• Seriously it’s Friday already? This week has flown by.

    I just got home from completing day 3 of my 7 day challenge. (Yoga and hiking for 7 days in a row!) I saw a momma bear with 2 cubs on the trail today, it was freaked out! I walked back down the trail a bit and clapped and sang until they moved along:) At yoga, there were no mean bears, just yogi’s… hahaha

    I love this blog so much because I feel like I am held accountable and I want to demonstrate that we can do whatever we put our minds too.  So thank you, and I hope you are challenging yourself as well. Speaking of using our minds, do you spend time each day thinking about/visualizing  your goals/dreams? I try to, but often get caught up in the day. One way I am reminded to stop and think is with my vision board.

    *note, this is not mine, I found it on the net:)

    Here is one lil corner of mine (I don’t want to show the whole thing, because it will give away what’s to come:) lol

    I cut this out of Self Magazine. I was drawn to it because no matter what age I am in my life, I want to be healthy and athletic. This is an olympic swimmer who is getting better as she gets older!! Just like wine! I’ll drink to that!!

    Do you have a vision board? If not, here’s how ya make em:)
    1.Decide the main theme of your board. It may be based on something specific you wish to accomplish or obtain, or it may be a general idea of everything that makes you happy.

    2.Find pictures that correspond with your theme, either from old magazines, photographs, or from the Internet.

    3.Print (if necessary) and cut out your pictures.

    4.Type or write some affirmations that correspond with your theme.

    5.Glue your pictures and affirmations to your poster board and pin them to a cork board (or put it in a frame)

    6.Hang your vision board in a place you will see every day.

    7.View your board at least once a day, and focus on the objects, sayings and theme of your board.

    My boyfriend and I made ours together and it is located right above our desk.

    Have fun with it!

    Update: I spent yesterday afternoon going through that major heap of clothing and this is what I came up with to donate to charity!! Wow! Are you as impressed as I am?

    I found myself getting emotional with some of the clothing I was getting rid of. I would look down at a shirt and remember exactly what I was doing the last time I wore it. Or I even thought about crazy times I have been through in life and how that shirt was from that particular time. Cheesy I know, but hey, I’m a sensitive girl. lol:) But it felt good to toss it. Out with the old, in with the new!

    Happy Friday! I wish you a fabulous weekend!

    Daily affirmation- “My future is glorious.” Louise Hay

  • Happy Thursday!

    You can always count on Oprah for some inspiration. I picked up the March issue of her magazine from the library. I was intrigued by the cover “De-Clutter your home”. So I got the magazine home, opened it up to the page and the article was gone! Someone had ripped it out. Annoying! So my motivation to clean was gone!  Then yesterday when I was at yoga, I was sitting in the lounge and a book caught my attention. “Zen and your home” (something like that) So I flipped through and it talked about the importance of a clean and organized home. “A clean house is a clean mind”, also with organization comes focus and concentration. It also mentioned to know and use what you have. If you haven’t used it or wore it in the last 6 months,and it doesn’t hold real meaning to you, get rid of it.

    I know this is a tough one for us girls! Our closets are near and dear to our hearts. But if we get rid of things, we can make room for more. Woo hoo.

    So I have decided to start in the bedroom, with the clothes! I have cleared things out quite a few times, but I think I’m in need for another over haul. Maybe this time I’ll be a little less forgiving and actually get rid of stuff I don’t need.

    OMG, here is a pick of some of the clothes I need to go through. What am I getting myself into!!!!

    I will  show you an after as soon as this gets done, which I hope is soon!

    On a side note….I LOVE quinoa. Even plain jane like this with just a veggi bouillon cube in it.

    And last but not least…an update on day 2 of my 7 day challenge. (if you are just tuning in, read post below) I hiked grouse this am. They were filming a tv show on the path. It may have been a reality show. I should have asked one of the camera guys. In the moment I was shy, but then I thought. WHY? Just ask, no big deal…SO because I  was shy to ask, I cannot tell you what show it was…..ANYWAY. Now I am home, I am getting some work done and then I will fulfill my challenge by going to a 2pm yoga class.  Just as much as I want to succeed, I want you to succeed. So thank you for inspiring me, so in turn, I can inspire some of you.

    Here a beautiful pic of the moon my boyfriend took from our apartment the other night.

    So between cleaning out my room and sticking to my challenge, plus my regular work, I have created a busy lil day! I will give you updates soon!!

    Is it time for you to clean out your closet?

    Daily affirmation- “I am willing to change.” Louise Hay

  • Happy Sunday!
    I slept in a bit today, guess I needed it!  Once I finally did get up, we ran to Tim’s, got some coffee and headed out to the ball diamond to play in a softball tournament with some friends. I use to play fairly competitive ball growing up, so I feel right at home on the field! I wish I played more. My boyfriend got a home run! woo hoo!
    Here ‘s me hitting the ball:)
    Now GIVER!!!
    I played softball all day, came home, had a quick Vega shake and now I am turning around and going to go to another one of my favorite things….
    Singing tonight with my amazing choir! I wrote this post on facebook  a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to share it with you here:)
    I have been in and out of the VOC Gospel choir for 10 years. When I moved to the states I was “out” of the choir for almost 6 years! But when I came back to Vancouver, I said…”I need to find Checo!’ Get me back in the VOC.

    The reason the choir is what it is, is because of an extraordinary man who leads the choir named Checo Tohomaso. Years ago I remember Checo showing me his photo albums of him on tour with Marvin Gaye and Lionel Ritchie. In the pictures they all had massive afro’s and bell bottoms on, standing outside their tour bus. Checo toured the world with these guys, singing backups and playing keys!! Checo was so humble about his success, and I just thought to myself, “wow I am so blessed to be a part of this choir” He is so talented it blows my mind.
    So here I am, back in Vancouver, and then Checo left the choir:( to take some time off and go back home (Florida, Hawii…-he’s always somewhere hot! lol)

    But…Now he is back, VOC is rockin and last night was unlike anything I have ever experienced. We had a great practice, I sat beside a sweet young asian girl who didn’t speak very good english, but man could she sing. We were both Alto’s so I said…”ok…please sing louder in my ear so I can hear our part…you sound so good!!” She just laughed and carried on singing her heart out.
    At the end of choir, everyone was dispersing, putting away chairs, talking, getting ready to leave. THEN…this same girl I sat beside, took Checo aside and said she was about to go under radiation and would like for him to keep her in his prayers. WELL… of course Checo stops and gets on the mic and tells everyone the situation, that WE ALL need to pray for this young girl. Then, without an ounce of hesitation EVERYONE stopped whatever they were doing and all congregated around this girl…THEN…one of the soloists grabbed the mic and started saying a prayer for this girl and everyone gathered and put their hands on each others backs (kinda like avitar, lol) but the prayer continued and tears were pouring down this girls face. It was such a powerful moment. (of course I was bawling!) There were no ego’s, just love and caring for another human being. Someone I just met that night. I hope she has a very fast recovery and that she is soon at 100% health. I hope that the choirs loving energy fought out some of her dis-ease.
    I am grateful to have experienced such a vibrant moment.

    Checo and I :)
    Looking good!!
    I’m back there somewhere! I see my tattoo!! ha
    This is when a few of us from choir got to sing backups for the New Kids On The Block!! So much fun!

    Are you involved in something in your community you love? Please do share!

    Daily affirmation: ”I let go of all expectations” -Louise Hay

  • Gooooooood Morning Vietnam!!! (remember that Robin Williams movie?)

    How’s your Friday going? Shaping up to be a nice day here. I am warming up my voice as I write this, I have a lot of auditions this am.

    Had an “a ha” moment….As I have been getting healthier and eating better, I have been cooking more and I noticed the lack of counter space I have. Then I eyed up my microwave and thought “do I really need you?” You know how sometimes you ponder ideas and think, ahh, I better think about this for a bit. I didn’t even flinch. It was like-microwave, you are gone. NOW. BAM. So we put it down by the “community area” of my building, where people leave things they no loner want.

    bye bye lil buddy!!

    I've always been know for my beautiful hand writing!

    Felt good to get rid of it, and the extra counter space is amazing!! If we have leftovers, just throw em in the oven, or in a frying pan on the stove.

    How are your eating habits this week? Have you been eating clean, whole foods? Wanna try a recipe that is full of iron and a great snack…..INTRODUCING KALE CHIPS.  (got the recipe from


    • 1 bunch kale
    • 1 tablespoon olive oil
    • 1 teaspoon seasoned salt


    1. Preheat an oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Line a non insulated cookie sheet with parchment paper.
    2. With a knife or kitchen shears carefully remove the leaves from the thick stems and tear into bite size pieces. Wash and thoroughly dry kale with a salad spinner. Drizzle kale with olive oil and sprinkle with seasoning salt.
    3. Bake until the edges brown but are not burnt, 10 to 15 minutes.

    *here is before I put them in the oven…

    *and after…

    My boyfriend is obsessed with them. They are sooo good. Light and Crispy.

    Last thing I want to mention today is affirmations. Do you do affirmations? I try to do them, but I often forget, so I have decided that everyday I will leave an affirmation at the end of my post. (to remind us both:) I will use ones from Louise Hay and then when I run out of ones from her, maybe i’ll start making them up…we’ll see. She has like 2 years worth tho! ha.

    So the best way to do this is just for 30 seconds or so, close your eyes and say the affirmation over in your head and really feel it and what it means to you. Let me know what you think! Here’s todays:

    I am aware. Louise Hay

    Have an wonderful Friday!

  • Good afternoon!!!
    I am just taking a lil break from work, thinking I better go for a run. I am trying to get inspired. Then I remembered what I was doing last year at this time, and I think, “why am I even hesitating in regards to going for a run?” Just do it!!!
    Here is a blog I wrote last year right after I completed an Olympic Distance Triathlon…..
    I’m soo happy right now. I was honestly intoxicated when I signed up for the triathlon online at 2am on June 1st, but it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Michael and I “trained” this summer. We really did “tri” to train, but with my brothers wedding and other summertime fun, we didn’t do as much as we should of…but I am pleased to say, we finished with flying colors.

    Our day started at 4:30am when our alarms went off, we walked to Tims and got our coffee, and headed down to 2nd beach, the officials wrote our numbers all over our body’s. Then we got our wetsuits on and made our way to the ocean,

    Crazy feeling of anxiety and anticipation as we headed for the start line. Wow, the markers that we have to swim around are WAY further than I had trained for. BANG, off we go, I hold back for 15 seconds or so before I head into the ocean because I didn’t want to get clobbered by the hard core’s!
    k, I won’t bore you with the swim details. Just know it was soooo tough, so rough and I didn’t think I would make it. 1500 meters later and somehow…I made it through.

    Then the bike. a few accidents around sharp turns. even spectators taken out. so many bike tires popped, 4 insanley tough hills…but again… somehow, on my own, in my own world…made it….40km..(I’m tired just writing about the whole event)
    Then…the run! I thought I’d be sooo on fire for the run since I run so much, but after everything leading up to that point, hmmm can I quit now!!! My 10km run was a feat on it’s own, But seeing my friends Rick and Andrea, and Mike‘s mom (and Mike cuz he finished before me) made me have that much more oommph to get my butt across the finish line!!

    It’s been a great day! We are ready to train for next year, but also put our focus now back on voice over’s, our band, our business and everything else we do!!!


    How do you get motivated to workout? I know it’s hard sometimes, but we just gotta give ‘er! ;)
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