit there, waiting for their “wave” to roll in!

    surfers in south bay

    Not bad for Feb.9!

    Love the sound of the waves crashing in.

    Under the pier. So cool.

    EEK! Look out for the rushing waves~ (don’t worry, I was really far back….)

    While I am voicing, Painter gets bored and does ANYTHING to get our attention. One by one he brought out almost every curler from my hot rollers set. Then he grabbed one of my MAC blushes. Here is Mike taking a picture of me, taking the picture…

    And here is the picture I got of him….Little brat!! (but so cute)

    It’s hard to stay mad at him! I remember when we were little if my brother did something bad, my mom would try to discipline him, but she would just end up laughing. I think I kinda do the same thing… It drives Mike crazy. He says, “If you can’t even discipline our dog, how are you going to be with kids.” I tell him- “WATCH ME!” lol

    I almost made it to a yoga class tonight, but last minute NO. BOO, I need to get my butt back in gear. It’s been a slow start since the new year. I can feel that “healthy” itch coming back on board. I can’t stay stationary long. I need to get moving.

    How is everything with you? Have you been “moving”? Drink any green shakes lately? I’ve had a couple this week. Need to stock back up on the greeny, green GREENS!!


  • Hello!!!!

    The last couple days I have been back and forth through 5 lanes of traffic! Here we have downtown LA in the smog distance…


    Downtown LA

    For the last month, we have been living in a 4-plex with a bunch of musicians in the wonderful artsy community of Silver Lake.

    On the way to the dog park everyday  I would see this crazy looking thing… it’s art folks! :)

    crazy silver thing on silver lake blvd

    SUPER trendy coffee shop in Silver Lake. Always buzzing with the “Who’s who…”

    LA coffee mill

    But being the Saskatchewan born breeds that we are…with no Tim Hortons around, we skipped the fancy LA  Mill Coffee empire and went to 7-11 for our coffees!!! ha

    Is that a cactus in your pocket or…..haha…

    The dog park is situated on a reservoir. It was fun to walk around it on our journeys to the dog park.

    You can always tell their are “industry” people around you, but this is the only celeb I really spotted. Shirley Manson from Garbage is a HUGE dog lover and goes to Silver Lake with her pup.

    But alas…Goodbye Silver Lake…the next part of our extended vacation has taken us TO THE BEACH. Here is a view from our new pad. You CAN see the ocean from our balcony, but it is just a sliver and you can’t see it in this pic.

    Painter LOVES the beach burring his chicken bone in my purse.  (Nice surprise when I’m reaching in for my lip gloss!!!)

    We are a path away from the water.. omg!

    Here was the sunset that just happened.

    I looked behind me and at the same time that the sun was setting, the moon was peeking up- getting ready to do its thing!!!

    Ahhh, I am so happy to be settled in here. I worked hard today editing a big project, then voicing a new one. But I am now caught up. Tomorrow I am cleaning the Silver Lake place, getting my hair trimmed and seeing where the day takes me….(probably to the beach… There are 1000 volleyball nets up, so I am buying a volleyball asap!)

    Hope you are doing awesome. Now that I’m more settled here for a while, I can keep up with the blogging action!!! Awesome neighbours here too. We enjoyed the musicians we were surrounded by in Silver Lake, but when your a voiceover artist and need a quiet space- being surrounded by musicians isn’t the most convenient situation;)

    (“always putting a positive spin on things” is my middle name)


  • Ahhh, The Never Ending Story….

    Did you ever watch that movie? I loved watching it when I was little. Life is like a never ending story… all your experiences along the way keep making up a new chapter in your book.

    We write our own stories with the decisions we make and the paths we choose to go down. Sometimes it’s scary though. Sometimes I think to myself… “what the bleep am I doing???” but for some reason I am just being pulled a certain way and I want to explore.  For better or for worse, a motto I have always held near and dear to my heart is:

    I’ve had some amazing experiences, and I am never going to stop dreaming…but I am getting to a stage in my life where I think it would be cool to have a family of my own and discover together!! One day…

    On a side note…Doesn’t Painter look like the character in The Never Ending Story????

    haha What a guy.

    Hey- have you heard the saying, “Half the fat if you share it with a friend?” Well the other day I treated myself to a java chip frap from Starbucks. Well, I had to run into a friends house to grab something…..Painter was in the car……When I came back…..Painter was on a caffeine HIGH!!!!

    The only “good thing” I could see coming out of this scene was the fact that he had just saved me a bunch of calories…Thanks for helping me stay in shape you coffee-junkie!!!!

    Anyway, sorry I’ve been busy a bit since we’ve got here. I know I haven’t posted everyday! (boo!) But I’ve been getting adjusted, working, taking voice acting classes (tell you about those soon! It’s been amazing) Oh and we just had to move again today! Except now, we are steps from the ocean. This is gonna be great. We are still in the moving process, half of our stuff is out there, half of our stuff is still in the Hollywood we’ll git er done tomorrow and see how things flow..

    Good news my bff and her husband from Sask are coming to visit us in Feb, and in March, mom is going to vegas, so I will drive out and meet her! We drove to Vegas from Montana in January. We got there when the sun was just coming up. Here’s a shot I took from our Flamingo (pet friendly) hotel room…

    sunrise in vegas

    I love, love, love having you stop by! Come back again soon. Keep writing that amazing story of yours!! xoxo

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