• Hey!

    Back into the work week eh:)

    Something to ponder as we dive back into things:

    In all you do, whether it’s work or life…. Do you go the “extra mile?” I’m bringing this up because last night Mike and I were up until 3am finishing up a project. I was really proud of us. We got off the plane after coming back from Saskatchewan and despite being uber exhausted (and I was sick!), we had a job to do and we went the extra mile making it perfect and getting it into the client on time. I think it’s important to go the extra mile in all we do. Here is a look at my “feedback page” for some of my voice work. Our business is growing at an insane rate and I believe it’s because we always giving a little bit more.  Whether you work for yourself, for a company, or if your a stay at home mom, what can you do to go the extra mile? Do it because you want to do it. Do it out of love, passion and appreciation for yourself and others. The return on investment will be HUGE.

    My brothers have always been a huge inspiration to me in this whole “extra mile” concept. They are such driven, hard working men and I am blessed to have their influence in my life. Here a picture of us from back in the day that was on my brothers fridge..(hee hee gotta love my hair! This is it growing back after I shaved it off!!)

    So maybe take a look at a task you have to get done this week, what can you do to create an “extra mile” experience?

    Good luck! You are a genius and you apply your wisdom:) xoxo

    Daily affirmation“Today I monitor my self-talk, making sure that it is uplifting and supportive of myself and others.”Louise Hay

  • Hello Holiday Monday!

    Last night at my cousin’s wedding I caught the bouquet and my boyfriend Mike caught the garter!! Woo HOoo:)

    The party is now over and it’s time to get back to work. It’s always hard to turn off “holiday mode” and get back to work. But I have no choice today because I have a huge project due in NYC tomorrow morning at 8am. I have over 800 phrases to do for a translation company. So it will be a late night.

    We are going to my brothers for lunch and then we’ll head to the airport back to Vancouver. How have you been keeping up with with all your goals? I am ready to revamp the goals list and take some major action!!

    Here are a few pictures from yesterday’s celebration.

    Mom trying on Donnelly's glasses...cute

    My cousin's Michelle and Nicole

    Bride and Groom's first dance

    Dave making Nikki laugh

    Love this one of my brother and sister in law

    Thank you to my amazing family. I had such a great trip. Look forward to the next one….

    And in the meantime….back to whistling while I work…lol

    Do you find it hard to make the transition from holiday back to work? What to you do to ease the crossover? :)

    Have a great holiday Monday.

    Daily affirmation“There is plenty for everyone, and we bless and prosper each other.”Louise Hay

  • Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi

    Today is my cousins wedding!!! I am up at 6am because I am doing makeup for me, my mom, my sister in law and a couple girls in the wedding party. So I gotta get up and get at em…

    Mike and I got in a lil tiff yesterday because I thought he was bringing his dress up clothes and he thought I was bringing them…So we get here in Sask and Mike has nothing to wear. So yesterday we went out and got him some new clothes. THEN I was having a bit of a freak attack because all I brought to wear to the wedding was a black dress. I even googled on the internet..”is it ok to wear black to a wedding?” Most of the search results said YES, it was ok to wear black.(and not that I REALLY care)……. But I thought to myself..What if my sweet 80 year Nana thinks it’s totally taboo to wear black and there I am… IN BLACK!!!! So…. It did not take me long to find a cute dress I like here at the Saskatoon mall:)

    Here is one of my most favorite pictures in the world. My lovely immediate family. My 2 brothers (Cory and David) and my mom……This was at Dave’s wedding last year…Now this picture (taken by Go Lucky Photo ) is in a canvased frame sitting on my mom’s fireplace mantel.

    Here is the 4 of us last night!!!

    I want to try to get a picture of us tomorrow night with our significant others too!!! Oh, and the reason I am wearing red shoes to my wedding??? Keep reading this blog…I promise one day I will get married and I will fill you in on why……

    So….what do you think? Can you wear black to a wedding?

    Daily affirmation “Holidays are filled with love and joy.” Louise Hay

  • 04

    Day 2 in Sask

    Alright! The long weekend is full swing.

    I am in holiday mode, but I actually just dragged Mike out for a quick jog this am…(it was like 15 minutes tho:) better than nothing!

    We went out to Pike Lake yesterday. I had not been there since I was a kid. As soon as we got there, a few memories came back to me:

    1. Biking to the store and buying those juice filled wax straws that you would chew. (anyone remember those?)
    2. Doing crafts in the teepee
    3. This is a gooder- I used to want to be able to tell people that I had a leach on me- (dont ask me why?? I am a tomboy remember- I guess I used to think it was hardcore) So I used to stand in the lake and hope one would land on me….OMG I am crazy…I know, haha

    Having a lil picnic

    We were chasing ducks on the lake!

    Mom and Richard on the paddle boat

    Had a really fun time out at the lake.

    So let’s go back one year….here is my brother and my beautiful sister in law at there wedding……….

    And here is her pregnant little belly now!! We find out what it is on Tuesday! I can’t wait to be an auntie!!

    My little niece or nephew is in there!

    So today we wait for my older brother and his wife Donnelly to arrive and the whole family will be together.

    Hope you are having an amazing weekend.

    Do you try to workout when your on holidays?

    Talk soon:)

    Daily affirmation-“How often do you take time to notice the wonders of the natural world on a daily basis–the rainbow after a storm, the birds frolicking around your bird feeder, or the silvery brilliance of a full moon”  Louise Hay

  • Hey!!!

    Ahhhh! My goal is to post everyday…no matter what and I missed yesterday-I didn’t have my laptop, but now I do..YAY

    Long weekend here in Canada and I have arrived back in my hometown Saskatoon. So far having a great time…

    I am trying to eat well-but it is hard-My mom’s home is filled with junk food for us kids since we’re all coming into town for my cousins wedding… but you have seen how hard I can work when I put my mind to it, so I’m just going to take a mini-vacation and have some fun.

    Mmmm, mom made cupcakes and her GPS holder was the perfect lil holder!

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit with my really good friend Rosanna. I also got to meet the newest addition to her family- Her son Kamea. Just look at him! He is sooooooo cute.   (oh and she is expecting again!! So exciting.)

    Rosanna and I have been friends since elementary school. We used to play every sport together, and always pushed each other to do the best we could. I also remember making videos in her basement where she would pretend she was Janet Jackson and I would be Madonna and we would dance around and be crazy. Oh we could see those now, lol.

    Precious young man!!  Rosanna introduced me to Dr. Wayne Dyer Booksand we would also listen to Tony Robbins in her car to get pumped up! She is now a Dental Hygienist and she also has a Food Blog. Thanks for the visit Rosanna. It was NOT long enough, but we will talk soon:)

    I also went golfing with my mom yesterday: This is her and her boyfriend Richard!

    I NEVER golf, I know my mom wishes I would. I just can’t get into it. I just caddy for her. Actually, as I write this post, they are all out on the course again and I am in the club house and RIGHT NOW, my mom is texting me to get out on the course, so I better go.

    Hope you are doing well!!
    You are amazing!

    Daily affirmation-”Point of power is in the present.” Louise Hay

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