• HAHAHA okay okay, I wasn’t exactly buck…but here’s the story..

    A friend of mine asked me to model for him for a project he needed to complete. So I agreed to it and away we went, down to the beach to get started. As we walked to the beach, we saw this amazing tree root laying on the ocean floor and the photographer stopped and said, “we HAVE to get a shot of you on that on the way back.’ I said “sure that’d be fun.”

    BUT when we finished the shoot at the beach and walked back to take our final shot on the big tree root…THE TIDE had rolled in and it was almost waist deep to get out to it. The photog, my boyfriend (who came to meet us) and I just stood there going “DARNIT” we missed our chance to get that shot….However, being the spontaneous tomboy that i am, lol, I told the group we could jump in and swim out to it!!

    So the photographer agreed and next thing ya know, he is jumping in the water. (camera way above his head;) but I couldn’t jump in yet, the dress I was going to wear for this shot was not mine, It was expensive and it could not get wet….So…I swam out to the tree root (dress above my head) and changed on the root and didn’t get a drop on the dress!! Only embarrassing thing really was that the dress didn’t fit…haha, I couldn’t even zip it up, but you can’t tell in the pics, he shot at an angle.

    The dress is in my hand...... shoot is done......time to swim back to shore!

    Here is one of the shots he got:

    On the tree root! (I had to crop it mega to fit in here)

    And some of the other shots, (the shades were part of the story for his project!)

    This project was lots of fun and I wish the photographer Michael lots of success.

    Being spontaneous helps us to live in the present moment and really feel alive! Swimming out to the tree root was exhilarating! Changing in public is not really my thing, but hey, I kept the dress clean and really, no one was around (I hope:)

    Hope you have an inspired day and remember to act in spite of fear!

  • Hi Hi Hi!

    How has your 2010 summer been? Any crazy romances like in the musical Grease? I always dreamed of being Sandra Dee:) I don’t think those leather pants would fit me tho!  ha

    Here’s some background ambience while you read this post if you so desire:

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    But really, have you lived your summer up to it’s fullest potential? Sometimes I feel like I work the days away, but then I also remember a few of the cool things I have done this summer:

    My Brother got married!

    Back of my uncle's head, my brother Cory and his beautiful wife Donnelly

    Here is me with my nana, 2 bro’s and a few of my awesome cousins

    My sweet Nana, my 2 bro's (in the yellow ties) and a few of my amazing cousins

    Also, I hiked the West Coast Trail for the 2nd time:

    Climbing one of the MANY ladders on the trail


    I think the smoke from the fire was bugging me, haha

    6 days in the rain, mud and wilderness

    Mike and I went to LA

    Norma Jean and I

    I worked here for a year! At the Rainbow on Sunset Blvd.

    Hiking Runyon Cannon in the Hollywood Hills

    Stayed at a boutique hotel in Beverly Hills

    "see how beautiful you look?" umm..nope...

    (testing out spray tanners)

    We went camping at lake Cowichan

    layed in the dingy's for hours

    AND we had 4 fireworks parties (because we have perfect view from out apartment!)

    on the balcony, waiting for the fireworks to start

    all the people on the beach


    bigger bam!

    Ok so here we are, a couple weeks left of summer! I really want to make the most of it!!

    I think I might go down this slide, before they take it away for the summer:(

    Weeeeee, down this slide I will go...before summer ends


    What else? Hmmmm, I want to hike the lions, I want to hike Grouse Grind a bunch more times, I’m going to my cousins wedding in a couple weeks, a glass or two of wine on a patio would be nice .

    Can you help me out? What do you want to do before summer is over?

  • Good afternoon Sunday Sweets!

    Hope your weekend is going well.

    I met up with a few ladies to go see new flick Eat Pray Love. I have not read the book yet, I feel bad because my friend Diana lent me the book and I left it with my mom in Saskatchewan.  (Dee, I am going to Sask in a couple weeks, so I will grab it!)

    I really enjoyed the movie. The message I got and one that I truly believe is to always follow your heart, no matter how hard it seems at the time to “change” the place you are in, life is to short not too!!

    I cried.. a I normally do at movies. (I cried at the new remake of Karate Kid too, ha)

    Bright and early we met up for brunch. I need to do brunch more often! It is so fun.

    Diana, Andrea, me, Mel, Amy

    During Brunch we started talking about years ago when Diana and I put on a birthday bash. My band played and Diana spun records!  Here’s a blast from the past picture from that show. I can’t believe I still have the handbill. I feel so different now… I feel like I’ve gone to Italy, India, Bali and back (even tho I haven’t, lol)

    Check out our finger cuffs!! They were THE THING at the time!!

    And now, here we are today before going in to watch the movie

    Nowadays, we still enjoy a good rock show, but we’ve also incorporated things into our lives like meditation at Buddhist temples, yoga and Sunday Brunch:)

    Are you going to see Eat Pray Love?

  • I did not like coffee at all until I was 19 years old. I moved out to Vancouver (from Saskatoon) and discovered Starbucks Mocha Fraps. You can’t taste the coffee, you get a huge buzz and mmm it’s like a chocolate slurpee!! So I started drinking them pretty much everyday and then, the caffeine addiction built and I got to the point where I could drink any kind of coffee, as long as it had enough cream and sugar.

    So nowadays, I have a very strong relationship with my local Tim Horton’s! We know star employee Brianne best, and she knows us-”2 extra large double doubles coming up!”. She also digs our band, Traces of Eve, and the store has us is in their i-pod mix that plays in-store, which is super sweet.

    So here we are… me and my double double’s…my everyday coffee, sometimes twice a day. Is this really supporting my ultimate health goals? I have just read The Thrive Diet (amazing book, btw) and I have again been reminded that refined sugar is so awful for our bodies and I don’t really believe cream from a cow is too hot either. So about a month ago, I cut out the sugar in my coffee, then about 10 days ago I said no to cream. So I showed up at Tim’s and as Brianne started to pour my coffee, I said “WAIT! I’m going to have a black coffee. She looked at me as if I was nuts….”Ohhhh kaaay?” she says…”really”…me, starting to get grumpy (cause I want a double double) I say “…”

    When I left the store I was bummed. Black coffee sucks!! But as I started to sip it, it started tasting less and less bad! Now…10 days later, I am still drinking black. On the weekend I enjoyed a “single single”, but other than that, it’s been black coffee. I even had an iced black coffee. WOW…did i really???  It’s so not me, but it’s ok, I can get used to it…

    Anyone else want to join on the black coffee train with me? It’s really not that bad. On the weekends, have a low-fat version of what you like to drink. Baby steps to our best selves yet!

  • Alright Thursday, bring it!

    So I am working away at my most current project, which happens to be very, very long! It is a series of online tutorials (I’ll tell you all about it once it is released). But this course is 113 videos. Me, being warrior woman, always think I can get it all done in like 5 minutes.

    For example, this is the stack I set myself out to complete today:

    My work for the day

    Now, after only 4 scripts I find myself like this:

    Sleeping on the pop-filter!!

    When I record, sometimes I am like an unstoppable voice machine on auto-pilot, but on the other hand, I also make a generous amount of bloopers. I make up words out of no where, and I make the weirdest sounds known to man.

    This excerpt I found funny because, I am SOOO TIRED and I actually said the word COFFEE, instead of COPIES.

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    It’s not like slap your knee, dying funny, but its kinda ironic eh?

    I hope you have an awesome day…You are a genius, now go apply your wisdom!!!

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